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6 Apr
Last night, close enough to 24 hours ago, I decided to take a day off politics.

I now have some thoughts.
Boris Johnson is not fit to be around people, let alone to lead people. He’s a dangerous fool.
Piers Morgan is the sulkiest sulk boy in sulk land.

Piers Morgan chatting with Tucker Carlson is cockhead squared.
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5 Apr
Tomorrow I’m going to try to go a whole day without mentioning politics.
Only twelve hours to go.

Shut up.
I’m cautiously and irreversibly avoiding politics.

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5 Apr
Thank you @Twitter for the new large font.
Next I need @yarratrams and @tramtracker to improve their app for people with low vision.
And @ptv_official, your app needs work to help people with low vision too.
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4 Apr
Magic meerkat moments - BBC via @YouTube
An nice opening for the Wholesomeness Half Hour.
More acoustic goodness.

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