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LIBERAL-🆘 Advocate for human rights. Life long Democrat. Sick of GOP passing legislation to FORCE ppl to live like THEY want us to live. #FBR #BlueWave
3 May
As an avid @MSNBC viewer I’m pushing back. You say Democrats making $500K will not support the tax hike of 5%, bcse they feel they can’t afford it & voters vote on what affects them. Maybe so for these people. I make less than $20K a yr on SS. I have a kid in college who wasn’t
given $50K a yr from me (her & I are stuck w/thousands of dollars in student loans). I don’t live in a $3M house or drive a new $65K car every year. I live on a limited budget. Maybe they should too. What they need to stop doing is whining. They have a comfortable life,
very comfortable.
Yes, you are defending it & them. I’m sure you make $500K a yr. Pointing out these poor people received “some” tax cuts & boo hoo about all their expenses. I’ll clue you in...people making $500K a yr are 95% Republican voters. That small 5% you think other Dems
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3 May
@RogerMarshallMD I’m so appalled at ur response to the insurrection on 1/6/2021. Let’s dig right in on why u feel ready “to move on”
*a committee will find at least three GOP House members helped plan & execute it
*the “normal” GOP base recognizes how wrong it was & u want them
to forget & keep voting
*a commission w/a negative outcome will kill donations
*u can see the GOP is burning around u & a commission is like kerosene
*u personally will be tied to this forever & a commission wld neuter u from politics
*a commission will reveal close ties to White
Supremacist, Nazi, anti government, racist Militias & that’s the part u really want to keep quiet
*the GOP will forever be tainted w/an official commission & it will take 10+ yrs for it to be a majority again
This a bit a few reasons. However, I will say the GOP wasn’t too
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1 May
@GOPLeader Hey Kev-u’ve got a great caucus. Let’s take a look...
@CawthornforNC 160+ signatures from a CHRISTIAN college verifying he’s a sexual predator
@RepMattGaetz Fed investigation having sex w/a minor, paying prostitutes, drug use, under House Ethics investigation
@mtgreenee conspiracy theorist, racist with ambitions to start a White Supremacist caucus, express support for violence against Dem House members
@Jim_Jordan implicated in a Ohio State sex abuse scandal
@MoBrooks implicated in Jan 6 insurrection
@RepGosar implicated in
Jan 6 insurrection
@RepAndyBiggsAZ implicated in Jan 6
@DevinNunes staff openly text messaged & Nunes had a phone call w/Lev Parnas to get info on Biden ties to Ukraine, was investigated for leaking classified intelligence material met w/Russian asset Shokin
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