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24 Nov
EXCLUSIVE: President Trump’s legal team, which has been working to change the result of the election, just added a new member: OAN host Christina Bobb
Yes, that OAN.

This appointment to Rudy Giuliani’s legal squad comes after the group recently distanced itself from Sidney Powell. The team is working out of a conference room at the downsized HQ in Arlington, VA.
The OAN “Weekly Briefing” chair’s presence has caused some confusion among the actual campaign staff as she continues her job as a pro-Trump TV host
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21 Nov
Governors like Wyoming’s Mark Gordon and South Dakota’s Kristi Noem are inexplicably avoiding a mandate that the data shows could save lives
The researchers looked at Kansas while it was in the throes of a surge this summer. Gov. Laura Kelly implemented a statewide mask requirement, but counties were allowed to opt-out of it
The data showed that counties that had a mask mandate but did not have other restrictions still saw cases drop—signaling that the mask order was making a difference.''
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20 Nov
NEW: In this bonus episode of the @NewAbnormalPod, The Daily Beast's @JFKucinich and @swin24 join @TheRickWilson and @MollyJongFast to chat about a possible Trump prosecution–and Rudy Giuliani reaching the "peak of batshit mountain.”
Team Biden has made his incoming style of presidency very clear: Keep the peace. Or in his aides' words, "move the country forward."

BUT. And this is a big BUT: Biden's Attorney General still could go after Trump.
"It will be interesting to see how that particular pick moves forward," says @swin24
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20 Nov
.@amyklobuchar is over Trump’s “7 stages of grief.”

She joined @newabnormalpod w/ @therickwilson & @mollyjongfast to discuss this sad stalling of the Biden transition and his desperate quest to destroy democracy

To put it plainly, President Trump is losing it.

“There's been so much sexist talk about women [in politics] being too emotional and being too sensitive. And then we have an entire party held hostage by the president's moods,” says @mollyjongfast.
.@amyklobuchar agrees: “Exactly. I think it was John Bolton that said that we just don't have time to live through seven stages of the president's grief. That is exactly what's happening.”
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19 Nov
EXCLUSIVE: Right before chairing the Subcommittee on SeaPower, Sen. David Perdue bought stock in BWX Technologies. After working on a bill that ultimately directed more Navy dollars to BWX, Perdue sold off the stock, earning tens of thousands in profits.
Perdue acquired up to $190,000 in BWX Technologies stock. The firm had lucrative contracts with the Navy to develop high-tech components for its nuclear submarine fleet—and they were looking to expand with the 2019 National Defense Authorization Act.
Perdue had a key role in shaping the final version of the NDAA, including securing a hefty $4.7 billion for Virginia-class submarines.

Now guess which firm was awarded contracts to design and make key parts for Virginia-class submarines? BWX.
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18 Nov
David Cross spends several minutes of his most recent stand-up special "Oh Come On" imagining the various ways that Trump’s presidency could end.

“Will he be assassinated by a group of caring nuns?” he asks. The fantasies only get darker from there.
Now that it’s actually happening, @davidcrosss tells @mattwilstein on #TheLastLaugh podcast that he can’t bring himself to dance in the streets.

“I’m going to reserve it for when it’s actually good again.”
The pandemic isn’t exactly helping either.

“I tried two outdoor COVID-friendly shows and it just didn’t work,” Cross says. “I just have to wait to get back into those sweaty, basement, we’re-all-crammed-together Brooklyn bars to get the work done.”
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17 Nov
NEW: Members of the Kappa Delta sorority at the University of Alabama are getting ready for a massive party that, in any other year, would be a routine event. But amid a deadly pandemic, residents are asking: Why are the school and city endorsing this?
“It’s appalling and dangerous,” 61-year-old radiation therapist Louise Manos told The Daily Beast, arguing that “the four members of the city council who voted in favor of this are sanctioning a superspreader event.”
Party organizers promised to put in safety measures at the outdoor event besides wearing masks, such as taking body temperatures and transporting attendees via chartered bus in three “shifts” or groups of 200 revelers at a time
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17 Nov
We all love a little Twitter drama, especially when it involves @MollyJongFast handing a QAnon politician-elect their ass
Spotify: Image
Today on @NewAbnormalPod Molly tells @TheRickWilson about the Twitter fight she had with Congresswoman-elect Marjorie Taylor Greene, an avowed QAnon supporter over government interference in a woman’s health Image
After Greene tweeted “My body, my choice,” in reference to mask-wearing, Molly “suggested that she might also be pro-choice, which got her just enraged because while she won’t wear a mask, she does not want anyone to have control over their own uterus” Image
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17 Nov
EXCLUSIVE: Top Dems on the Senate intelligence and armed services committees are trying to stop one of President Trump’s White House attorneys, Michael Ellis, from taking over as the senior lawyer for the NSA, the Daily Beast has learned
Not only was Ellis supposedly one of the aides who helped Rep. Nunes manufacture a surveillance “unmasking” scandal, he was implicated in moving to a classified server the record of Trump’s phone call with Zelensky—the one that helped get Trump impeached
Maneuvering is underway to block Ellis’ appointment. Sens. Mark Warner and Jack Reed have written to the inspector general of the Defense Department, of which NSA is a component, demanding an investigation into Ellis’ installation.
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15 Nov
NEW: In this bonus episode of @NewAbnormalPod, New Yorker staff writer and author @mashagessen shares an unpopular opinion about the last election’s Russian interference…
Trump may be following Vladimir Putin’s autocratic playbook closer than we all realize—and the Russian interference was just the tip of the iceberg…
“We've been very stupid to focus on it as much as we have,” Gessen explains. “The problem is not Russian interference, the problem is we sank so low to where Russian interference sank in.”…
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14 Nov
NEW: On Friday, the remnants of Trump’s failed re-election campaign informed staff that they were putting an end to “voter fraud” hotline duty. It meant the death of a workspace that one senior campaign official described simply as “the room from hell.”
According to three sources, the hotline was inundated by crank callers impersonating public figures, anti-Trump callers launching into vulgarity-laden tirades, pranksters making sounds of flatulence, and others issuing threats at Trump 2020 staffers
For every three or four hours of threats and pranking endured, staff estimated that they’d get roughly one caller with an earnest, maybe-promising tip. Staff would often leave looking visibly upset, worn out, and feeling undervalued.
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13 Nov
It’s been a week since Biden won the presidency. Trump has made the transition impossible with whispers of a “coup.”

But @TheRickWilson and @MollyJongFast are calling bullshit on today’s @newabnormalpod

A coup would require military support and that ain’t happening, explains @therickwilson in a way only he can:

“They may be telling him that [they are], but it is the fake orgasm of coups. They're making noises that sound real, but it's not real.”
But the reality of a coup hasn’t stopped Team Trump from soliciting donations for voter fraud lawsuits.

“If you wrote this in a Hollywood script about a family of presidential grifters, it would be too on the nose,” adds @therickwilson.
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13 Nov
NEW: There are uncertainties around many of Joe Biden’s Cabinet selections, but not around one…
Michele Flournoy is a revered member of the defense establishment and practically a lock to run a Biden Pentagon.

Her path there ran through ramping up the Afghanistan war.…
A centrist, and perhaps the Democratic Party’s foremost defense expert, she has a well of bipartisan respect from the defense world.…
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12 Nov
NEW: President Trump continues to refuse to cede the election. His national security adviser Robert O’Brien is enabling the mayhem, four senior officials told The Daily Beast.
Sources say O’Brien has pushed national security officials to publicly embrace the absurd Trump message that the election has not been certified and that there are still legal battles playing out across the country that could turn in the president’s favor
“If you even mention Biden’s name … that’s a no go. You’d be fired,” one national security official said. “Everyone is scared of even talking about the chance of working with the [Biden] transition.”
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30 Oct
Everybody, chill the fuck out about the election.

This isn’t another 2016 and today on @newabnormalpod, @amyewalter explains why.

.@mollyjongfast, like many of us, is nervous about the election. Sure, the polls look pretty decent for Biden; they looked good for Hillary, right?

Not exactly.
Last time around, there was so much talk about those damn emails. “Hillary went from up 11... and then in the very last NBC poll, she was up 4 points, with 16% undecided,” recalls @amyewalter.

This time, the focus is the pandemic.
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29 Oct
NEW: For over a year, members of the “Boogaloo” movement planned for insurrectionary violence in a private chat. Thousands of messages were released by the nonprofit media collective Unicorn Riot, revealing the makings of the far-right Boogaloo scene.
Members of the movement have a fixation on fighting, or inciting, a second civil war called the “Boogaloo.”

Leaked Discord chats show members actively encouraging violence–even against civilians, and particularly, leftists.
Despite the movement's hatred for law enforcement and federal agents, many are soldiers themselves. Some members indicated that their participation in the violent movement could lose them their jobs in the law enforcement, military, or intelligence sector.
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29 Oct
EXCLUSIVE: Rudy Giuliani vents to Trump that Bill Barr is screwing up his Hunter Biden play
Instead of conceding that the broader public might not be interested in the story, Trump and Giuliani have instead put the blame for the failure to break through in part on Attorney General William Barr
Trump and Giuliani discussed their mutual frustrations with the lack of action from Barr and FBI Director Chris Wray saying that the emails and Hunter files have provided legal ammunition to probe the Bidens, the person close to Giuliani said
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29 Oct
The United States economy grew at a record-shattering rate of 7.4 percent in the third quarter—but it still wasn’t enough to lift the country out of the pandemic-size crater it was sent into by the novel coronavirus
Earlier this week @mtomasky cautioned that this "number will be the last piece of good pre-election news Trump will get"
"Yes, the economy is expected to grow by about 30% (on an annualized basis; actual number for the quarter will be more like 7%). But remember: It shrunk by 32.9% in the 2nd quarter, which was the worst-ever quarter in the history of these calculations."
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29 Oct
NEW: Despite publicly downplaying it, President Trump and his team of White House advisers have embraced the controversial belief that herd immunity will help control the COVID-19 outbreak, according to three sources
White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany told reporters that "herd immunity has never been a strategy" fostered by the Trump administration. In a statement to The Daily Beast, White House adviser Scott Atlas also insisted that it wasn’t a pursuit.
But those working on the government’s COVID-19 response say that the attempts by the White House and Atlas to steer clear from using the phrase “herd immunity” are merely a game of semantics
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28 Oct
NEW: More than any other legislative or executive accomplishment, President Trump’s “Wall” along the U.S. southern border stands as a monument to Trumpism and its politics of racial grievance
Only days before the election that could unseat Trump, some immigration rights advocates and legal experts have a message for the man who has promised to dismantle the president’s legacy on immigration: Mr. Biden, tear down this wall
“Trump’s border wall is just another pretext for targeting immigrants and border communities,” said Dror Ladin, staff attorney with the ACLU National Security Project. “Every unlawful mile of wall should be taken down.”
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21 Oct
When Sen. David Perdue theatrically mocked Kamala Harris’ first name at a rally in front of President Trump, it reminded people of his heated Senate contest against Jon Ossoff in Georgia.

It's a race that has mostly flown under the radar... until now.
In February, the Cook Political Report rated the race as a “likely” win for Perdue.

Now, it is considered a toss-up, with recent public polls showing Perdue and Ossoff neck-and-neck and the Democrat outraising the GOP incumbent by $8 million.
An internal poll from Ossoff’s camp, conducted by Garin Hart Yang Research Group on Oct. 11-14 and shared with The Daily Beast, found that in a head-to-head race, Ossoff met the 50 percent threshold to avoid a runoff, with Perdue at 45 percent
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