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12 Oct
The Oral Microbiome and Its Impact on Every System in the Body

The mouth is known as "the mirror of health and disease in the body". Gut health has long been linked to overall health and life expectancy and the health of the mouth is intrinsically linked to gut health.
Simply, the oral microbiome is a collection of bacteria that affect health and disease. It is a delicately balanced ecosystem with over 700 species of bacteria. In fact, it is the second most diverse biome, with only the gut being more diverse.
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18 May

// THREAD //
Organ meats are the offal of an animal, as opposed to muscle meat which is 99% of what you see in grocery stores today. They include livers, hearts, brains and intestines, and in this thread I will walk you through a few reasons you should seek out these little nutritious nuggets
Organ meats are chok-a-blok full of nutrients, and pound for pound are more nutritious than muscle meats. Most organ meats are exceptional sources of numerous vitamins and minerals such as B-Vitamins, iron and zinc.
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