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25 Jul
I joined the Police Force in 2005. I promised I was going to be diligent. I have always believed that one person can make a difference in a bad system. I promised to never take bribe, facilitate bribe or overlook bribe. In my first few months, I was posted to man a checkpoint in
a cusy part of Lagos. We were supposed to go there, ensure people act accordingly, check papers wherever we suspected a crime, ask for identity, etc. But whenever we went out, my colleagues only collected money from commercial drivers, profile people as thieves, and coerce them
till they coughed out money. I was uncomfortable with a lot of things but I was a junior officer. I started recording these activities, in hopes that I can report them. One day I packed all my evidences, went to the DPO of my station and submitted the them. He said he would look
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