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Oct 2, 2022 15 tweets 3 min read
1/ Have been reading a lot of people's concerns about the 2.0 White Paper and just wanted to set out a couple of my thoughts into a thread. Also, worth pointing out that it's best to post them directly on the forum to get answers from the folks behind it.

forum.cosmos.network/t/proposal-dra… 2/ Having increased supply that goes to the treasury for excess working capital is a net positive for Cosmos Hub. This allocation will be used to advance the chain and to help in enabling needed future enhancements. "Growth in treasury size is not dilution but expansion."
Jan 8, 2022 54 tweets 30 min read
This is a follow up to a post I made back in 2021, there've been a lot of folks that’ve been asking about quality fundamentals posts and how some of these block chain technologies stack up in the real world, it certainly feels like the right time to talk about $ATOM. I've been listening to all of the @cosmos_voice podcasts since the beginning and taking notes, I went back and read all of the old @Cosmos blogs, posts and articles, accumulating information on the Telegram groups, Discord channels, Reddit, Githubs, Mediums.