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Oct 28, 2023 9 tweets 2 min read
If this is a failed attempt to break a table, then so be it. I am sick and tired of people blaming Christianity for the decline and steady fall of Nigeria. The bible never promised you all that Christianity will save Nigeria, what the bible says is 'Righteousness exalts a nation' Now tell me, how many of you church goers or so called pseudo Christians in Nigeria are righteous? Altar call every day and Ushers in churches looking like Jerusalem babies, Choir members singing the holy hymns & crying to look righteous but you all are the ones doing runs girls
Oct 26, 2023 7 tweets 2 min read

Oh what a ride it's been. Thank you @PeterObi for making me a believer again. You see, people like me live our lives based on beliefs. It's the currency we utilize. The world has become a shell, the essence almost lost... I live in a world where lots of people don't even believe in God. So it's no shock that they don't believe in decency, morals, character and principles; qualities that make a man who he is. The world that I live in, we have very few men who are men and @PeterObi you are one.
Sep 3, 2022 5 tweets 2 min read
Dear young people. We all know that in today's world, you know your life expectancy is 80yrs. Which means you have 80yrs to live. Now divide 80 by 8yrs and you have 10. That means if you vote for wrong presidential candidates for 2 terms 10 times that is your whole
Iife time. Many of us are already over 40yrs, so we don't have the luxury of voting for people for 2 terms ten times, we just have the luxury to vote people for 2 terms 4 or 5 more times before we leave this world. Now we have voted @MBuhari for 2 terms and that is 1 out 5 we have.
Sep 3, 2022 4 tweets 1 min read
When I was in school, I saw a park take over and that day I understood what it meant to be a park chairman. All the bottles that the chairman was beings stoned with didn't hit him. One of his park secretary was beaten with charmed ring and his tongue came out... That day I learned that the human tongue was longer than we thought it is. The guy whose tongue came out started hitting his chest and tongue kept going back and returned to normal, it all happened in Ijebu. I later became pals with the thug whose tongue came out.
Sep 3, 2022 4 tweets 1 min read
The greatest myth on the street is 'strongman' pseudonym. See, I have seen strongmen fall and they are no different from every one of us. That video of NURTW Chairman of a park, Arikuyeri abi what is he called, murdered in daylight should teach you all a lesson. Let me even be honest with you, the strongest on the streets are usually the first casualties of street battles, real soldiers don't live to tell heroics of war, they will tell you it is better to avoid trouble because they participated in it. Usually, those who claim strongmen..
Sep 1, 2022 4 tweets 1 min read
Sometimes, things happen and you just find yourself in the middle. Which is why I have no opinion about Nengi or Susan Pwajok. I might have same issue soon. Posted about some goods sometimes back and someone in here decided to patronize and paid. I paid the person involved... I paid the person involved or owner of business and gave strict orders that the goods should be delivered on tuesday or yesterday. This person didn't deliver Tuesday or Wednesday. I pleaded for time and told this person that today by 1pm goods must get to destination...
Aug 30, 2022 5 tweets 2 min read
In Lagos before 1999, there was a system for all. You either got education or you learned handy work. Then Tinubu came in and decided to reward his loyalists omo onile and Agberos. Discipline died when @officialABAT became Governor of Lagos State, productivity also died. It became a norm for grassroots politicians to harass principals and teachers and naturally the teachers learned to mind their business. It became a norm for young ones to opt to become street urchins instead of going to school or learn as apprentice. Discipline died.
Aug 28, 2022 5 tweets 1 min read
I have been seeing posts about 'passports' and I know it is about a prostitute who stole from a client.
To be honest, I don't want to give my opinion but people keep asking why she stole passport, so this is perspective. For most men sex is mechanical for women, it isn't. No matter how hardened a woman is, they still see sex as a reward for emotional attraction and as such women usually feel used after sex. We need to understand that the term 'used' for women is a legit feeling. It will shock you that she took those things probably because ...
Aug 28, 2022 5 tweets 1 min read
I have friends who have been ruined by the belief in 'Street codes'. I always tell these guys there is nothing on the street. Being a streetboy won't earn you respect in a police station, instead, it confirms you are a common miscreant. There is nothing on the street! Everything you want to become by being a street soldier, you can become if you have money. Chase money, have enough money and you will become champion of the streets. Your best friends will sell you out on the street for money if you are just a local champion.
May 31, 2022 10 tweets 3 min read
I am just going to state what really hurts me about @OfficialPDPNig choice. Thereafter, I will process my exit from the party and face issues and campaign for @PeterObi without attacking anyone. I believe it is very insensitive of the Fulani people to actually covet leadership in Nigeria again after 8yrs of @MBuhari failed leadership in Nigeria. During these 8yrs, Nigeria has witnessed the most nepotistic Government and sharing power sharing formula/appointment.
May 30, 2022 5 tweets 3 min read
Once again, this is my advice for us Obidients. Focus on @PeterObi build your structures around him and leave politics to the politicians in Labour party. If you want to join Labour party, join and follow due process. Don't start party structures no one asked you to build. Let me tell you something that happened in Ondo. This was during the @GEJonathan years. Mimiko was in charge of Labour party in Ondo and was a close ally to GEJ. GEJ wasn't a smart politician and I doubt he still knows how to play politics well till date.
May 30, 2022 4 tweets 3 min read
For seven years @OfficialPDPNig guys on this app, including myself worked tirelessly without receiving a Kobo. Foolish me, I kept turning down offers after offers for party loyalty. The official handle of PDP couldn't even do adverts. The spokeperson was broke & couldn't perform Governor's like Wike and Tambuwal acted like they didn't have enough money to fund the party @OfficialPDPNig . We all saw how useless an opposition the party was. They couldn't even sponsor protests but then it's time for primaries and these guys have billions to spend.
Feb 6, 2022 4 tweets 1 min read
I will keep saying it. Southerners are their own problems. Pre 2015, the North unanimously fought a sitting president from the south for not honoring a zoning arrangement. They all left the ruling party and ensured @MBuhari won. The chairman of the party Muazu worked against... Worked against the party and the sitting president & when the party lost. He said and I quote 'I am not a bastard to contest the results in court'. Now, it is the turn of the South, South East to be specific and it is Southerners that are giving silly excuses. Does it make sense?
Jan 18, 2022 6 tweets 2 min read
This is truth about Igbophobia everyone is scared of saying but I will say it.
In Nigeria, we hate competition and that is why it seems other tribes are scared or wary of the Igbos. We hate to compete with them. This is why Nigeria is stagnant and not growing. Let us be honest. In the beginning when there was meritocracy, Igbo people were leading in terms of academics, trade and all. But as usual, the colonizers who were wishing for a hutu/Tutsi situation in Nigeria, decided to flip the story and change narrative.
Jan 17, 2022 7 tweets 2 min read
Let me be honest. In the early days of democracy, I used to love and admire Tinubu. I used to be a fan. After 2015, I was heartbroken.
No one who loves a country will deliberately mislead people to vote for a clueless Bubu, most especially when you know him well. No one who loves Nigeria would have deliberately mislead people a 2nd time to vote Buhari in 2019, when it was obvious the first term that this man had nothing to offer. Now ask, why did Tinubu do this? He did it for personal ambition. Tinubu sacrificed our joy for his ambition
Jan 16, 2022 4 tweets 1 min read
Tinubu will be demystified in 2023. Without rigging, Tinubu is a nobody in politics. Even Lagos State, Tinubu is a nobody without his thugs like Oluomo and his rigging Machine. Tinubu can't win Counselorship seats in Ekiti, Oyo, Osun, Ondo, Ogun without rigging. Tinubu is the most overhyped politician in Nigerian history. Go and check the Presidential elections results in Lagos State. It is always very close and that is even with all the rigging Tinubu does. Apart from his Isale Eko crew, how many Southwesterners can stick Tinubu?
Jan 14, 2022 4 tweets 1 min read
I know we have an irresponsible govt but Nigerians contribute to the problems of this country. You see these cliques and cult that we all have formed. It will never bring about development or growth. When you are stuck in a circle and you don't give people a chance... When you are stuck in a circle and you don't give people a chance, how do you expect innovations and development TL come through? Without innovations, how can there be wealth? In macro economics, true wealth is tied to innovations but here in Nigeria, we turn everything to...
Jan 12, 2022 4 tweets 1 min read
One thing missing in our democracy is tolerance for dissenting voices. I remember when I started criticizing, some brands wouldn't touch me for creative projects. It was crazy.
Sometimes, I wonder why we don't understand that govt criticism is a critical part of citizens duty. A lot of brands that today love to associate with Afrobeats couldn't go near Fela with a long pole, but now he is dead. We all appreciate his creativity. Now, Lagos State is building a museum in his honour. Must we always appreciate creatives only when they are dead?
Jan 11, 2022 5 tweets 3 min read
The mistake a lot of people make is, they think the job of social media political engagement is the same with actual politics. It's not one and the same.
Those of us urging @PeterObi to come out, know what we are doing. 2023 is all about the survival of Nigeria. When there is a need for the sustenance of a polity, political calculations, political might and all fails. The election swings. It happened in 1999 and it brought about @GEJonathan as Vice President. That is why some of us have been advocating for #IgboPresidency
Oct 15, 2021 5 tweets 2 min read
Sir, let me be honest with you. You won't learn much about politics by running with these upcoming political parties. Running for presidency in Nigeria is very very expensive and no matter the plans you have and discuss with this woman, it won't change the reality. Our political reality presently is that anyone that wants to run for presidency and doesn't have as much as N30billion to spend without looking back, is only in the game to play. At the end of the day, you won't get up to 20,000 votes Nationwide. I am a field politician...
May 8, 2021 5 tweets 1 min read
Don't let anyone broke shame you, it is not an insult, it is a temporary condition that won't last.
If they call you frustrated, own it. It is not an insult, Nigeria is frustrating and only demons will claim all is well.
Be reactionary. Don't bottle up what can kill you! Years ago, we were at a shooting location. A Ghanaian actor complained about MTN tariff and why it was so high in Nigeria. The other actor who was also Ghanaian but had lived in Nigeria said 'The difference between Nigeria and Ghana is, MTN dare not try this in Ghana...