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Dec 10 6 tweets 4 min read
How convenient @Jairam_Ramesh

Dheeraj Sahu rewarded 3x RS seat.
Brother was 2x MP.

Entire family is old time loyalists of Congress.

His entire timeline is filled up with praising Rahul Gandhi.

Dheeraj Sahu is paying frequent visits to on-papers party president Khadge.

These are just recent pictures.


Nov 30 20 tweets 8 min read
The sexual crimes at minority school- Madrasa.

Thread🧵 will leave you in shock: how a widescale crime is "normalised" in this country.

And, this recent examples of just TWO states- UP & Kerala.

1. Maulana Muntazir Alam alleged r@pe 11yo minor in a mosque.

2. "Ye deen ka mamla hai" said the Madrasa director to father of victim.

3. Cleric r@ped 8yi minor. Check the forced "swear"

@NCPCR_ @KanoongoPriyank : sir pls take a look at this thread & assess the situation at national level.
Oct 25 10 tweets 5 min read
This is one of those forgotten massacre of Hindus, not decades or centuries back, but in 2017 and hardly made any int'ntal headlines.

In Aug'17, a trrst group of Rohingyas (ARSA) charged a village cluster Kha Maung Seik in Myanmar and kiIIed 99 Hindu women, men, & children.

On 23.10.23, UN appointed head of IMM (Independent Investigative Mechanism) Nicholas Koumjian said that the investigation revealed serious findings thus the incident could qualify as an international crime committed by non-state actors and it deserves much larger attention.

2/ Image
Oct 21 9 tweets 4 min read
TMC MP Mahua Moitra imparting a chapter to learn, what has been written in many case studies of multidimensional scandal.

There is a political agenda and, corporate lobbying to target industrialist Adani, aim to destabilise govt and economic, in return of what?

1/ Image As consequence of this relentless campaign running in tandem with foreign players & short sellers,
100s of small retailers, multiple associated businesses, investors, employees & no need to mention, their families might have affected in some way or other.

Oct 21 9 tweets 3 min read
#EXCLUSIVE: Mahua Moitra reported an estimated 6000 Euro of robbery abroad in Jun'22.

The stolen items include 2x Louis Vuitton bangs and foreign currency in cash.

End-of-May_Jun'22, amidst the communal tensions in India, the MP booked a travel to Berlin.

1/ Image Recall. End-of-May <> Jun'22: India into the grip of communal riots due to Gyanwapi proceeding & viral cropped video.

West Bengal was no exception.

The MP booked a vacation in Berlin and booked a rental apartment from 30May to 3Jun'22, where this robbery taken place.

Oct 15 4 tweets 3 min read
Mahua Moitra in serious trouble. No not because of partying pictures.

*EXECUTIVE* details in affidavit filed by lawyer Jai Anant Dehadrai, while Nishikant Dubey further wrote to LS speaker. This wont go well with MM:

▪️MM hatched conspired to ask specific queries in Parliament that helps profiting Hiranandani group in exchange of cash & expensive "gifts".
▪️₹75L & ₹2cr cash indirect for election campaign appears as tip of iceberg
▪️Items alleged Gifted- iPhones, diamonds & emerald jewelry, luxury items such as scarves from Hermes & Louis Vuitton, about 35 pairs of shoes from Salvatore Ferragamo, dozens of bottles of expensive French and Italian Wines, packets of luxury cosmetics from Dubai, Bags from Gucci and crocodile leather bags from Berluti
▪️Regular delivery of cash packets both in ₹ & £
▪️Extensive designing & reconstruction of residence by the Hiranandani, substituted/paid by himself.
▪️51/60 questions asked by MM, very personal & business specific to Hiranandani (details in afdvt).
▪️Questions designed such way to target Adani group, govt, bring out crucial info for Hiranandani's businesses directly from serving Ministers
▪️Some of queries directly pertaining to the legal case that Hiranandani is facing related to Revenue Authorities discovery of his undeclared offshore Trusts of over $60mn.

The way MM rhetorically targeted Adani group was obviously motivated.

The affidavit has granule details upto the gifted iPhone model names and places where the meeting taken place. Such bits-n-bytes revelations is only possible when someone very close to either MM ot Hiranandani has spilled the beans.

++++ important development
Oct 13 7 tweets 2 min read
"We have to stab them, drive over them, kiII them"


This is hate factory of Hamas.

These are not training camps but schools, including the ones funded by UN Relief & Work Agency, meant for 'welfare' of Palestinian refugees.

Video Thread 🧵

1/ And this is happening from decades. This is a summer camp video organised by Hamas in Gaza Strip, dated back to 2013.

Oct 11 10 tweets 3 min read
There will be lots of hue and cry over prosecution.

Arundhati Roy had been a front face, int'nl famed, loyalist of the left-naxal cartel for decades.

This is just a reminder.

Visual Thread🧵


1/ Image Reminder2

Oct 3 4 tweets 2 min read
Newsclick journalists are being raided.

Portal is under scrutiny for receiving Chinese funding for writing propaganda articles.

Recently NYT published web if Chinese funding through American businessman Singham.

If you have missed previous stories, check this -
Sep 23 4 tweets 3 min read
An ISI backed org Canadian MusIim Advocacy Int'ntal, run by a local activist Rahat Rao, has organised a rally in solidarity support to Justin Trudeau.

He is appealing Pak-Cnd diaspora to came forward & join.

On his Facebook announcement, 6 ppl 'liked' his post.

Rahat Rao's YouTube studio has backdrop of Justin Trudeau, Md Ali Jinnah & jailed former PM Imran Khan.

Sep 19 13 tweets 3 min read
Here is a quick list of Khalistani activities in Canada only in 2023, that hurts Indian sovereignty and Hindu religious sentiments, under the watch of Justin Trudeau, including street violence, anti-India slogans, the threat to Indian diplomats, and attack on temples.

1/ Image Sep 12, 2023 : so-called "Referendum" by SFJ at a gurdwara in BC, Surrey despite serious concerns raised by India. Designated trsst Gurpatwant Singh Pannu attended the event.

2/ Image
Sep 3 4 tweets 3 min read
"Abolish Sanatana", a full day conference org'sd by TN Progressive Writers Asso in Chennai.

Main speaker DMK leader Udhayanidhi Stalin said Sanatan is like Dengue, needs to be eradicated.

Full platter of hate served by leader of I.N.D.I.Allc, where I stands for "Inclusive".

Some Subjects @ Chennai Conf
. Deadly History of Sanatana
. Sanatana & Women
. Caste & Conspiracy Theory
. Sanatana Imposition & Opposition in Media
. What is the way to oppose Sanatana Dharma Politics or Spirituality
. Weapon to destroy Sanatana Dharma

Aug 31 7 tweets 3 min read
Here it is! As posted 3days back, Soros & RF backed org OCCRP has published 'investigative' report, co-authored by Ravi Nair, targeting Adani group again.

On other side, ED has substantial info against 16 entities, including a private bank, for their suspicious short-selling-position activities during Hindenburg report.

ED submitted report to SEBI. If SEBI gives green signal, ED may file PMLA case against the entities.

2/ Image
Aug 28 13 tweets 4 min read
A boy in Kathua was beaten for writing 'Jai Shri Ram' on the board but the matter only came to the light b'cz of Muzfr'ngr which was given communal color.

The incident is not isolated! Its pattern.

Here are some incidents that never made it to the national debate!

1/ Image Jharkhand girl ends her life after being beaten for wearing a bindi at a missionary school.

2/ Image
Aug 23 6 tweets 2 min read
Centre has struck their foot into the door of 123 "Waqf assets" at the prime location in Delhi.

The WIP, slowly & steadily, to take over.

Every Indian must be aware how & why UPA govt gifted these 'gold mines' properties to Waqf just few days before election.

1/ Image This is a must read story of the heights of appeasement politics, when desperate UPA 2.0 threw away 123 properties just a night before model code of conduct implementation.

Aug 6 9 tweets 5 min read
NYT has published a detailed report on Chinese propaganda global financial network where Indian media NewsClick is one beneficiary.

ED raids on Newsclick in 2021 revealed that the portal received ₹38cr from China in span of three years.

This particular network is led through a USA tech businessman Neville Roy Singham who directly colludes with CCP aiming to spread Chinese narrative in global media.


Jun 28 6 tweets 3 min read
"You are incredibly rude". Immediately after briefing on Sabrina Siddiqui & 'free press', White House hushed up a journalist Simon Ateba who exposed their hypocrisy by claiming "there is discrimination against me past 9 months".

This, didn't end here.

Watch this & read on.

1/ Ironically, an another journo sided KJP instead of a fellow jouno Simon Ateba. Ateba lashed out on all such bad mouth journalists by sharing the list of incidents of poor treatment he was subjected.

You may find all these left media Politico, NPR etc in this tweet.

Jun 25 8 tweets 3 min read
"The respondent no. 1 (Indira Gandhi) was thus guilty of a corrupt practice under.. and stands disqualified for 6 years”

He is Justice Jagmohanlal Sinha of Allahabad HC, who convicted then PM of corruption & electoral malpractices.

The aftermath was.. #DarkDaysOfEmergency

1/ Quick snapshot:

1971- Indira Gandhi "defeated" Raj Narain on Raebareli seat. Narain challenged the victory in the courts, accusing Gandhi of misusing power and hitting the expenses-ceiling.

Jun 23 6 tweets 3 min read
"That was a rather nerve-wrenching"
"The worst head-of-state visit"

This is how Kennedy couple recalled (then) PM Nehru & Indira Gandhi's visit to the USA in 1961.

Excerpts of a book based on Jacqueline Kennedy interviews with Arthur M. Schlesinger, Jr., 1964

"Was he disappointed in Nehru?"
"I think he was.. an awful lot of tapping of fingers and looking up at the ceiling"

Describing Kennedy's meeting with Nehru.

Jun 20 4 tweets 1 min read
Take the news about JE Amir Khan as a pinch of salt. No more. No less. Hold on imaginations. No comment yet from railway or CBI. This may be just a psy-trap. There is a pattern in this news. Real culprits (if its sabotage) may be somebody else or it just nothing. Stay cautious. As I suspected, Railway denied "missing" reports.
Jun 2 5 tweets 2 min read
SHOCKING! Rahul Gandhi let-go the DefenseNews journalist's casual citation of a fellow journalist Vivek Raghuvanshi arrest for his question over freedom of press.

Raghuvanshi is accused of serious charges of espionage under Official Secret Act!


Raghuvanshi, an ex-naval cmdr, is Indian correspondent for USA based defence related website DefenseNews. Just two weeks back he is arrested by CBI for sharing confidential info related to DRDO projects & arms procurement strategic details to foreign intel agencies.
2/ ImageImageImage