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1 Jul 20
#DoctorsDay #FrontlineHeroes
#Thread 👇

1/ “When we are young, we hear stories of soldiers sacrificing their lives for the countries and working at the forefront. So when a crisis like this came, I knew I had to be among the ones serving the patients,” begins Dr Divya Singh.
2/ A few months ago, Dr Singh, who is an MS in General Surgery, had moved to Djibouti, Africa, along with her husband who works with the Indian Foreign Services.

But on hearing about the COVID-19 pandemic, she decided to return to India anticipating an increased need for doctors
3/ “I returned to India in March when the number of positive cases was just about under 400. Within a week, I received a request for help from a volunteer group based in Mumbai. They required medical professionals to help with the pandemic surveillance Worli and Dharavi slums."
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30 Jun 20
#RealLifeHero #TuesdayMotivation
#Thread 👇
1/ 84-YO shepherd from #Karnataka builds 16 ponds on barren hill, turns his village green
2/ For four decades now, Kaamegowda (a shepherd from in Karnataka's Mandya district) has been quietly going about his job of digging ponds on a barren hill near his village Daasanadoddi.
3/ What inspired him to do this? While taking his flock of sheep grazing on the hillside, Kaamegowda would see scores of stressed animals and birds struggling to quench their thirst due to the lack of watering holes on the hill.
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24 Jun 20
#SustainableHomes #Thread
1/ Rajesh & Vallari Shah’s home in #Bengaluru is powered by the sun, covers 9 months of water requirements through rainwater harvesting, grows 90% of its food organically and is also car-free!

Here are a few steps the couple follow: 👇
2/ Installing an 18-solar panel system with the capacity of 3KW. Apart from the microwave and the water pump; the lights, fans, fridge, computers, washing machine run on solar.

For most of the year, barring rainy days, the family lives off the electric grid.
3/ Vallari not only nurtures a terrace garden but has also converted an open-space in front of their home into a community organic backyard.

“The space in front of our house was lying vacant. Rather than having garbage thrown there, I thought why not convert it into a garden?"
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31 May 20
#CoronaWarriors #ThankYou
1/ #Bengaluru cousins are providing 400 litres of milk to underprivileged children daily amid lockdown
2/ "When we went to distribute the ration kits, we discovered that the young ones had nothing to eat. They really needed milk," says Zeeshan Javid of Bengaluru, who joined hands with his cousins Zufishan Pasha and Shehzar Sheriff to initiate 'Mission Milk'.
3/ Under this, volunteers distribute milk packets to underprivileged kids whose families cannot afford this vital nutrient. What started with just 60 litres of milk, has now evolved into a 400-litre a day operation.
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4 Apr 20
#CoronaWarriors #CoronaLockdown

1/ In a heartwarming gesture, #Mumbai's KKAFENiO cafe has opened its doors to those in need.
2/ #CoronaWarriors #CoronaLockdown

Apart from serving free lunch everyday between 2 pm to 3 pm, the cafe has also offered to home-deliver food to those who are unable to travel to its location. The team has also started delivering food to policemen working on the streets.
3/ #CoronaWarriors #CoronaLockdown

To support the initiative or reach out for help, contact:

Pranav - 9022832444
Afroz - 8840428422
Shubham - 7976912324
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28 Mar 20
"Inspite of being in the final stages of her pregnancy, Dr Minal Dakhave gave us everything till the last hour before she herself delivered a baby girl."

- Dr Gautam Wankhede of #Mylab — 1st Indian firm to get full approval to make #COVID-19 test kits.
1/ #CoronaWarriors #Respect

"She is very hard working and extremely dedicated," says Dr Gautam Wankhede, Mylab's Director of Medical Affairs, about virologist Minal Dakhave Bhosale.
2/ Mylab's research and development chief, Dr Minal headed the team that designed Patho Detect — the first 'Made-In-India' COVID-19 test kit — in a record time of six weeks.
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8 Mar 20
#WomensDay #SheDared #WomensDay2020 #womenempowerment

"To all the little girls watching...never doubt that you are valuable and powerful & deserving of every chance & opportunity in the world." - Hillary Clinton
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6 Mar 20
#WomenInScience #SheDared

The history of science has often seen the contributions of women being overlooked. This #WomensDay, we are paying a tribute to unsung Indian women who blazed new trails in science.

THREAD: Bibha Chowdhury, India's unsung pioneer in particle physics.
1/ Born in 1913, Bibha was supposedly India's first woman researcher.

Yet, neither does the name of this gifted physicist surface in any book on inspiring Indian women, nor is she mentioned amongst various lists of Indian pioneers in the history of science. #WomensDay
2/ Bibha also did not win any national award or receive a fellowship from a renowned scientific society during her lifetime.

And yet, in 1949, she was handpicked by none other than Homi Bhabha to join the newly established Tata Institute of Fundamental Research (TIFR) in Mumbai.
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30 Jan 20
The sabzi mandi at #Indore, the cleanest city of India. Low on #waste, high on #inspiration!

Check thread below to find how Indore did this.
#India's Cleanest City, #Indore:
> 700+ new toilets & urinals built
> 850+ black spots removed
> 3,000+ roadside bins installed
> total door-to-door segregated waste collection
> live tracking system to monitor garbage vans
Thread: How #Indore Became Garbage-Free and Beat Every Other City to It…
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23 Nov 19
They don’t make them like Jagadish Chandra Bose anymore.
The first person from the Indian subcontinent to receive a US patent, Bose was a pioneer in the field of wireless telecommunication – a field which would eventually lead to invention of the radio, TV, WiFi & cell phones.
He invented the Mercury Coherer, a radio wave receiver that was later used by Guglielmo Marconi to build the first operational transatlantic two-way radio that was capable of communicating across 2,000 miles.

And that is not the only achievement under his belt.
A physicist, botanist, and an author, Bose was elected Fellow of the Royal Society in 1920, becoming the first Indian to be honoured by the Royal Society in the field of science.

All this even though he was not allowed access to science labs under the British rule!
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15 Sep 19
Did you know that the world harvests an estimated 74 billion coconuts in a single year?

While the oil, water and fibre-rich flesh is used in multiple industries, nearly 95% of coconut shells are discarded as waste or burned.
A simple way to reduce the resulting pollution is re-purposing these long-lasting shells into useful products.

That's exactly what EcoBowls does, turning trash to treasure, one bowl at a time!
EcoBowls are made from coconut shells that have been discarded after using the flesh and water, resulting in a zero-waste production cycle.

Guaranteed to make any dish look even more beautiful, these earthy and eco-friendly bowls are suitable for all manner of foods.
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13 Jun 19
The need to get more marks is forced upon every student - pushed with the fear of not being ‘successful’ in life. Isn’t aptitude a more important yardstick?

Let's #EndTheStereotype

Even today, black communities continue to be on the receiving end of hate crimes. They’re often seen as uneducated, uncultured and potentially criminal. But are they really what we think they are?

Let's #EndTheStereotype

Should caste define fate?

Caste-based stereotyping continues to suppress the voices, dreams and aspirations of millions and has led to countless humiliations, assaults and even deaths.

Let's #EndTheStereotype

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