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13 Mar
There is a *lot* of misinformation about coronavirus being shared in Ireland.

We'll use this thread to debunk the ones that we come across. To start with: no, that WhatsApp voice message about Ireland going into a Status Red lockdown from Monday morning is not true.
Here's the full article about that WhatsApp voice message. The Defence Forces have said there is "no substance whatsoever" to the message and called it "unhelpful and irresponsible"
This message has been shared a lot on WhatsApp this week. No, drinking water every 15 minutes will *not* protect you from getting the coronavirus.
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12 Mar
Taoiseach Leo Varadkar has begun a major announcement from Washington DC on Ireland’s coronavirus response.
"For the past few weeks the government and our public service, have been focused on dealing with the impact of this virus. And that time we've taken several important and unprecedented measures to protect public health."
BREAKING: Taoiseach orders school, colleges and childcare facilities to close from 6pm today and all mass gatherings over 100 to be cancelled to prevent spread of coronavirus.
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12 Sep 18
The Scally Inquiry details some of the ways that women and families were told about the #CervicalCheck audits - the inquiry found the disclosures were handled anywhere from well to badly, to 'very badly indeed'
Dr Scally said: "In my view, the manner in which they were eventually told of their situation in many cases varied from unsatisfactory and inappropriate, to damaging, hurtful and offensive." Here are some examples from his report ... #CervicalCheck
The inquiry was told that at least three of these disclosure meetings were held in the same room where the women had originally been informed of their cancer diagnosis. #CervicalCheck
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15 May 18
THREAD on #CBLive and #8Ref debate claims - research by @TJ_FactCheck and @TheJournal_ie
We’re going to run through as much in the order as they came up last night as possible:
MEDICAL PROFESSION AND 8REF: Iona Institute’s Maria Steen and Dr Peter Boylan differed on where medical professionals stand - Steen said the “medical profession is divided down the middle”; Boylan said more than 80% of Institute of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists favour repeal..
Only one traditional representative body for medical professionals has articulated a position on support or retain - that is the Institute of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists where it said in January that it supports removal of the Eighth Amendment..
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