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4 Aug
Masha Drokova did PR for Jeffrey Epstein???

Holy shit.
She's a Russian who moved to America and became a successful Venture Capital investor.

She was also a leader of Nashi, one of the two big Russian nationalist youth movements.

And... she famously kissed Putin.
Here's the entire movie. Not sure if it's a legit copy but it works at the moment.
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23 Jul
According to the CDC, there are a 170,731 excess deaths this year, and the data only goes through July 11th.โ€ฆ
That was calculated by comparing with expected deaths. If you calculate against their maximum feasible deaths, you still get 139,910 deaths, which is still above the 127K recorded COVID deaths through July 11th.
This is not the only CDC data that shows that we have vastly under-reported COVID-19 deaths. Using an alternative approach, we can calculate excess deaths from just pneumonia and flu (that were not counted as COVID), compared to 2018.

27,924 excess deaths over 2018.
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2 Jul
These things are not coincidences. These Nazi symbols. This is not people reading too much into a thing. it is a consistent pattern of behavior.
The U.S seal's eagle faces to our left. On the Nazi logo, and the Trump/Pence eagle, it faces right.

The U.S. seal has a shield-shaped chest plate. The Nazi logo dangles a circle from it's claws, just as the Trump/Pence campaign logo does.
And sure, you could argue that "14 words" is a random coincidence. Until you notice the needless capitalizations that highlight two nearby capital "H"s. And the fact that the tweet is also exactly 88 characters.

Go ahead, google 14, 88, HH, and 1488.
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22 Feb
A lot of people don't seem to understand how social media manipulation works.

So let me try to explain.
"Never read the comments section".

Social media is built on the premise that NOBODY follows this advice. Social media is basically nothing but the comments section.
And so whenever we see a tweet that's interesting, we can't help ourselves - we want to see how other people have reacted to it.
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2 Feb
In English: At least one of the poll workers was spiking the results, and they don't know if it was isolated to one worker, or part of a coordinated effort.
Polls, like everything else, are hackable, and people have paid zero attention to this line of attack on our elections. I speculated a bit about this last October, but was focused on another potential issue (rerouting phone calls to prepared responders).
OTOH if we're worried about poll manipulation then we also should question if we're getting the real story on why this poll was pulled.

In other words, if management was influenced to pull a result they didn't like, that would be manipulation of a very different kind.
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29 Jan
So here's the bones of the timeline involving Biden, Biden, and Shokin. These are the parts I think are critical. There's obviously a lot left out.
February 21, 2014.

This is whole timeline is set up by Russia's plant of a president in Ukraine, Viktor Yanukovych, fleeing the country. Chaos ensues.

And by chaos, I mean โ€” in part โ€” a literal Russian invasion.
April 2014.

UK opens an investigation into Mykola Zlochevsky for money laundering. He was the Minister for Ecology and Natural Resources under Yanukovych. And owner of Burisma Holdings.

At some point, UK freezes his UK accounts.
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19 Jan
Trump doesn't know Parnas, but based on all the photographs flying around (thanks @SethAbramson), they've been photographed together at least TWELVE different times at at least EIGHT events.
@SethAbramson Where to start... where to start. Maybe farther back in time? This has been placed in 2014, and for later reference it is photo ONE of this thread.
(Note: I have a picture of Emin with Trump somewhere; same year, same hat)
@SethAbramson Here's one in front of an America-F1rst background, and Trump in a blue tie with pink strips. Unknown third person (Parnas' son?). Noe Trump Jr. in background. This is photo TWO, and also the second separate event.
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17 Dec 19
The more I read over the heavily redacted page 338 and 339 from the IG report, the more it looks like a description of someone in the Trump administration providing illegally obtained information to a pro-Trump FBI agent.

Probably just confirmation bias.

I should probably back off of the "in the Trump administration" and weaken it at least to "associated with", as the pro-Trump Handling Agent referred to the connection as a "hobby" or "outside interest".
But this source provided something to the FBI that required additional justification during the IG investigation, and which was so inappropriate that there was an issue with simply storing it in FBI files.
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12 Dec 19
Depressing thought for the day:

Impeaching Trump to solve our problems is like boarding up your windows to stop global warming.

Sure, Trump is a dangerous storm, and our windows are being smashed by him, and we need the boards. But he's just a symptom of a changing world.
And I mean this even if we are successful in removing Trump.

We'll still have Fox and Breitbart and worse.

We'll still have a large population of Americans that believe in their hearts that liberals are the cause of all of their problems.
We'll still have a growing trend of nationalism throughout the world.

And we'll still live in a world where information has weaponized.
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25 Sep 19
I don't understand why Acting Director of National Intelligence Joseph Maguire isn't a bigger topic right now.

With the transcript out, they can (and apparently will) hang their hat on the defense that Trump's quid pro quo request was not insanely explicit.

But the one thing that nobody has denied is that DNI Maguire did not follow the law when he failed to transmit the whistleblower complaint to Congress.
I've said several times already that they're going to need to throw somebody under the bus for this, and that it will probably be Maguire. The problem here is that we all know that Trump ordered the blockage. Trump is Maguire's boss, and the only one that COULD order it.
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10 Aug 19
There are four possibilities that should be on the table:
โ€ข Mobsters had Epstein killed.
โ€ข Corrupt law enforcement had him killed.
โ€ข Corrupt politicians had him killed.
โ€ข This was simple incompetence.
Mobsters who were involved in Epstein's crimes would have motive (to protect themselves), and easy access to criminal contacts in prison, and possibly to corrupt prison guards.
There's been many rumors of law enforcement help in Epstein coverups, and so they could have motive here too, and would have trivially easy access to corrupt prison guards.
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31 May 19
The Left Wing narrative:
โ€ข Russia attacked our election

โ€ข Russia's attack benefitted Trump.

โ€ข The Trump campaign had numerous interactions with Russia while this was happening.

โ€ข After these things happened, we investigated Russia, and its Trump connections.
โ€ข Trump and the people around him lied about their Russian contacts.

โ€ข Since this attack, Trump has done numerous things that help Russia, some even going against U.S. laws and policies.
The Right Wing narrative:
โ€ข The FBI colluded with Britain and Australia to create a fraudulent investigation into Trump's campaign connections with Russia.

โ€ข By an amazing coincidence Russia was attacking our elections at that time and trying to help elect Trump.
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22 Apr 19
There is so much missing from this. Where's Torshin and Butina? Where's Rykov? Klyushin? Dugin?
And don't think for a minute that Rykov was an early name that turned into a non-story. He ran a large, well-funded, well-organized campaign to promote Trump in Russian media.

He simply has no direct connection to the campaign, so he's not in the news right now.
But he played a critical role. We know that he sponsored a book about Trump. Hired Katasonova as a provacateur. Marshalled dozens of bloggers and news people in creating pro-Trump content in Russian. Worked with Putin's lackeys Malofeev and Dugin.
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7 Apr 19
It's impossible to perfectly predict the future, but based on how things have gone so far, we can guess at how the next chapter in this drama is most likely to go. This is one guess, and it should have a disurbingly familiar feel to it.
The Mueller report is released in a pure enough form to actually know what's in it.
The Democratic leadership is horrified. There is much news.

The GOP fights back with what has worked perfectly up until now: "So what?"
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5 Apr 19
This decision coming at this moment in history is potentially very bad.
You should read my live-tweeting of my reading through sections of rule 6(e) hear for some insights on when grand jury materials can be exposed.
This tweet from that thread, which I saw as the best piece of news, seems to be what has been overturned. This new decision says judges do NOT have this inherent authority.
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25 Feb 19
@jpanzer Yes it only appears on the 23rd. It was accessed from one of the two alfa banks servers that had all the other accesses (96.15) 18 times, and 12 times from a previously unseen alfa bank address (97.137). This does look like hand checks after reporting.
@jpanzer But as I look more closely this is interesting. The lookups as logged are grouped in clusters of four (or three at the end there) all occurring at the same time. Why would hand lookups be grouped like that?
@jpanzer I suppose if it was trying multiple DNS servers at the same time but they were really multiple addresses for the same DNS server, you might see that. Still seems odd.

Also those lookups have gaps of a couple minutes, which really suggests caching wasn't happening.
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14 Feb 19
So this is a graph of a portion of the DNS lookup date, where Alfa bank computers (red and blue) and a Spectrum computer (green) were looking up "mail1 dot trump-email dot com".
Each row is one day, sliced into two minute slots, and each bar is the number of lookups in that slot.
I'd previously done plots like this in black and white without differentiating between the source machine. One thing that jumps out at me is the two Alfa Bank systems are acting as if they are a single machine.
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5 Feb 19
Infinite twitter loop experiment part 1.
Infinite twitter loop experiment part 2.
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2 Feb 19
Planet Earth is an oligarchy. This disparity removes opportunities for the poor. It is the antithesis of the American Dream.โ€ฆ
[Big zig-zag, but I promise its related:]
There's this idea that religion has fostered many conflicts and wars in our history. It's a misguided notion.
War comes from power. Each and every conflict where religion led to war, it happened because religion was the dominant power.
Historically religion-as-power-structure was the norm. But gradually, governments became more powerful than religions, and our modern understanding of war is government versus government. But really, that's just how power is concentrated these days. Or was.
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4 Jan 19
Did we already uncover a Secret Russian Backchannel?
This thread will have some unreported and underreported information in it, especially near the end. It was inspired by Rachel @maddow's excellent reporting on Trump's knowledge of Russian propaganda, which starts here:โ€ฆ
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1 Dec 18
This is a really excellent breakdown by @maddow about what a lot of us have believed for months, now with an "official" stamp of approval.
But no, @maddow, Peskov was not the mastermind. He was just another pawn Putin used, in a very, very long list of pawns, longer than anyone knows.

Putin was the mastermind.
There's another thing that's being missed here. It was missed by @maddow. It was missed (or not highlighted) by @a_cormier_ and @JasonLeopold who have done ton of groundwork on the Trump Tower Moscow deal and wrote this excellent review article:โ€ฆ
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