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On the front lines of America’s drug crisis | Former Navy Bomb Squad | Naval Academy ‘06 | UCLA Anderson ‘16 | @HumanEvents Contributor
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17 May
which one of you did this
Found out it was courtesy of @DavarEchad

Report yourself to the Twitter authorities!
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3 Feb
“Hello, Midwit Department? Yes, I’d like to file a claim please.”
@michaelmalice @RubinReport
For those who missed it:
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16 Jan

1/ I spent nearly my entire adult life in the military, spending some of my happiest and most fulfilling days wearing the cloth of our nation.

But when we leave and enter “the real world,” it can be a struggle for many of us.

Myself included.
2/ Demons that manifested themselves in the service come back to haunt us, and sometimes we don’t know where to turn.

Drugs and alcohol are a big part of that.

I can think of more than a few friends, shipmates, and teammates in a rough spot right now.

I bet you can, too.
3/ Miramar Recovery’s three beachside homes are safe, welcoming, and idyllic refuges in Corona Del Mar and Laguna Beach, two of Southern California’s most desirable locations.

We love it here. You would, too.
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6 Jan

Meanwhile, here at home... The opioid crisis rages on.

Spent the better part of today convincing a young addict and his girlfriend holed up in a crummy motel to come to our treatment center.

We’re two minutes away from the pickup, and he texts me.
I called immediately to see what went wrong.

Miramar Recovery is a beautiful, safe environment in an idyllic destination. You’d be happy to stay with us.

These kids are homeless. We’re about to pull them out of a drug den and into safety.

Why would they say no?!?!
He tells me his girlfriend wants to get high again. He just left to buy more drugs. Fentanyl and meth.

Fentanyl killed more Americans in two years than the entire Vietnam War.

Meth killed my father twenty years ago.

This is personal for me.
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12 Dec 19
She’s got the smarts for it!
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7 Dec 19
Happy now, @ScottAdamsSays ???

Security at @TrumpDC wasn’t thrilled with me after this, so don’t let it flop
#BidenPushupChallenge @JoeBiden
A father and daughter sitting at a table at @BLTPrime knew exactly what I was doing and put it up on Snapchat 🤣 🤣 🤣
Post-training meal
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27 Nov 19
Yes, we can win and this needs to happen... But the cartels will get their licks in.

Be prepared for kidnappings, assassinations, and ISIS-style terror attacks against America, including high-profile ones.

This will be a war.

It’s going to get ugly.
The cartels are:

1. Very smart
2. Crazy rich
3. Well connected
4. Armed to the teeth
5. Incredibly evil, ruthless, and vicious

They make ISIS actually look like the “JV Squad”

This won’t be a walk in the park. It’ll be a war within our own country.
Again, this is necessary, and we’ll win, but we as a nation should accept the fact that we’re about to kick a hornets’ nest.
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11 Nov 19

1/ For Veterans Day, I’d like to point out someone pretty special.

This is my stepdad, Jim Reeves. Navy Corpsman In Vietnam.
2/ Then spent 22 years with LAPD. Wilshire Division. Homicide. Got shot at his first day on the job.

Thanks to him, I grew up with a deep love and respect for law enforcement, especially LAPD.
3/ He raised my brother and me since we were kids. Saw both of us graduate from the Naval Academy.

He’s always been proud to call us his sons, and we’ve been proud to call him our father, even though it’s always been just “Jimmy.”
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30 Sep 19
My dad struggled with addiction his entire life. It killed him when I was a teenager.

@JackPosobiec is one of a handful of people who inspired me to quit drinking. It’s only been nine months, but I haven’t looked back.

Life-changing to say the least.
Pleasantly surprised by the traction this tweet received, I’m very grateful.

Thankfully, I never sank to the depths of addiction that so many others have, I made the call before it came to that.

I’m sure you can think of people in your life right now in a very dark place.
For example... Here is a letter from one of my company’s former patients.

“I was so scared of dying and you guys saved my life.”
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8 Sep 19
Lots of heartburn the past few weeks among my friends regarding #TwitterPhilanthropy, Bill @pulte, and @ScottAdamsSays.

Bill personally helped raise a ton of money for my close friend’s co-worker after they lost everything in a fire. I’m exceptionally grateful to him for that.
Lots of conspiracy theories about Bill’s motives and goals flying around.

Sorry, but I’m just not buying it.

Bill’s recent actions might not be the way I’d go about it, but I’m withholding judgment. Let the man work it out.

He’s no villain. Quite the opposite, in fact.
Maybe we should all just take a breath and allow these guys to experiment with this new concept, see what works, and sort it out.

In the meantime, let’s be happy for those being helped, and maybe even spread the good cheer by helping those around us.

Crazy talk, I know.
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5 Sep 19
I will donate 17 Teslas to the next 17 people who RT this and follow me, breaking the 12,000 follower mark!!!
Well that escalated quickly
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17 Aug 19

Millions are fighting a losing battle for freedom and their very lives against the most murderous regime in human history. #FreeHongKong

Also today:

Weirdos LARPing at the #PortlandProtest, receiving at least as much attention in the US.

Protesting what, exactly?
Seriously you guys
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1 Aug 19
Oh hey apparently that guy is named Bennet
Inslee says the world will end if we don’t do something

Only way to save the planet by going to his website and donating to his campaign
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31 Jul 19
Military & Vet friends:

Imagine if you got a stupid Navy Achievement Medal as a slap in the face end-of-tour award because you suck, and then @POTUS swoops in and adds insult to injury by pulling it.

Ridiculous on so many levels
For my non-military friends:

It’s like if there was a player nobody likes on a kids soccer team ⚽️

Mean, fat kid. Doesn’t play fair.

And then this kid gets caught cheating and ends up losing the game for the team, but he still gets a dumb participation trophy 🏆
And then one of the dads from the winning team (@realDonaldTrump) rolls up to the post-game Chuck E. Cheese pizza party and just smacks the trophy out of the fat, cheating kid’s grubby little hands.

That’s what this was.
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26 Jul 19
TFW your DC and Twitter friends go down to Texas for the @WeBuildtheWall Symposium but they don’t tell you about it
Nah it’s cool @JackPosobiec I didn’t want to go anyway

Just text me about it when you’re ALREADY ON THE PLANE
I bet @RaheemKassam looks dumb in cowboy boots, too
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17 Jul 19
🆘 🚨 🆘 🚨 🆘


Please give these folks a hand. Dad is a 30-year career Army officer moving his family from DC to TX.

Please donate and spread the word!…
FYI, I’ve personally verified authenticity through my friend and Naval Academy classmate working on Capitol Hill (@JBPhotoAK).

They were neighbors before the move; we just spoke over the phone. It’s very legit.

DM me if you require details.
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6 Jul 19
Took some pictures viewing the Antifa wildlife
Antifa selfie!
The ones in the masks didn’t like being filmed...
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