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9 Jun
boreal alyph was not cancelled due to drama or toxicity or w/e the hell people are goin on about. it wasn’t cancelled because we lost the files. it wasn’t cancelled because valve sent us a cease and desist. it was cancelled because the Game Couldn’t Be Made. it was overscoped
all the “source drama” tweets and other nonsense stepping around the genuinely important to understand issue here has been actually frustrating to see. there is an actual teachable lesson here and writing it off like another Source Engine Moment is seriously reductive
look: episode 3 is one of the most famous vaporware games of all time, and the expectations are HUGE. you literally cannot compromise or compress the game beyond being, at minimum, an ep2 length epic that needs to provide a satisfying conclusion to the half-life series
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11 Oct 20
sat down before my usual half-life 2 replay to try and cook up a scheme to make the game fresh again. anyways the only thing i could come up with was livetweeting the entire thing stream of consciousness style. this is gonna take forever and suck let’s do it Image
i’m probably just gonna rattle on about literally everything: plot details, gameplay setpieces, easter eggs, weird stuff in the maps, etc etc. it’s the quintessential “i have nothing else to do today and will undoubtedly regret starting such a massive commitment” vibe. godspeed
starting with Point Insertion, obviously. these horrifically low resolution chapter images are practically a source engine art form Image
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