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Nov 27, 2021 β€’ 14 tweets β€’ 3 min read
A few people have asked what I think about broader market dynamics. This thread by @mrjasonchoi is phenomenal & IMO perfectly describes the most likely β€” though of course not guaranteed β€” outcome.

In short, 2021 != 2017.

1/14 People are terrified due to the last cycle, and I don’t blame them. Watching alts crash 90% then waiting for a bounce only to watch them fall another 90% is hard to recover from, not just financially but also psychologically as an investor.

Nov 26, 2021 β€’ 4 tweets β€’ 1 min read
I've gotten a few messages and replies from people wondering whether Luna burn will continue. Quite simply, if demand for UST continues, Luna will keep being burned. I find this likely, as I personally think we are at a very early point in UST's growth for several reasons.

1) UST's TAM (total addressable market) is massive. At $7B UST, we've barely begun to penetrate this TAM, and even once we do have a sizable share of the stablecoin market, UST supply should still be growing because the TAM itself is growing YoY w/ increasing adoption/users.

Nov 25, 2021 β€’ 15 tweets β€’ 3 min read
How would you feel if $LUNA stayed the same price for 3 months? What about 6 months? A year?

If you wouldn't be excited about this, then you need to brush up on the thesis.

Why? The burn mechanism. Here's a quick thread diving into this concept, because it's crucial.

1/🧡 Usually, I roll my eyes when people say they're excited to see their favorite token staying flat or even declining in price.

When they happily talk about how this gives them more time to accumulate and how it'll moon any day now, it seems like they're just coping.

Nov 23, 2021 β€’ 22 tweets β€’ 7 min read
In crypto, we are surrounded by exciting announcements every minute of the day.

But we excel when we accurately separate the true signals from the noise.

@terra_money's partnership with @Com2uS / @GAMEVIL is bigger than any of us are imagining.

1/🧡 Most blockchain games are built by crypto natives whose primary background is not in gaming. In my view, these games often succeed not because of their gameplay but in spite of it.

P2E (play-to-earn) mechanics and strong network effects β€” not the gameplay β€” draw in users.

Nov 6, 2021 β€’ 20 tweets β€’ 7 min read
We all hate liquidation. Right?

Wrong. Whales love liquidations, because they can buy the liquidated borrower's collateral at a discount for an immediate profit.

@TeamKujira is changing the game for the rest of us. Read on to learn how you can profit off of liquidations.

1/🧡 First, some background. We know that when a loan surpasses 60% LTV on Anchor, it gets liquidated, but what's going on behind the scenes?