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Hello! I watch anime.
20 Nov 20
RIP. She never underwrote, but her prose was good enough that one let her get away with it.…
She herself stepped back from some of the things she wrote in Conundrum, but, as a book published in 1974, it’s heroic.
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30 Sep 20
I trust my gut positive feelings most when they're about anime in which, on paper, I should have little interest.
Hence my relative confidence in my judgement that there's something to Simoun.

A show I bothered to watch twice despite it not being (mixed metaphor alert) up my street on paper. ImageImage
Also I had forgotten that in Aer's first on-screen combat she straight-up rams the enemy aircraft. Image
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7 Jul 20
Checked out J-Novel Club's translation of the story of Lina Inverse. Must be some mistake: it's clearly in prose.
I'd never seen Slayers and have watched a few episodes. It's untaxing, which is needed at present.

So far, I think it's more okay than good, though.
Broadly speaking the more gremlinous the characters are allowed to be the better it is.
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