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31 Dec 19
Is History All True ❓ Series Finale:

(Ag; the fight was already done❗️😂)


d’Evil showdown edition - “part two”, anyhow❗️
So; in the last part of this thread, we identified some potential #StolenHistory “older” buildings, from the Burghersdorp, aka “The Brickfields” and Fordsburg areas. (Man; now Burghersdorp is a “two block” area 😂right next to one of the “original” Fordsburg maps of the 1890s.)
And Burghersdorp is identified by its trade name of Brickfields❓ 🤷🏻‍♀️Or something like that. (Man; that tyranny by naming control and other muddles❗️)
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22 Nov 19
Is History All True Series: #OccamsRazor
d’Evil Showdown Edition❗️

SO...🤔 If, as keeps being pointed out to you; that the devil and evil have ostensibly overrun the earth, could that possibly mean... 🥁, that we’re actually TRAPPED IN HELL❓☠️

How would you know...❓
Big statement huh❗️Well, even as was said earlier in this series, slipsy Conan Doyle (Ag, Sorry for the insult, Sherlock) referred to Afrikaners as one of the “toughest races” ever seen on the face of the earth. Close to unconquerable❗️Why’d he say that❓🤔
Are we all nothing more than the collective remnants of a Great Empire, defeated oh, say by Vader and his Sith Lords❓🤔
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9 Nov 19
So Joburg was rebuilt 4/5😳 times in 120 years❓🤔Hmmm. Where’s the landfill site for ALL that rubble then❓
I mean, historic mine slimes dams are in clear sight, if you follow main reef road through the city. Where have they buried the remains of ALL those old bldgs❓🤷🏻‍♀️Lawless❓
Real business folk; it make sense to you that the (exceptional) OLD Carlton Hotel on Eloff Street was torn down (TOOK A YEAR❗️😳) around a decade BEFORE they built the new one down the road❓Which is now owned by a SOE (asset sheet🤔) & has been abandoned & empty for past 20yrs❓
Come to think of it; #StolenHistory armchair archeologists - if there’s at least the rubble of another WHOLE city, out there, but who knows buried where❓🤔Then what of the speed of change in this city, mense😳; and the why❓Or is it so we won’t notice that ...
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30 Oct 19
Going against the “being free means I need to walk around half naked for validation; many soulless drunken encounters” in-crowd, & putting a thinking cap on: ♟

Q❓🤔Is the #DeepState nothing more than one global, “Mr Robot Evil Inc company”, with an office in every country❓
Is that MeBeE why, there’s this ostensible, one co-ordinated unfolding worldwide plan to:
🔹 Close borders to the competent, but let in as many unemployable hijacked-state illegal aliens I mean rapist thieving mercenaries to dry up taxpayers birthrights,...
... disenfranchise them, and of course DISARM them; so the invaders can finalize their 1984 takeover❓(Like, there’ll still always be serf jobs for hapless liberal picketers: think 🤩 ewekkas, pedopizzas, funding usury, drugs & that “TrueBlood”🧛🏼‍♂️🧛🏻‍♀️ market )
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17 Oct 19
A Reading From The Book Of Luke: KJV

Luke 16:14-25
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7 Oct 19
I believe that your blood group (an “unstudied” science) can also identify your race. (Not absolute. All that body in-breeding over generations.)

Oh, that “Annunaki” conspiracy theory, Ja; to throw the still clearer thinkers off this trail❓ (Ditto DNA)
So that no one even much notices, that even the Bible identifies Ab-RA-ham as being from Ur: a SUMERIAN❗️ (Doesn’t much fit that ENKI / ENLIL, story, there, does it❓🤔)
I also, don’t really believe in anyone called “Hathor.” So what does that say about the interpretation of all those “hieroglyphics” and finds like the “Rosetta stone❓”
#OccamsRazor: if they stole so much of the other history ...❓🤔
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30 Sep 19
11. So If History Isn’t All True, what else may have been stolen❓

How “new” is Medicine❓:…
12. Is History All True Series:
Is the #DeepState actually Evil Inc❓…
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21 Sep 19
So, IF You REALLY (Really❓🤷🏻‍♀️) Still Believe History Is All True:

Then we, The Borg, have news for You:
🔹Whose granddads thought those pictures were true. Of Queen Vicktorious, Empress Of Ur.
🔹Well photoshop may as well be as old as the sky. Oh you (ancillary info-ers: see how they do it? Hiding some true stuff behind something else “weirder”, for those good minds that notice things) flat earthers & stolen history buffs thought...
... yous was the end of That Alice Drop Flight; like highway to hell and all that AC/DC good stuff. 🤟🏼😎🔥
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16 Sep 19
Is History All True Series: 🤷🏻‍♀️
There’s Even A Pill 💊 Now, To Wash Off The Greasy Lips Of “The Evil”

🔹So, if it was good enough for Jesus Christ, “a” prophet of God, to be birthed in a manger; and for he to live a simple high life, of practicing what he preached;...
... (certainly no consumerism, yeah? ) then what does it mean, that hardly anyone does too; nor is it good enough for most? 🤔
🔹Oh sorry, is that how they got you to give up GOD❓ This paradigm, that you have inferred “free reign to sin”, ‘cause that’s what JeZeus “died” for? Huh? YOUR sins? Um; why❓ Or else you can pay for a scapegoat, or “pay away” your sins with BLOOD sacrifices❓😳
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13 Sep 19
Er ... save this article, ja.
Historical Harbour Pier Discovered Beneath CTICC
It’s surprisingly hard to find pics/details about Foreshore in Cape Town; ie the reclaimed land from the beach at the star fort? (Another WORLDWIDE trend. Incl. under the Statue of Liberty!🤷🏻‍♀️) See it? Interesting❗️This is what it’s still meant to have looked like, 30yrs after it!
Yoh. So how do Tsotsis steal history❓Easy Peasy: 💁🏻‍♀️

1) Create #RaceWars so no one notices.
2) Ala group areas act so they can demolish #DistrictSix & erase proof of an older city than #FakeJanVanRiebeeck & it’s meant to be. Etc.
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4 Sep 19
How Democracy Created Barriers to Freedom, Happiness, and Prosperity

🔹I read back in 2012, that Zuma earned more than David Cameron and François Hollande did, and that his salary cost #SouthAfrica five times what Obama’s did the US❗️😳…
🔹Why was that? Could we peg ourselves against America, France, or England? Hardly.
🔹Time Magazine recently showcased the abhorrent divide between the have & have nots in #SouthAfrica. So isn't it despicable? That our leaders...
... are paid above their international pay grade, in the face of their voters’ poverty and misery?
🔹The Uruguayan President, (In Uruguay GDP per capita is almost 3 times that of RSA, whereas GDP in RSA is 6 times that of Uruguay) José Mujica, lived to serve; even standing...
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23 Aug 19
Update from 2/2/2019: Well, considering the #EMP that hit Venezuela recently, I’d say my ramblings aren’t that - rambly.
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18 Aug 19
Looking through the lens of historical discernment; why is Europe referred to as a continent? It’s Asia too. Might it be to ensure that folks never know their true history as it’s hidden under another name? #GreatTartary
Is that why so-called Hellenistic / Athenian / Egyptian / common architectural themes can be found from Joburg, to all of Asia (including “Europe”), the Middle East, and even the Isle Of Picts, er, I mean Britain? #GreatWallOfTartary
And how is it that this astounding work from 1813, illustrating the rise and fall of empires and monarchies, contains so many breaks in known history?…
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17 Aug 19
What’s the story with #LATIN

🔹Latin: a so-called Indo-European language that no one speaks, and yet still haunts us; in law, religion, science, and all sorts. WHY? 🤔 Besides finding its way into our dictionaries? It isn’t the only language...
... that influenced modern ones, after all.
🔹Trying to find information online about the origin of Latin, leads one to statements like: that the language was spoken “around Rome, and spread through the empire.”
🔹But where did it come from? Scholars say the name of the language originated in “Latium”. But that still doesn’t explain where it originated? 🤷🏻‍♀️ Do languages just appear? Don’t think so somehow.
🔹So did those highly advanced Romans, upon which many countries still...
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22 Jul 19

🔹If it’s the victors, and oppressors, who write the history books, how can we ever truly know what stories were lost?
🔹Has it never occurred to you as somewhat odd, that despite historical accounts of advanced civilizations from 2000 BC, and onwards, ...
...that very few of these great cultures are mentioned much in the Bible? Never mind those that came before them❗️
🔹The main trajectory of biblical historical value, appears to be limited to such a small region of the world; namely, Israel, and surrounds. (Including Egypt.)...
That is; I mean, ISis-RA-EL‘s land❗️
(What’s in a name, ja?)
🔹There weren’t many other nations mentioned much; not even many Westerners /Europeans,
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13 Jul 19
Series: Is History All True❓

The Book of Esther tells a remarkable “story”:

🔹That there was once a king named King Ahasuerus, who reigned over lands from India to Ethiopia, from palace Shushan...
...(Iran, which is actually Turkey; which is actually Tartaria. Er, when was this book written, again❓)
🔹3yrs into the King’s wet-ear reign, Memucan, a Persian prince, who reported to him, whispered in his ear that he should get him some young girls to teach the Queen a lesson.
🔹King-boy had been partying it up non-stop for 4 months solid at the palace & one night Memucan & the others were “sent” by him to demand that Queen VASHTI (Um, this is still “the Bible” ja?) pretty up & come show him, plus the 7 princes of Persia “her beauty”, which she refused
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9 Jul 19

One great achievement ♟of the last few 100yrs was the perception that we’re the prime of civilization; that sophisticated humans only emerged a few thousand years ago. The result (conveniently)is very few Q’s about “his-story”:
🔹In many places, Roman ruins were found floors underground. Why? Plausibly? When many other old ruins are not?
🔹Many buildings & streets have been excavated, only to find other structures UNDER them, that no one knew was there, nor could explain plausibly.
🔹Folks drive past man-made hills, never questioning what lies within, as they don’t even realize they’re not natural.
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7 Jul 19
Revelation 22:13-15 (KJV) ✝️

I am Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end, the first and the last.
Blessed are they that do his commandments, that they may have right to the tree of life, and may enter in through the gates into the city.
For without are dogs, and sorcerers, and whoremongers, and murderers, and idolaters, and whosoever loveth and maketh a lie.
Revelation 21:6-8 (KJV)

And he said unto me, It is done. I am Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end. I will give unto him that is athirst of the fountain of the water of life freely.
He that overcometh shall inherit all things; and I will be his God, and he shall be my son.
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14 Jun 19
DISCERNMENT is a function of MIND, i.e. the soul, and not the brain. As is DISCRETION.

So, simply put; if you know people who are not strong in either quality, they may need to seek out assistance to treat their unwell souls.🍎

Gives new meaning to the term #SOS, doesn’t it?Ja?
Dealing With Addiction: #FamilyMatters ✝️ #FamilyValues

As was said in Hosea 5:1, Hear ye this, O priests; and hearken, ye house of Israel; and give ye ear, O house of the king; for judgement is toward you, because ye have been a snare on Mizpah & a net spread upon Tabor. (KJV)
Folks; the economic, and moral enslavement of this world would probably not be possible, were society pivoted around wholesome #FamilyValues. One of the ways they break communities down is through the torpor of the youth; achieved (also) through the chemical reaction ...
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7 Jun 19
All I can say, Sith Empire; is that I’d like my country back. Thanks.
Please unroll @threadreaderapp 🙏🏼
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5 Jun 19
THE TRUTH ABOUT THE HEGEMONY OF SOUTH AFRICA: A researched analysis, by Tess Sulaman.

1986: Not a dark, or stormy night. Believe it or not:

▪️Gold mining income was approx R2.5T p/a (R1/$1 roughly). GDP was only 82B!
▪️Inflation since then ...
... has been 1054%. Which means the real value of that income would be A THOUSAND TIMES that, if it was today. I have no idea what that calc even is! But it’s A THOUSAND TIMES $2.5T. Bear in mind that today’s GDP is only $350B!!
▪️It employed 45 000 + 350 000 miners
▪️Just ONE mine, of 34 large ones used more power than the whole JHB municipality at the time (has that changed?) & produced 80 tons p/a. As well as earned more income than many U.S. States then did! (And not owned by S.A. or its people!)
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