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IT consultant, author of @QAaboutBitcoin, @EdgeWallet QA Support consultant. LNP/BP bitcoiner. PGP FP: 5351632CBBF23EF29F1815ACD270A7681AE508EA
21 Feb
1. From euro coin to sats with my LightningATM (thanks @21isenough) and from sats to digital euro thanks to @lastbitpay and LNURL withdraw maxWithdrawable.
2. Basically this means I converted euro coin into digital euro and I was able to spend them instantly with a rechargeble Mastercard card. Then, with Lasbit I was also able to pay a LN invoice, so back from euro to sats.
3. Imagine a situation where a merchant has his in-store LightningATM (and earn a commission for the service), accepts bitcoins via @BtcpayServer and offers a discount to customers who pay in satoshi...
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