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1 Dec
Bombshell from former chief of staff Mark Meadows' new book: Trump tested positive for COVID three days before debate with Biden, well before it was disclosed. Meadows says Trump was symptomatic as well.
Now we know why Dr. Sean Conley was being so cagey...

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24 Nov
Jury finds Travis McMichael, who shot and killed Ahmaud Arbery, guilty on all 9 counts, including malice murder.

Someone in the courtroom immediately cheers. Judge Timothy Walmsley requests their removal.
Summary of today's verdicts:

• Travis McMichael: Guilty on all 9 counts, including malice murder
• Greg McMichael: Guilty on 8 of 9 counts, excluding malice murder
• William "Roddy" Bryan: Guilty on 6 of 9 counts, including three counts of felony murder
Ahmaud Arbery's mother Wanda Cooper-Jones reacts to the guilty verdicts.
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22 Nov
Waukesha, WI, Police Chief Daniel Thompson says SUV that drove through Christmas parade at 4:39PM "struck more than 20 individuals, some of the individuals were children."

Thompson adds that "there were some fatalities."
Waukesha, WI, Police Chief Daniel Thompson on SUV that drove through Christmas parade:

"We're no longer looking for a suspect vehicle. We do have a person of interest in custody at the moment."
“It’s unknown at this time whether the incident has any nexus to terrorism.”

— Waukesha, WI, Police Chief Daniel Thompson on SUV at Christmas parade
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19 Nov
BREAKING: Jury rules Kyle Rittenhouse "not guilty" on all counts.

More coming.
Kyle Rittenhouse's reaction to the not guilty verdict:
Judge Schroeder compliments the Rittenhouse jury for justifying “the confidence that the founders of our country placed in you.”
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18 Nov
Sen. John Kennedy (R-LA) presses Biden’s pick for currency comptroller Saule Omarova about “you used to be a member of a group called The Young Communists.”

Omarova explains, because she was born in the Soviet Union, she was part of school youth programs mandated for students.
Sen. John Kennedy (R-LA): “I don’t know whether to call you professor or comrade.”

Someone off-camera: “Oh my goodness.”

Dr. Saule Omarova, Biden’s comptroller currency pick: “I’m not a communist. I do not subscribe to that ideology. I could not choose where I was born.”
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15 Nov
Kevin Gough, lawyer for 1 of 3 men accused of murdering 25-year-old Ahmaud Arbery, calls for mistrial.

Gough, who argued against Rev. Al Sharpton's presence in the court, cites the civil rights community calling the trial “a test case for civil rights” as a reason for mistrial.
“We ask that you deny that mistrial.”

— Prosecutor Linda Dunikoski responds to defense call for mistrial in case over killing of Ahmaud Arbery.
Judge Timothy Walmsley denies defense motion for mistrial in Ahmaud Arbery case.

Walmsley references “reprehensible” comments made by defense lawyer Kevin Gough, including a comment about Kentucky Fried Chicken founder Colonel Sanders.
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8 Nov
"Private Citizen" Barack Obama speaks at COP26:

"... When the issue at hand is the health of our planet and the world our children and our grandchildren will inherit, then you will have a hard time keeping me away.”
Obama slams Trump for pulling out of Paris Agreement: “I wasn’t real happy about that.”

He says “determination” of state and local governments and his own administration’s investment “allowed our country to keep moving forward, despite hostility from the White House.”
Obama on "the bad news" for leaders at the #COP26 climate summit:

“We are nowhere near where we need to be at … most countries have failed to meet the action plans that they set 6 years ago.”
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6 Nov
"On this vote, the yeas are 228 and the nays are 206 — the motion is adopted."

Loud, sustained applause from the Democratic side of the aisle as the House passes the $1.2 trillion bipartisan infrastructure bill.

13 Republicans voted for it. 6 Dems voted against it.
Comprehensive breakdown of what's in this $1.2 bill:
• Funding for roads and bridges
• Money for transit and rail
• Broadband upgrade
• Upgrading airports, ports and waterways
• Electric vehicles
• Environmental remediation
& much more…
$1.2 TRILLION*, sry, they didn't pass a $1.20 bill.

Reminder: Don't tweet before Saturday coffee.
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1 Nov
"No more 'blah blah blah.' No more whatever the fuck they're doing inside there."

— Climate activist Greta Thunberg outside the UN climate summit
Climate activist Greta Thunberg leads protesters in a "No more blah blah blah!" chant outside the UN climate summit.
Renowned climate activist Greta Thunberg was not invited to speak at this year’s UN climate summit.

She told @BBCNews that organizers “might be scared that if they invite too many ‘radical’ young people then that might make them look bad.”
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30 Oct
Need a Saturday brain teaser? Here’s a pop quiz covering the deep dive interviews featured on Hell & High Water, Just Something About Her, and Battleground this week.

Test your knowledge and catch up on these conversations 👇
Q1: In what year did Fiona Hill become an American citizen?
Did you know that Fiona Hill was an American citizen?

Learn more about what America means to Fiona Hill as an immigrant and her time in the Trump admin on this week’s #HHW:
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29 Oct
Have you listened to this week’s deep dives on The Recount Daily Pod with @reenaninan?

Test your knowledge and catch up on these stories 👇
Q1: What is the total amount of combined student loan debt?
Do you have student loans to pay off?

Listen to Monday’s episode of #RDP with @YuPersis of @NCLC4consumers where she discusses the student loan debt crisis.…
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29 Oct
Father Thomas Reese on Biden/Pontiff meeting: "For the Pope to spend over an hour with a head of state, a president, is very unusual. Usually these meetings are shorter than that. So I think they are getting into a lot of issues that are of concern to both the pres & the Pope."
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28 Oct
The Recount turns 2 today — that’s a big f’ing deal! And since it’s our birthday, we’re feeling a bit nostalgic.

Let’s celebrate by reminiscing on some of our favorite moments over the years 👇
You never forget your first viral hit ✨

And this Italian translator certainly won’t either!
Over the years, we’ve picked up on some … interesting similarities.

*cough* Pete Obama voice *cough*
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20 Oct
“The actions of the January 6th committee, I believe, are a complete assault on Americans’ liberty.”

— Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH), who is more upset over subpoenas than an actual attempted insurrection
(Surely Jordan's opinion on this matter has nothing to do with the fact that he spoke to Donald Trump on January 6th.)
Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) pivots to immigration during hearing about 1/6 and Steve Bannon’s obstruction, saying committee is investigating the insurrection because “they got nothing else to talk about.”
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18 Oct
Major breaking news: Colin Powell, former U.S. Secretary of State and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, has died from COVID complications, according to his family. He was 84 and fully vaccinated.
The Powell family: "We have lost a remarkable and loving husband, father, grandfather and a great American." Image
Good pull from the Powell archives here:
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16 Oct
All eyes are on Texas. 👀

👉 @jheil & @jdickerson discuss the TX abortion bill and more on #HHW.
👉 @jmpalmieri, @wendydavis, & @RoyceBrooksTX chat abortion access and voting rights in TX on #JSAH.
👉 @amandalitman & Sec. @juliancastro talk TX gerrymandering on #BAT.

Thread 👇
“What is happening in driven by the marketplace in politics, particularly on the Republican side, where ideological point scoring is the way you achieve...success within your party.”

@jdickerson on #HHW w/ @jheil:
“People forget that Roe v. Wade is in fact a Texas case.”

@RoyceBrooksTX and @wendydavis on #JSAH with @jmpalmieri:
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15 Oct
Have you listened to this week’s deep dives from The Recount Daily Pod with @reenaninan?

Test your knowledge and catch up on the stories 👇
Q1: True or False: President Biden is the first president to officially recognize Indigenous Peoples’ Day.
Listen to Monday’s episode of #RDP with @NickA_Martin of @highcountrynews where he discusses Indigenous Peoples' Day and the fight over the Line 3 oil pipeline.

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13 Oct
There’s a new front in the Fox News "War on Christmas" coverage: supply chain delays.
Supply chain problems *are* a huge issue — here’s more on the measures Biden took today to combat them:…
Sen. Tom Cotton (R-AR) continues the Fox News fear-mongering on supply-chain delays hitting the holidays:

“Who’s gonna save Christmas for Americans? Pete Buttigieg? I mean, please. Pete Buttigieg couldn't organize a one-car funeral.”
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12 Oct
Southwest Airlines CEO Gary Kelly says vaccine mandate had “zero” contribution to airline cancellations this weekend:

“When you get behind, it just takes several days to catch up.”
Southwest Airlines CEO Gary Kelly says opposition to vaccine mandate did not cause thousands of flight cancellations:

“That's not what was at issue with Southwest over the weekend.”
Southwest Airlines CEO Gary Kelly says he’s “never been in favor of corporations imposing that kind of a mandate,” but defers to President Biden’s COVID vaccine mandate for federal workers.
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9 Oct
No plans today? Spend your Saturday catching up on these great conversations:

@briankoppelman joined @jheil on #HHW w/ a drop-in by “Wags”
@jmpalmieri discusses allyship w/ @dopequeenpheebs for #JSAH
@amandalitman & @cristinafortx chat reaching young voters on #BAT

Thread 👇
On this week’s #HHW, @jheil and @briankoppelman dive into season 5 of #Billions, how he discovered Tracy Chapman, and discuss Brian and David Costabile’s long friendship when “Wags” drops in.

Listen to this 2-part episode:
This week on #JSAH, @jmpalmieri is joined by comedian and author @dopequeenpheebs for a lively discussion on what we can all do to be better allies and why we should be talking about school curriculums even though it’s not sexy.

Listen here:
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8 Oct
Grab your cup of coffee and let’s catch up on the news with this week’s #RDP deep dives:

👉 Making sense of America's deep divisions
👉 Keeping our children safe from guns
👉 Diving into US-China Relations
👉 Revealing the harm Facebook has on kids
After a decade of reporting abroad, @eosnos returned to the U.S. to find a country more fractured than ever. Evan shares his insights on increasing polarization, the election of Trump, January 6th, and more.

Deep dive on #RDP with @reenaninan:…
There was ANOTHER school shooting this week. What will it take to stop violence in schools and keep children safe?

Deep dive on #RDP with @reenaninan and @NicoleHockley of @sandyhook:…
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