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Senior Scouting Operations Manager @ScoutsScotland & District Commissioner for @RosythScouts. Tweets are my own views.
16 Sep
As a child, my school didn't provide residential trips but as a 6yo i found @ScoutsScotland (well, my parents did!) that began an adventure I've lived for the last 37 years. A big part of that was going to and then taking young people on residential trips #SaveYourOutdoorCentres
My best life was lived as a Scout staying away from home with my friends. On residentials, I learned skills that would set me up for life, i was part of a team, i was a leader, i was confident, i appreciated the environment and the world around me #SaveYourOutdoorCentres
Such was impact on me, i committed to offer same to young people who followed. I volunteered @RosythScouts @ScoutsScotland and I've done so for 25yrs. I've supported 1000s of residential nights. I look back at what those young people have become with pride #SaveYourOutdoorCentres
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