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“A single act of kindness throws out roots in all directions, and the roots spring up and make new trees.” – Amelia Earhart
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19 Dec 20
1. Local Government Chairmen, be innovate ,introduce a transparent, digital medium of tenement rate collection.
Approach banks, buy road grader, set up interlocking outfits and grade roads that can't be asphalted or interlock them.
Use the people's money judiciously as the
2 closet arm of government to the people.
Be creative ,contract security companies and CCTV companies to help in installing hidden cctv at designated streets, partner with DSS to train neighborhood watchmen in intelligence gathering.
Be free with the wealthy is your community ,
3. Talk to them about building Liberies ,name sections after them.
Talk to blue chip companies operating in your local government area to build basket ball courts ,name it after them,let them sponsor football competitions for schools in your community, name the cup after them.
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19 Dec 20
1 Good Morning @twitterNG & wishing all a weekend of fun & relaxation.

Can we discuss and plead with the @nassnigeria to amend the privatization of power Act ,remove the installation of meters from the DISCOs and give the responsibility to the metering companies or their agents?
2. This single action will increase the numbers of meter distributions,eliminate estimated billing and make the DISCOs more efficient.
The DISCOs have refused to be efficient because they make so much money from defrauding the consumers through estimated billings ,sadly.
3. I want to first commend the @NERCNG Benin Consultative Forum for a good job in enforcing Section 1 (a - c) of NERC Customer Service Standards of Performance for DisCos, 2007 .
I have often gotten result anytime I present the case of our hood through their office on Akpakpava
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17 Dec 20
1. The NW and NE of Nigeria is very rich in minerials, reasons the increase in banditry.
The SS blessed with black gold reasons for the militancy all this criminality is aided by the West & Asians
Oil is stolen daily frm the Niger Delta.
Africa is rich ,but her people are greedy
2. Years ago, we should our brothers, sisters and even children to slavery.
Less than a hundred years after the end of slavery , we are being used by the West and Asians again to kill ourselves,so they can steal from our abundant God given resources, because of Greed.
3. When will Africans ever learn ?
Congo will never know peace unless the gladiators turn a new leaf.
They almost ruined Zamfara because of gold under Yari.
They are doing so much havoc in Oyo, Niger Delta, NE and NW using our own people, paying them peanuts and giving them arms
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4 Dec 20
1. When Adults becomes very irresponsible and penalizes a 9year old for correcting them, you know we have serious moral issues as Nigerians.
I always laugh at people who think @MBuhari death or removal will bring an end to myrid of problems confronting Nigeria or restructuring.
2. A friends daughter who is 9yrs old as instructed by her parents nt to remove her face covering because of COVID-19 while in class & outside unless she is at home with her family bubble.
Her school preparing for the Christmas Charols made her the lead vocal because of her voice
3. In one of the rehearsals the teacher asked her to remove her face covering because they not hearing her well.
She refused and told the teacher who should know better that her parents told her not to because of COVID 19 infection.
When she got home, she told her parents .
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4 Dec 20
What is really wrong with the @PoliceNG ?
The few that are back on the road are collecting bribe already.
Can't these guys just for some few months show some measure of self respect so they can be respected?
I don't think salary increase is the problem of @PoliceNG ,am I wrong?
2. Why ask money for fuel from motorist?
Must a @PoliceNG man in uniform disrespect his uniform and start hailing some motorist as if he is one area boy on the Island because he wants money?
What is really wrong with the @PoliceNG ?!
The rot is really endemic & no nation progress
With a terrible policing culture like we have in Nigeria.
Just few months ago their act and actions almost led to the collapse of Nigeria ,yet no remorse, self examination and self respect for the institution they represent.
Why would anybody take them and even the IGP serious?!
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29 Nov 20
1. President @MBuhari , The BH war like every other crisis situation has become big business for both top and bottom brass of the armed forces.
Kidnapping is thriving all over the country and a big business because the some disgruntled members of the @PoliceNG are involved in it.
2. Yahoo will thrive and is thriving because @officialEFCC @PoliceNG protected some of the big boys that engages in it.
Illegal bunkering is still thriving because the some Navy and NNPC guys supports it and make good money from it.
3. Once you get posted to head anti oil theft taskforce in Niger Delta, you already have passport to own a house in Parkview or Banana Island or own investments worth hundreds of investments.
Corruption & greed of some Top & Low officers might be d reasons this war is prolonged.
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29 Nov 20
Our Legislatures in both federal and state assemblies are a bunch of lazy lots who don't know why they are elected .
I am talking about both @OfficialAPCNg and @OfficialPDPNig elected legislature's.
Until we have smart people elected as lawmakers ,we won't enjoy democracy .
Our can someone be on awaiting trial for 9yrs and few weeks to judgement ,the judge retires and the case has to start allover again?
Why must we have timeline for electorial cases and not for criminal cases ?
Why is PIB taking over 12yrs now ,yet no head way ?
What are professional bodies like ICAN, NBA, NSE etc doing about bills that will help our country ?
Why can't @NseHeadquarters and @FMEnvng work out a bill for our lazy legislature's on the need for every proposed building to have at least on tree fruit (Orange, mango etc) ?
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22 Nov 20
1. Watching Peter Igbifa, the President of the Ijaw Youth Council (IYC), making those senseless noise before Governors and Traditional Rulers, again exposes how inept, senseless and lack of understanding of the problems those saddled with leadership position in Niger Delta are.
2. Peter Igbifa kept on signing the song of "Gambari" as the problem of the Niger Delta, when the real problem of the Niger Delta were all seated there with him.
Governors ,traditional rulers and socio cultural bodies of Ijaw,Urhobo,Itsekiri and community groups are the problem.
3. Senators ,House of Rep and State House of Assemblies members are the problem of the region and not "Gambari" like Peter Igbifa and his likes have been making those uniformed to believe.
When was the last time IYC, INYC ,UPU taken time off to monitor NDDC, 13% derivation or
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13 Nov 20
1. "There is a higher court than the court of Justice and that is the court of Conscience." - Mahatma Grandi.

"Conscience is an open wound,only Truth can Cure it"- Usman dan Fodio

As a Nigerian,Examine yourself, are your conducts part of our problems or the solution ?
2. I am talking to you that is always quick to point at the price of bag of rice, price of fuel and the exchange rates.
Have you taken advantage of efforts government is making to grow the Agric sector and others for us to be self sufficient in the nearest future ?
3. I am talking to you,yes you who are working in the banking sector and other related institutions that are making life difficult, frustrating older & young hardworking Nigerians who wants to take positive advantage of the programs initiated by government to grow the economy .
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12 Nov 20
1 "Justice Mohammed froze the accounts for 180 days subject to renewal, but said anyone who was not satisfied with the ruling was free to challenge it."- Judge on Frozen accounts.
Why can't those affected approach the court instead of all the noise?…
2. A Nigerian decided to enforce his fundamental human right by approaching the court filing charges against some promoters of #EndSars protest and there's been so much noise.
Why can't those affected get a lawyers and go defend themselves instead of all the noise and blackmail ?
3. Am sure lots of people on this street were giving so much thumbs up at the ability which the protesters managed monies, medical and legal issues during the protest.
Why can't those legal dexterity be showcased now that it's needed instead of the noise, blackmail & propaganda?
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17 Oct 20
1. Anybody who is protesting currently and demanding for @MBuhari ,a democratically elected government we,majority of Nigerians elected in 2019 to step down is mad!
I am saying again, your wish for the So called "Arab Spring" is dead on arrival!!!
2. From Egypt to Libya, Algeria,Syria & recently Sudan,the leaders of those countries spent over 20 to 30yrs ,they were dictators that kept changing the democratic goal post and changing the constitution to perpetuate themselves in power.
Majority of us came out last year to vote
3. For him. You have a right to demand for #ReformTheNigeriaPolice ,#EndSARS #EndImpunity and #DemandGoodGovernance but the candidate you support can't loose an election and you see this protest as an opportunity to remove my own candidate the majority elected democratically .
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14 Oct 20
1. The @MBuhari administration has refused to tackle fake news since people like me has been clamouring to serious measures against peddlers of fake news & doctored videos.
Today, it is possible with tech to track & trace whoever delibratly want to set our beloved country on fire
2. During the #OndoElection a doctored video was circulated purported to have emanated frm @channelstv ,how security attached to @RotimiAkeredolu wife invaded a polling unit & attacked voters.
The said video would have created serious crisis which one the sole intention,but thank
3. The situation didnt snowball into crisis & the election was peaceful.
Same person(s) obviously has struck again with another doctored video of Femi Adeshina insulting protesters or Nigerian youths, all with the sole aim of getting protesters infuriated
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14 Oct 20
1. Protest started to #EndSARS .
Govt disband #SARS ,came up with #SWAT & Protesters switch demand to Govt must #EndSWAT.
Solution :
Maybe Govt should #EndPoliceNG,grant automatic employment to all protesters into the #NewPoliceNG
So that protester go rest from more demands😂
2. Some might find my above tweet offensive ,bt honestly, I owe no one an apology.
I have read tweets about people saying the beauty about the protest is "there are no leaders" hence ,the ability for government to "buy" people & "circumvent" the protest doesn't arise.
Stupid talk
3. So, even amongst the protesters, they don't trust themselves to be honest and these are Nigerians who all belong to the larger society, professional (bankers, medical,media,security ,legal, engineers, security experts etc) and future leaders of our great country .
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13 Oct 20
1. President @MBuhari has addressed Nigerians and IGP announced scraping of #SARS.
It's time for citizens to collectively work on proposal for reform of @PoliceNG ,stop protesting.
We can't allow the Hong Kong destruction type of protest, when we are still struggling to build.
2. I dont know how True regarding the story of protesters heading to the International Airport, that won't be nice.
When criminal elements hijack protest,they attack men of @PoliceNG or vandalize public or private buildings ,the @PoliceNG would have not alternative to act.
We shouldnt allow things to get out of hand and the government will have no alternative to call in the military.
Citizen have spoken and next is within 90days a comprehensive reform of @PoliceNG should be our focus .
Let the conversation begin with #MySuggestReformNPF
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9 Oct 20
1. After all the protest, I will appriciate if top reasonable celebrities can hold an intellectual symposium on:
1.What defines police brutality?

2. What are the main causes of police brutality

3. What is the most effective way to stop police brutality?
4. Suggest reforms steps to be taken by @nassnigeria for a better @PoliceNG .

5. Create a group that will interface with the @nassnigeria and lobby to ensure the @PoliceNG reform Act is speedily worked on and handed over to Mr President for assent .

I am saying the above,
3. Because after all this shout and everybody goes back without any concrete achievements won't make any sense.
Citizens should bear in mind that not all @PoliceNG are bad eggs ,hence we shouldn't throwaway the baby with the bath water.
Jobbers like @YeleSowore shouldn't hijack
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9 Oct 20
1. My beloved people of Ondo State, as you go out to elect who will pilot your affairs for the another four years, please ensure like the good people of Edo State, you conduct yourselves peacefully, surpassing the record created on Sept 19th in #EdoDecides2020

2. I use this medium to plead with @inecnigeria and all security agencies deployed to display neutrality and raise the bar of competency far about their superlative conduct on Sept 19th in #EdoDecides2020

3. To deepen democracy, which is better than the best military regime is not the responsibility of @inecnigeria ,security agents or the electorate, but a collective effort.
Please, work together for democracy to take root in Ondo & may the Will of the people prevail.

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4 Jul 20
1. A friend on this street of @TwitterNG based in America called me while having a nice with friends late evening yesterday to register his displeasure over my anti @OfficialAPCNg stance on #EdoDecides2020 . He warned I might lose respect if @OfficialAPCNg eventually wins .
2. My specific response to him was I am not a card carrying member of @OfficialAPCNg ,secondly I am nt anti @OfficialAPCNg nor pro @OfficialPDPNig & thirdly I don't av any intention currently of joining any political party despite my intention to pick up a card in @OfficialAPCNg
3. Earlier this year.
I am a Buharist and like most Buharist I know are independent minded and speak truth to power no matter the circumstances .
My stand in the political situation in #EdoDecides2016 is it has again exposed our political system and an urgent need to develop a
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21 Jun 20
1.Egbon, those who seek to divide the camp of Patriots are those overzealous "Influencers" who don't speak the Truth to power when leaders in their political parties are going astray .
I am a Buharist and my constituency is Nigeria and good government.
2. Patriorts shouldn't encourage double standard, but hold political parties,politicians and all who seek for political office with same standared, not creating one for @OfficialAPCNg or @OfficialPDPNig .
When you encourage double standard, we will never progress as a Nation.
3. A Politician not "Loyal" to his Political Party can Never be a "Patriot" to his country when the occasion arises and Loyalty tested.
In the case of Edo, Ize-Iyamu is on a voyage of his 3rd decamping Spree & @GovernorObaseki is on his 1st.
Yet we all crave for party ideology .
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8 Apr 20
1. China with her very hard on tough policies was able to reduce death rates to less than 4,000.
Philippines has been very hard with a shoot at sight order has managed spread, death rate.
Europe/America because of liberalism is grappling wit serious casualty as death toll rise.
2. President @MBuhari should please order the military to enforce the lockdown on major cities in Nigeria since some people had decided to be irresponsible.
They shouldn't use the stupidity and irresponsibility to harm and hurt those that are responsible.
This is sickening!
3. I know right groups & all those proponents of nonsensical "people are hungry" theorist will not agree with me or insult me.
Just look at what Spain,Italy and even America is going through despite their sophisticated medical manpower and infrastructure, is hunger the issue now?
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27 Feb 20
Go to the over 7900 wards of all political parties what sort of people is it filled with as chairmen? Nitwits,thugs and never do well of society . That is where the problem is and until we look critically at the wards we will make progress in a snails pace in developing Nigeria.
Political parties can't survive without State resources, reason you see 40 political parties switching every electional year to endorse any party that controls State Resources.
None of the Political Parties since 1999 have process or procedure of capturing secondary school or
University students by selling their ideology or manifestos to them.
As a matter of FACT ,I doubt if they have an ideology.
One has not been able to complete its HQ for years despite being the ruling party for long.
I had expected @OfficialAPCNg to chat a revolutionary course in
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21 Feb 20
Journalist and media houses in Nigeria are becoming so lazy that they hardly do delligence when it comes to verification of information.
They knowingly mislead citizens by spreading FAKE NEWs,sometime quote sources and don't make effort to verify it .…
@SaharaReporters Here is quoting Bloomberg story by one Matthew Page, notorious for misinformation, biased reports and a known @atiku apologist recruited to push their Dubai Strategy in 2018/2019.…
Matthew Page, a foreign agent , who might be a middleman between most rouge Civil Society Groups and foriegn donor agencies no matter how @SaharaReporters tries to paint him as an associate fellow at London-based Chatham House & former expert for U.S. intelligence agencies.
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