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15 Jun 20
Want to Increase Branded Searches? 🚀

Well, who doesn't want?

There is a seriously easy way to Increase Branded Searches


Ans:- Quora?

Exactly How?

Read this Thread 👇
Quora is an Extreme High Intent Platform.

People are always researching about products/services.

One search about your keyword & Bam.

You get tons of questions people are asking. They want solutions.

That's where you tap in, gently.

4 Effective Ways you can do this:-
1. Include your Brand Terms inside your Quora BIO.

2. Use Branded Terms inside every Image possible when you include in your answers.

3. Upload an Image inside BIO ( Including your brand term)

4. Write- "Search XYZ on Google" (XYZ is your Brand. This improves branded searches)
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31 May 20
How to Get More Content Ideas + Rank Long Tail Keywords Just with 1 Hack Using Search Console.

Here's a Short Thread [ Bookmark it if you want ]

P.S:- Don't miss this Powerful Strategy

Takes 5 Min to Read.

Highly Actionable 👇
Go to your Search Console.

Under Performance. Filter with Last 3 months.

Now you will get all the queries people are literally "searching" on Google.

We will use these queries to further Optimise your Pillar Blog for SEO.

Why? You will understand in a minute.
Click on Export. Find it at Top Right.

Now comes the main part where you will optimize your blog relevant to the search queries from the console.

Head on to your blog which you have written.

Condition:- It must be a Pillar Blog.

Meaning it must be long, detailed.
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9 May 20
You want to find affiliates for your product/service?

With this Simple Yet Powerful Google Search Operator,
I got a list of 745 Potential Affiliates 🚀

Ready? [ A Short Thread ] 👇
1. Go to Google & Use this Search Operator

intitle:”your keyword here” intext:”disclosure” (intext:”commission” OR intext:”affiliate”)

Insert your Topic/Keyword in "your keyword here" space
2. What this search operator will do is, give you results where people have used your keyword in title & used affiliate disclosure in their page,

meaning they probably do affiliate marketing.

So Here, I search for my keyword "Quora"

745 Results. 745 Potential Affiliates 😯😯
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8 May 20
Want to Rank on Google For Your Next Blog & Also Get New Content Ideas?

Here's an Useful Mega Thread you can Bookmark 👇

Tool used:- Ubersuggest by @neilpatel & @Moz Plugin.
STEP 1:- Go to neilpatel.com/ubersuggest/

Enter your keyword.

Let's say I want to write on Twitter.

I put in the word "Twitter" in the dashboard.

Hit Enter
STEP 2:- It will ask you to Login. Login via Google.

Head on to "Keyword Ideas"
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28 Apr 20
How to Sell Anything Online! [ A Thread ] 👇
1) Knowledge Arbitrage 🚀

Whatever you are selling, know that you are going to give the person such knowledge that he/she will feel elevated.

You are providing difference in Knowledge for the price that you are selling.

The Difference is what you are Getting Paid For.
2) Having a Micro Niche 💎

Niche is Important But Micro Niche is the Gem.

If you make yourselves the person expert in a particular micro-niche you will be unstoppable.

As @naval says, Arm yourselves with Specific Knowledge

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15 Apr 20
14 Absolutely Awesome Income Ideas That will Pay off your Daily Expenses!

[ A Mega Special Thread Picked From my Blog ]👇
#1. Start Your Blog

There are numerous ways you can earn by means of Blogging.

Some of them include:-

• Google Adsense
• Affiliate Marketing
• Selling Your E-book
• Selling your own service
• Paid Guest Posts
#2. Start selling your Photos Online

These are the websites that you can start off with selling your photos online.

• Alamy
• Shutterstock
• iStock Photo
• PhotoShelter
• Fotolia
• PhotoMoolah
• SmugMug

That's Not All...

There's an App called FOAP...
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13 Apr 20
Yesterday, I posted my Quora Marketing Guide on @IndieHackers.

This Guy Named AfHouston gave some really nice feedback to my @gumroad Landing Page.

And Here's What I Have Learned & Recommend you to do on your Gumroad Page...

[ The Thread ] 👇 (1/n)
• Don't use fancy words. People get skeptical. I used a ton of them which made people skeptical. Keep it Super Simple ( The K.I.S.S Principle) Check @dvassallo. It's Simple.

• Remove Friction by offering a risk-free purchase. Typically this can be a money-back guarantee.(2/n)
• Don't Talk about You. Talk About Them. You are helping your Customers. Don't Try to Self promote everywhere on your page.

• Social Proof really works. Don't fake it. If you have good reviews. Put your screenshots. It really impresses the customer. ( 3/n)
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10 Mar 20
Complete Thread on Why You Should Start Leveraging Quora & How it can Growth Hack Your Business Like Never Before!

Read Entire Thread Below! 👇

#Growth #marketing #content #makemoneyonline #quora #quorific
People are always in the research mode when they are on Quora.

This means they have a higher chance of buying a product/service, maybe not instantly but later on in their buying journey. ( 1/7)
Quora Establish Authority in the topic you write on. People look up to you when they read answers about your topic.

This is a very good way to build a personal brand and then leverage & scale this audience to a whole new level by building a Quality Email List. (2/7)
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