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May 25 31 tweets 9 min read
The mother of the boy in the Sarah Jane Comrie video says no one bothered to seek out her son's side of the story.… She has seen the extremely racist rhetoric directed at her son online. She is afraid someone will try to harm him or another member of her family.…
May 23 28 tweets 9 min read
Accountability is like kryptonite to whiteness.… Have you ever noticed how white people are always all for accountability from others, but when it comes to accountability for themselves and their actions, they turn themselves into victims?…
May 23 14 tweets 2 min read
Let's fucking GOOOOOOO!

#LakeShow I know that's right.


May 22 12 tweets 2 min read
I wonder if Great Value Saul Goodman saw this as an opportunity to get some shine and fame for himself, and that's why he's doing this.

Like the way some of his actions seem to be doing more harm than good for his client, what if this is about uplifting his little law firm? Because considering I wrote the article that was the No. 1 Google result for her name, how did he not know who I was when I called and identified myself and the news organization I was writing for? How did he not do his due diligence on that if he was "suing" everyone?
May 18 29 tweets 9 min read
UPDATE: Here we go.… I want to first shout out all the people in my mentions calling me racist for pointing out racist behavior.…
May 17 11 tweets 4 min read
I was very intentional with my language and wording in this piece because I took this situation very personally.… Sarah Jane Comrie wanted those boys to be harmed.…
May 17 9 tweets 2 min read
How we feeling, Lakers fans?

#LakeShow Blouses vs Bongs.

May 15 8 tweets 1 min read
Citibike Karen has deleted all her social media accounts.

Don't hide now, bitch. Be as loud and proud as you were when you weaponized your white lady tears and screamed "help" to try and get those young Black men killed. Her husband is Tyler Comrie. He has now deleted his socials as well.
Mar 27 5 tweets 2 min read
So here’s my thoughts on the “digital blackface” debate. I wrote this for @theGrio.… This is based off the discussion around the CNN article published Sunday that explains how using Black reaction memes and GIFs can be considered a form of “digital blackface.”…
Mar 25 8 tweets 4 min read
Y'all, there are only 4 episodes of @SnowfallFX left.

We might don't make it.… I have so many questions, #SnowfallFX.

What really happened to Alton? What really happened with Peaches? Are we ever going to find out what happened with Lucia? Will Franklin get his money back? Is Teddy going to kill Franklin?…
Mar 25 5 tweets 2 min read
Lmao what the fuck is this? Image I promise we don't care about y'all.
Mar 21 10 tweets 4 min read
The next time a white person asks you, "Why do you have to make everything about race," please remind them that they started it.… We get this question any time we speak about our experience as Black people in this country. The very people who benefit from the social and power construct of race always want to know why those who are marginalized by it talk about it.…
Dec 1, 2022 4 tweets 1 min read
Please forgive me, but I cannot remember who it was that asked me about the Trader Joe's Hearts of Palm pasta. I used it for the first time this week when I made spaghetti.

By itself, it does have its own distinct taste. I don't know how to describe that taste, but it's not a bad or terrible taste.
Dec 1, 2022 8 tweets 3 min read
If you know me, you know I am a huge @WendellPierce fan. I got to interview him for @andscape, and it was EVERYTHING.… The New Orleans in him comes out in little bits and pieces as he speaks. It's kind of hypnotic. He considers every question thoughtfully before he answers, and when he speaks, it's like someone wrote a soliloquy for him to deliver.…
Dec 1, 2022 9 tweets 2 min read
So let me get this straight: an (unknown) account sent out a fake tweet saying JLo had compared her vocal range to that of Whitney Houston and claimed she was doing a Whitney tribute at the Grammys, and without anything to back it up, y'all believed it? The tweet mentioned Time magazine, and Time magazine has absolutely no mention of it on their timeline, but the fake news is viral and still trending?
Nov 11, 2022 21 tweets 5 min read
I'm in the ER right now after experiencing vertigo yesterday and again this morning. I literally diagnosed myself because I graduated from WebMD medical school, but I came to make sure there wasn't anything more serious. They told me it's likely positional vertigo, and they drew a bunch of blood and gave me a banana bag for dehydration. So I'm sitting here waiting for the iv to finish and there is a man in the other room calling everyone "fucking niggers" and demanding a white nurse.
Nov 10, 2022 7 tweets 2 min read
Someone shared their top 4 list of HBO shows and The Wire is not on it.

UNSERIOUS. My top 5 HBO shows:

The Wire
Boardwalk Empire
The Sopranos
Nov 10, 2022 5 tweets 1 min read
I just tried to edit my Twitter display name and found I can't. If you are OG verified, you can't change your display name. I got an error message as shown below Image
Nov 9, 2022 13 tweets 9 min read
Bitch, Bartise is a fucking CLOWN

#LoveIsBlind #LoveisBlindS3 #LoveIsBlind3 I hope he gets his from her brothers.

#LoveIsBlind #LoveisBlindS3 #LoveIsBlind3
Nov 9, 2022 5 tweets 1 min read
There are a lot of talks about the longterm impact of Covid on people who have contracted it, including long Covid etc, but when are we going to talk about the mental toll the pandemic has taken on the population as a whole? Between the lockdowns, shutdowns, quarantining and people being inside their homes for months at a time with little to no contact with people outside, there has been a definite shift in people's mental state.
Nov 9, 2022 4 tweets 1 min read
If nothing else, this midterm election and the Twitter discussions thereof have highlighted for me the number of adults who need to take a basic political science/American Government/Civics class because they don't even understand the basics of voting and how elections work. Last night, I tweeted about Beto losing (again. Poor guy). I asked why this happened to him last night, and the number of people who replied "gerrymandering" was both astonishing and sad.