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11 Apr 20
Alright, I've got to get off this and get back to cleaning my apartment. Here's my go-to example how I "know" these things 'work' on a level that's beyond just being pop-entertainment:

[ENDGAME SPOILERS (still, I guess?]

I think I only went back to see ENDGAME 2-3 times... theaters, since I was busy and, like I said, it was GOOD but I'd put it in like the middle-tier of "good" Marvel movies. I liked it, it's not my favorite.

Anyway, one of the times I'm there in an evening show, probably 2nd weekend, there's a couple (20s?) few seats down...
...I don't recall any big reaction from them during the movie (but why would I have been paying attention, and I wasn't) but at the point at the end when it's immediately clear Cap has been "gone" exactly a moment too long, suddenly the woman full-on hands-to-mouth gasps...
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25 Mar 20
I implied no such thing.

Even Arthur doesn't see himself as being on the bottom. He doesnt have a class-consciousness in the film, he doesnt identify with the mob until they adopt "his" clown thing, his goal is to be a famous entertainer - part of the upper class...
...his #Joker persona is all about a specific revenge mission, and when he does start talking politics he self-declares his own incoherency.
It just came to me:


In lieu of arrest, Arthur escapes into the riots with one of the other "clowns." Eventually they're alone, down time. The guy starts in about how he's a "huge fan" who wanted to meet "the guy who started all this"...
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15 Mar 20
@LackingSaint Honestly, having been BAFFLED by this at one point myself; it all became *depressingly* clear when I realized that (ironically, given that these are generally people who INSIST that they're "materialists") it's mostly about aesthetics. They prefer the *aesthetics* of the Right.
@LackingSaint The 'social left' so overwhelmingly won so much of the "culture war" over the last 30-40 years that with rare exception you basically CAN'T ascend culturally in artistic, literary, academic and other "refined" spaces as a conservative - it's like fish trying to breathe air...
@LackingSaint ...(IMO that's just societal evolution at work, Natural Selection leaving the social-right and god-botherers back in the dark ages where they belong, but w/e) and thus the "liberal aesthetic" in the West has become interchangeable with the "cosmopolitan intellectual" aesthetic...
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8 Mar 20
I'm not sure if I can convey to anyone whose never been on press junket HOW STRONG the "manager/publicist/rep flailing and silent-screaming for the talent to PLEASE SHUT THE FUCK UP" vibes are coming off of this clip. Why is no one helping him to stop doing this?
"Everything is a conspiracy against ME, specifically. Now, if you'll give me a second, I'd like to insinuate that the woman and the gay guy have no agency of their own."

I think I'm starting to get why people who were #Bernie2020 from the start were so on edge all the time.
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8 Jan 20
No, you're thinking of Cortés and de Alvarado 😁

My reference was to Pre-Columbian Indigenous civs known to have existed in NA from antiquity until roughly the 1500s; chiefly Woodlander, Ohioan, Mississippean, etc or colloquially "The Mound Builders":…
While they didn't build as lavishly or as enduringly in the architectural sense as the Aztecs or Mayans (who had more stone to work with), the North American Indigenous Natives had civilizations equally as ancient, thriving and in many cases as advanced - sprawling cities...
...complex interconnected trading routes, meticulous systems of farming, building and land use for the time, etc - it's WHY the "frontier" of the "wild" Western U.S. was so vibrant, open and ready for habitation when the white men got out there 🤨 ...
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2 Dec 19
In the "old west," particularly frontier communities and homesteads, it was common to the point of expectation for women (particularly those liable to be left to keep house alone with husbands who worked a distance away) to be proficient with rifles and shotguns for basic defense
I mean... that's not even a "Thing left out of history because sexism" factoid - that's a STAPLE of the Western Movie genre - the wife/widow/eldest-daughter left alone at farm/homestead/cabin is *ALWAYS* the one who knows how to shoot well enough because that was a "thing."
Like, the ENTIRE historical idea of ranged rifles and shot guns (hunting and combat weaponry designed for outdoor offensive use) as indoor "home defense" weaponry could be said to have originated with women; as early pistols were thought of as too hard to fire and control...
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13 Oct 19
Something societally fascinating about the fact that movies sold mainly on the eroticism/fetishizing of the female form (as opposed to that being a value-added feature) i.e. this, #HUSTLERS, etc are primarily aimed at the female audience:

Like... the original #CharliesAngels show in the 70s was a T&A show for guys - no judgement, just a thing. The 90s reboot thing was straight-up Maxim lad-mag PG-13 pre-porn a'la BAYWATCH with lite pop-feminism and superheroine-gloss for younger women...
...Whereas THIS explicitly sells "Shopping-Scene-From-Pretty-Woman-But-Also-Its-Mission-Impossible" to a mainstream female audience that's expected to want the clothes/accessories but maybe also for Kristen Stewart to bend them over a granite countertop
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4 Aug 19
DO NOT sleep on right-wing attempts to muddy what is now a wave of shootings with snuck-in references to otherwise unrelated "antifa" - that shit WORKS.

Remember: Charles Manson was a white supremacist trying to trigger a race war, but history remembers a "killer hippie."
(Cont. from earlier)

As I gather enough people actually DON'T know the details of this: Manson's "ideology" was blinkered and mad, but not at all random "scrambled brain" stuff - it was standard-issue and "coherent" deranged white-supremacist fantasy...
...Manson believed himself to be a superior specimen of human, a white savior who should be at the top of a post-American racial caste-heirarchy with Blacks as a subservient class once more. The women he targeted to bring into his "family" were white "hippie girls"...
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31 Jul 19
No one for whom the Democrats can ever move "left enough" (when the movement is being driven/defined by WOC and other 21st Century Americans) ever seems to consider that the paradigm shifted under their feet and THEY'RE the ones playing catch-up...
The idea of "The Squad" (FWIW I think the name needs work, too) being the face of the Democrat Party and/or U.S. "Left" is somehow a break with being connected to "ordinary Americans" suggests a fundamental (and extremely Trumpian) vision of what is/isn't "ordinary" or American..
...that's not to say that AOC, for example, is not an exceptional individual in her own right - but by demographics as a college-educated WOC from a metropolitan region who earned a living in service industry prior to establishing herself in her career of choice...
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9 Apr 19
It occurs to me that there hasn't really been a movie Joker since channer/meme culture really exploded, the last one was basically homeless and the new one is set in the 80s; so a fun "regular universe" thing to do with Joker at some point would be if he didnt really "do" tech...
...and gets out of a stretch in Arkham and finds out about the in-universe version of shitty Joker-is-right fanboys and is just FURIOUS about it.
Like if these oozing fanbois are all trying to join the gang but they're acting like VERY SERIOUS Project Mayhem type cultists and he can't articulate what they aren't getting?

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3 Mar 19
THIS 100000% 👇👇👇👇👇👇👇
This is something I'm (trying) to get across in the SW episode for REALLY THAT GOOD - especially in the first one, STAR WARS isn't just "war movie in space" but "war movie as reimagined by the Woodstock generation." Shaggy-haired kids beat the space-fascists with generic-Buddhism
I mean CAN YOU FUCKING **IMAGINE** if any movie in any context today ended with:

"I've got one shot to blow up the bad guys with my bad ass fighter-jet missiles!"

"Hero! You need to guide the missiles using your magic feelings-meditation from before!"
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27 Jan 19
Okay. Top of my head on the spot:

If I'm writing, main goodies are Liu, Sonya, Jax, Cage and Scorpion with Kitana switching to "good" at midpoint a'la MK9.

Rationale: This gives you 3 teams of two, plus a "Scooby Gang" dynamic with a broad mix of types/agendas...
...i.e. Sonya/Jax are a default pair (real-world no-bullshit army people), Liu Kang and Kitana (eventually) are the know-whats-going-on heroes who are both magic but human(oid); that leaves Scorpion and Johnny Cage, who can be the "funny" pair who... aren't.
cc: @AlisonHyams
@AlisonHyams in Scorpion is played 100% dead-straight from the games ("STOIC SKELETON NINJA VENGEANCE FROM HELL.") and Johnny... nobody likes Johnny, so it's funny if he's stuck "making conversation" with this Lovecraftian nightmare-creature who's just... "there."
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2 Dec 18
The viewpoint Bernie is repeating here re: "the white working-class," Democrats and voting is incredibly common, well-intentioned and wrongheaded on TWO key points: That their suffering is "massive" and "not understood by others" ("others" here meaning rest of Dem coalition)...
Second point first: EVERYONE "understands" the WWC. They're probably better understood and more reflexively sympathized with than anyone else in the country. We've been hearing the Sainted Shitkicker narrative over and over in every medium since "Grapes of Wrath"...
...everyone knows about "hardscrabble salt of the earth folks," "the Protestant work ethic," etc.

We know. We've heard it. We've also heard (and seen) what that "culture" say and does to/about the rest of us - including those WORSE off.

So we don't give a shit anymore.
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29 Oct 18
People who look at a nation with "no single national identity" as a bad thing are of fundamentally weak mind. They can't be secure unto themselves, and need the idea of a "nation" backing them up. The 21st Century individual strives to be anything, in any place, needing no "root"
("needing" of course being wholly apart from "enjoying" or "prefering." We all like a comfy return-spot. But the idea that the so-called "rootless cosmopolitan" is some kind of scavenger and not the natural next-step human ideal for postnational societal evolution is absurdity.")
I for one hate the idea that we've reached 2018 and I cant easily come and go from this PLANET, to say nothing of moving country to country - but so-called "populists" would drag us back to a world of hard borders and insular commerce because that world was better for simpletons.
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20 Oct 18
"Jet Li didn't do the MATRIX sequels because he worried Hollywood would digitize a copyright his fighting-techniques" is a *way* cooler cyberpunk setup than most of the MATRIX sequels.

There's a *hell* of a movie in there. Kung-fu/techno-paranoia/legal-thriller? I'd watch it.
Like... "You stole the secret technique of this or that school" is the premise of thousands of kung-fu movies, it's a standard thing. So like someone flies a bunch of drones with 3D cameras over a Shaolin temple or whatever and now they've got all those secret lethal-combo sets..
...and they can download them into military robots or whatever, so the Monks have to sue a corporation/military/etc and work it out from an IP-rights angle in court (and also with kicking in other scenes because movie) ...that's not nothing.
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8 Sep 18
Geez. Is that was all from the same drop-off, it's likely you bought a vertical-slice of someone's entire childhood and/or teens.
(thoughts like that make thrift stores and yard sales an intermittently unnerving experience for me, and it's very difficult to turn them off.)
I remember buying an old used game once, I forget which one, and it still had all the save-slots on it named "MOM," "DAD," and two other names.

Never ended up saving on it, I don't think. Couldn't bring myself to erase them. It felt... not right.
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8 Sep 18
Thing that sucks is we're now all programmed to hate things based on whether or not we think people we hate will like them or if it was intended for them.

Like, "WWII shooter but one character is anime-hair punk lady cyborg" is the most videogame thing that ever videogamed...
...I mean 5-10 years ago that'd just be a "thing," and 15-20 years ago it'd be weird for any action game to NOT have shit like that in it. And if it was in an Kojima or Grasshopper game without any rationale I think "gamers" would be okay-to-jazzed with it...
..but because it's either assumed that women/SJWS/whatever either "demanded" it or it was added "for" them or they might hypothetically derived some enjoyment from its presence, game-culture decided to HATE it. Exhausting.

And yes, before it comes up - "other side" does this too
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6 Sep 18
Kind of daunting to try and explain what Burt Reynolds meant to a generation that maybe only knew him as a meme about timelost ironic machismo. He was part of the "other track" of post-60s Hollywood, the part that wasn't urban, post-anything or geeky...
...SMOKEY & THE BANDIT and STAR WARS were the same year, man. There are no coincidences. Thing is, he *started out* as an exaggeration, telling his own jokes at the expense of his own persona... and he told them so well the "gag" became reality. And he owned it.
He owned it all the way up through it becoming a joke again, and becoming cool again. He blew up his own career at least four times, maybe more. Went to TV (for a sitcom!) when that was a death sentence and came back. Badmouthed the best role of his career...
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28 Aug 18
'member when I said Film Twitter should AVOID treating "Ethan Hawke sez superheroes iz fer dum-dums" as some profound call to arms? Juxtaposition of this slab of ultrasmug from a Guardian piece (quoting someone else even!) w/ the blue-highlight pix is why:…
P.S. eff off, it's still stupid as hell that this is a "controversy." But in general A LOT of people in my hyper-detached business should avoid talking about relatability like it's a singular concept where possible precisely because of instances like this.
P.P.S. Additional quoted pieces appeared in LunaLuna and Glamour.

P.P.S. additional quotes from LunaLuna and Glamour. LINKS:……
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28 Aug 18
Will 100% be a real headline in like 3 years, there will be a "PornoGate" and it'll be the UGLIEST version of that whole thing b/c there are a *shit ton* of extremely shrewd producers - many of them women - in the biz already ultra-expert in pandering ultra-misogynist resentment.
Like think you know ice-in-veins business resolve in filmmaking? Talk to women in adult, production side, about "going after" the right-wing male audience that OPENLY viscerally hates women

Fascinating dynamic. *HATE* their audience, but also see them like cultivated livestock.. imagine talking to someone at the mid-executive level if "factory farming literal vampires" was an industry, that's the vibe.

Not the strangest subsection of the film industry (oddly, independent industrial/doc contracting - even today!) but it's up there.
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28 Aug 18
Calling it: They're gonna do "The Joker is good, actually, because rich people and insanity is the only sane defense to living under capitalism and blah blah blah..."

THAT, or "Joker" ends up being a lot of industry pros (some big names involved in this) venting their hangups about the current popularity of comic flicks via a parody of what they think the genre is; which seldom ends well.
[Nerd hat goes on]

A fun thing would be to go full-out and do a complete "Earth 3" movie: Good-guy Joker, Luthor etc vs evil versions of Superman, Batman, and so on.

It's the ONLY "alt universe" thing that needs NO setup, b/c *everyone* knows the baseline DC heroes/villains.
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