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#Astrology: 7th house, house of #relationship
#Recipe for #close #intimacy:
#EmotionalIntelligence -Tell your partner, in words and actions, how much you love and appreciate them. Let your partner know what you value about them and about the relationship Image #Transparency -Talk openly about your feelings and what you need from the relationship.
#Authenticity -Create opportunities for intimacy. Try to plan a regular evening, day or weekend for the 2 of you to be alone.
#Kindness -Be positive and grateful about what you have in your
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#Astrology : #Jupiter in house
In which house , jupiter is placed in your birth chart , can you relate to this post?
#Jupiter in 1st House : many personalities; much vitality,expanded flesh-body, great confidence
#Jupiter in 2nd House: many languages,much memory expanded. storage containers; many knowledge lineages; many natural resources; generous family, more than one family.
#Jupiter in 3rd House: many messages; much communication; many sibling-cousins or team-mates; expanded commercial business; easy ensemble; much conversation.
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#Astrology : #Sun in House -Where is your sun placed in the chart?
Sun in First House: Highl level of confidence, extroverted can be egotistical.
Sun in 2nd House: They shine when it comes to mking money and are confident in their money making abilities. Sun in 3rd House: they have a strong desire to learn their intellectual and communication abilities and they speak with confidence and are proud of their thoughts and ideas.
Sun in 4th House: They express their identitity more openly at home and are very proud of their
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#Astrology : #Mercury in #Sign
In which sign do you have mercury ? Can you relate to this post?
Mercury in #Aries : Person communicate assertively , they get straight to the point and they are always honest. Mercury in #Taurus : Person communicate in a down to earth way, they speak slowly and steadily.
Mercury in #Gemini :Person communicate effectively , they are engaging , inquisitive , quick witted and sharp minded.
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#Astrology : Which #food you #crave the most ?
Our Food cravings will reveal the #Planet in your chart which needs #balance :
If you crave for spicy food more than Your #Mars needs Remedy.
If you crave for dairy products than Your #Moon needs Remedy. If you crave for salty food more Your #Sun needs Remedy.
If you crave for sweets more Your #Jupiter needs Remedy.
If you crave for sour food more Your #Venus Needs Remedy.
If you crave for more fried things Your #Saturn needs Remedy.
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#Astrology : #Venus and Maa Laxhmi
#Venus is represented As : Ma Laxmi.
Venus Conjuction with Eight planets is known As : Eight Form of Astha Laxmi.
Venus #Saturn : Aadi Laxmi or Maha Laxmi
Devi Ma For Supremacy. Venus Rahu : Dhana or Aishwarya Laxmi
Devi Ma For Material Wealth
Venus #Moon : Dhanya Laxmi
Devi Ma For Food & Grains
Venus #Ketu : Gaja Laxmi
Devi Ma For Abundance & Prosperity.
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#Astrology : 9 Magical food for nine #magical #numbers morning #rituals
for number 1- Start your day with a bit of Jaggery for strenthening your #Sun , to strengthen your will power, name and fame, postion, status. for number 2- for balancing your emotions / feelings happiness ,mental health and strengthen your #moon , start your day with little water in silver glass.
for number 3- for more creativity to strengthen your #jupiter take a little buit of saffron and roll on your tongue
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#Astrology : #Venus - Wealth, relationship , attraction.sensual pleasures etc.
🤩 Goddess Lakshmi Make These Offerings on Friday to Get Wealthy...
💕 There is a belief among many Hindus that making certain specific offerings to Goddess Lakshmi on Friday will help in becoming wealthy. It is already predicted in the Puranas, that money will be the driving force in Kali Yuga - the present age as per Hinduism
🏵️ Here are the offerings that one should make on
💕 Friday to get the blessings of Goddess Lakshmi and become rich.
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#Astrology : What time of the day you born effect a lot
Here's what your Birth Time says about you
🌷 Midnight 12:00 to 02:00 am
Wise, family oriented, easily influenced, will be famous, self made success 🌷 02:00 am to 04:00 am
Good with words, will be rich eventually, adventurous, one with nature
🌷 04:00 am to 06:00 am:
Great personality, leader, stubborn at times, honest, loves challenges
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#Astrology : #Rahu (North Node) and #Ketu (South Node)
Rahu and Ketu are always retro and basic reason for our rebirth as they show deep rooted impending desires which cause birth. They are gate keeper of our realms and we cannot attain freedom from birth cycle without them. Ketu is soul knowledge acquired via past incarnation, it's genetic knowledge, knowing without learning. It's role is spiritual, it experienced our past births hence it knows that infutility of rebirth, it know Maya is fake and real purpose is MOKSH and we must work towards it
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#Astrology : 12th house and what kind of #dreams you will have ?
#Sun/ #Leo in 12th house - Dreams are likely a source of your creativity, Dreams may be entertaining, romantic and dramatic.
#Moon/#Cancer in 12th house -Dreams are likely emotional and highlight your emotional state, you may dream of your insecurities & vulnerabilities.
#Mercury /#Gemini/ # Virgo in 12th house - Dreams likely include themes of communication & you may receive messages through your dreams.
#Venus /#Taurus/3Libra in 12th house : You likely dreams of things that bring
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#Astrology : #Reallife astrology
If you have #health issue, Excercise more (1st House)
If you have no #money, work, save, invest (2nd House)
If you have no 3connections, build them (3rd House) If you have no happiness at 3home, De-Clutter, de-clutter, #declutter, do small favours for housemates, expect nothing in return.(4th house)
If you have no #talent, Learn more, learn new skills , practice more (5th House )
If you have no #clarity, #write more (6th House)
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#Astrology : #Mercury #remedies , which any one can do with not much cost to it:
1.Have a spoon of overnight soaked sabja seed with glass of water. This will help mercury combust will make mercury to act cool..
2.Water Tulsi Plant daily.. Image 3.Plant any greenery at North Side of your home. This boost money flow from business or through your Communication Skills..
4. Support needy students by providing educational support..
5.Keep your home always clean and organized. A green color poster on Northside wall of your
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#Astrology : 12 habits that will change your life :
1. Take care of your Body (health) ( 1st House)
2. Eat healthy food, think before you speak, your words has value. ( 2nd house) 3. Ask questions, communicate well , write in your journal , show courage ( 3rd House)
4. Keep your mind calm. Happiness at home (4th house)
5. Read Read Read, new learnings , watch educational videos, play thinking games like chess (5th House)
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#Astrology : Which shivling you should follow for Puja
1. Rameshwaram shivling.... If your moon is in Aries sign or 1 house... you can worship this form of shivling. We all know in 1 house sun is strong ( exalted). So, if ur atamakaraka is sun then you can worship this form of shivling. Or to make sun strong u can worship this form of shivling. We will get success, power, name , respect, authority by worshiping Rameshwaram shivling.
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#Astrology : Why debt is #Moon ?
-Besides being karaka/significator of mind moon is also karaka of mother who gave us birth our existence, we are always indebted to our mother for this reason (maa ka doodh ) etc , Everything we get free & unconditionally is moon be it's mother giving us life (even as we never asked to be given birth ) but still we will always be in her debts as it came unconditionally.
-Afflicted moon is most dangerous thing to happen in any horoscope, so many yogas are just formed or destroyed just due to location of moon like
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#Astrology : Simple #remedies which any can do
1. #Moon - Drink water in a silver glass, take blessings from mother
2. #Sun - Add ginger in your daily foods, Take blessing from father
3.#Mercury - Eat Green leafy vegetables spinach,cabbage, broccoli, etc.,Take blessings from mother's sister
4. #Jupiter - Eat Besan products, Chana daal, yellow fruits, Sweets.., take blessings from your boss, guru, teacher
5.#Venus - Eat curd daily at afternoon but not after 3 pm., take blessings from your wife/spouse
6. #Saturn -Eat Uraad daal,kichdi on saturday..
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#Astrology : #Moon-#Mars combination
Native is emotional, impatient, aggressive, impulsive & given to rush forward in any activity without due consideration.
He is likely to have brass ears suspecting character of his wife resulting in reduced family happiness. Intensity of impatience and haste is much increased if rahu also connects to this combo.
Although in some astrology books, it is termed as Laxmi yoga but in naadi astrology texts, it is very undesirable yoga which makes native looks for physical intimacy.
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#Astrology : Your 5th house and you behave in romance/love
♥️If the 5th lord is #Venus - You seek a romantic and luxurious approach in romance..You need the atmosphere to be filled up by Venusian accessories.. 🌗If the 5th lord is #Moon - You seek a Lustful experience and getting psychic rejuvenation and Peace of Mind through Romance.
🌄If the 5th lord is #Sun - You would like to dominate/lead to the other person in Romance..and such an inclination makes you confident and
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#Astrology : #Moon In #Sign -Your emotional need
Moon in #Aries :Emotional need for Independence
Moon in #Taurus :Emotional need for safety and security
Moon in #Gemini :Emotional need for interaction/ communication Moon in #Cancer :Emotional need to nurture others
Moon in #Leo :Emotional need for admiration and attention
Moon in #Virgo :Emotional need for helping others
Moon in #Libra :Emotional need for equality and fairness
Moon in #Scorpio :Emotional need for intimacy or bonding
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#Astrology : #Saturn #Mars #Aspect
-When Mars occuoies the sign opposite to saturn's sign, Mars casts 100% planetry aspects upon Saturn,
This mutual-aspects generally generates a frustrating, resistance-motivating experience for Saturn, Saturn does not wish His frozen, strict, anti-movement domain to be invaded by aggressive, competitive, fiercely competitive, MOVING Mars.
-The result of Mars's aspects upon Shani is generally less benevolent.
When saturn occupies the sign which is either 4th from mars or 11th