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Sep 21 6 tweets 3 min read
Have you discussed #genderidenity in Canadian schools with your children, grandchildren, neighbours?

Last night I had a discussion with my neighbors and we were all on the same page. We recognize a strong trend is moving the world away from #homophobicrepression. And, we are proud that Canada is among the countries that embodies human rights for all and doesn't discriminate on the basis of #genderidentity.

We approved of the fact that Canada is a multicultural diverse country where everyone's human rights including the human rights of children are respected. #childrensrights Non-discrimination (Article 2)

We know education is provincial/territorial jurisdiction and that citizens have a role in determining school curriculum. We are clear that teachers do not impose gender identity on their students nor are they spies for #transphobic, #biphobic or #homophobic parents.

Children independently choosing how to be addressed in public schools by selecting the pronouns to be used when referring to them recognizes that only the individual determines their gender identity.

We observed that Canadian parents who don't approve of Canada's inclusive non-discriminatory public school curriculum are free to remove their children from that system and register them in an exclusive discriminatory school system or home school them.

Alternatively, if they determine that their families don't belong in a diverse and multicultural Canada, then they are free to emigrate to one of the remaining 67 countries that are #homophobic #biphobic #transphobic.

We are aware a minority of Canadians think they can cover up their bigotry and hatred by using the term 'parents rights' ie. so-called rights that don't exist in law. And, we unanimously agreed that any attempt to phrase hatred and bigotry in such terms is despicable.

It was reassuring to know that my neighbors love Canada as I do, and are able to detect bigotry and hatred no matter what terminology is applied in an attempt to cloak it.

If you haven't discussed #genderidenity in Canadian schools with your children, grandchildren, and neighbours maybe now is the time to do it.
Image A systematic review of the relationship between religion and attitudes toward transgender and gender variant people. Keywords: #Prejudice, #Religiousaffiliation, #Religiosity, #SexualPrejudice, #Transphobia, #Transprejudice A systematic review of the relationship between religion and attitudes toward transgender and gender-variant people https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC6830999/
Sep 4 6 tweets 3 min read
#cdnpoli #cdnpolitics #unions #workers #deceptiveadvertizing
Poilievre had a job at Telus doing corporate collections by calling businesses. At the age of 16, Poilievre sold Reform Party memberships for Jason Kenney and also did telephone canvassing for him. He also later worked briefly as a journalist for Alberta Report, a conservative weekly magazine. He created his own robocalling company. He became a Carleton MP, has remained one for 18 years and cheated his way into CPC leadership.

Poilievre's history is one of attacking #unionizedworkers to whom Canadians can attribute better pension benefits, protection against management harassment, and seniority rights when it comes to scheduling, vacation, and job security.

Poilievre knows nothing about the struggles workers face. As a member of Stephen Harper's government he attacked pensions and voted for #antilabourlaws. Poilievre also voted to cut support for unemployed workers and repeatedly attacked workers' rights.

"Pierre Poilievre has used populist rhetoric to hide away his real agenda. But his long track record of attacking workers’ rights and siding with profitable corporations over everyday people makes clear the kind of leader he would be if he gained power,” warned Bruske. “While Mr. Poilievre talks loudly about inflation, he cannot be counted on to push companies to increase workers’ pay to keep up with skyrocketing inflation.”

Poilievre's double-speak about #CPP being a tax reveals he wants to get his hands on our CPP fund, which ise not government revenue and is not available to government so it cannot be used for any other purpose.

Poilievre is also a major proponent of bringing US #RighttoWorklaws to Canada. Right-to-Work laws weaken the labour movement by making it more difficult for unions to collect membership dues which pay for the collective bargaining process. Wages and benefits are lower on average in US states with Right-to-Work laws.

Though Poilievre's and his party pander to corporate agendas they claim to be "friends of the working class" And, we older Canadian workers know the claim is bogus advertising crapola aimed to gain votes. But, thanks to huge donations to Poilievre's CPC for advertising that purports the opposite of the truth, and to history ignorant younger union members some polls indicate that the CPC is their top choice.
Multiple biographical sources: @OttawaCitizen, @Wikipedia, The Canadian Encyclopedia @CdnEncyclopedia
Mar 30 22 tweets 9 min read
🧵The #fiscalconservativemyths around good government being dependent on #balancedbudgets and ridiculous comparisons of government budgets to household budgets is about to arise yet again. Let's check these myths out. Do economists believe that the budget should be balanced each fiscal year? No, a budget should be balanced only on average; it can be in a deficit during a recession and offset by surpluses when the economy is doing well.
Mar 28 9 tweets 6 min read
🧵 Poilievre's #misinformation saying the federal govt has done nothing on #housing is bogus. #Housingsupply is a primarily a Provincial & Municipal issue. During 2022 the federal govt has taken significant steps towards making housing more affordable for Canadians including: #Budget2023 announces that financial institutions will be able to start offering the Tax-Free #FirstHomeSavingsAccount to Canadians as of April 1, 2023.
Mar 28 4 tweets 2 min read
#Budget2023 A Made-in-Canada Plan: Strong Middle Class, Affordable Economy, Healthy Future. The 2023 federal budget is the government’s plan to build a stronger, more sustainable, and more secure Canadian economy—for everyone.

View the budget budget.canada.ca/2023/report-ra… #Budget2023 PDF downloads
Mar 27 4 tweets 2 min read
The government's efforts to connect rural parts of the country to high-speed internet are falling short, Canada's auditor general says in a report tabled Monday cbc.ca/news/politics/… 2023 Reports 1 to 4 of the Auditor General of Canada to the Parliament of Canada
Report 2—Connectivity in Rural and Remote Areas
Mar 25 11 tweets 7 min read
@PierrePoilievre 🧵Let's unpack the misleading @PierrePoilievre meme ⬆️ by examining Liberal #Budget2023 tax provisions.
A re-elected Liberal government will: Raise #corporateincometaxes on the largest, most profitable banks and insurance companies who earn more than $1 billion per year and⬇️ @PierrePoilievre introduce a temporary #CanadaRecoveryDividend that these companies would pay in recognition of the fact they have recovered faster and stronger than many other industries.
Create a #minimumtaxrule so that everyone who earns enough to qualify for the top bracket pays at least ⬇️
Mar 25 9 tweets 3 min read
1/2 This 'cost of a hotel room' is a deliberate distraction. The CPC will draw attention to as many distractions as they can to
1. stay in the mainstream news & social media trending news,
2. secure responses & RTs, and
3. amplify their social media influence. ⬇️ 2/2 As facts and logic do not matter when one is fueling a distraction because the aims are only the 3 I listed above ⬆️ I refuse to play their game.
That's why those who do play the game will not get any responses, likes or RTs from me.
Mar 25 4 tweets 3 min read
#Budget2023: Will the Government Stay the Course on Deficit Reduction? The federal budgetary deficit has fallen from a COVID-related record high of $328 billion in 2020-21 (14.9 percent of GDP) to an estimated $36 billion in 2022-23 (1.3 percent of GDP). policymagazine.ca/budget-2023-wi… #Budget2023: Canada Needs to Get Fundamentals Right Again. What can and should be done? In today’s dynamic and volatile global environment, there are several key determinants of productivity, competitiveness and growth that deserve urgent attention. policymagazine.ca/a-look-ahead-t…
Mar 23 21 tweets 13 min read
🧵Canada’s #agricultureexports and #agrifoodexports have continued to increase, reaching over $82 billion in 2021 and surpassing a previous target to grow agri-food exports to at least $75 billion by 2025. ⬇️ Through the Sustainable Canadian Agricultural Partnership, #AAFC is working with Provincial and Territorial partners to achieve $250 billion in sector revenues and $95 billion in sector export revenues by 2028. canada.ca/en/agriculture…
Mar 22 7 tweets 1 min read
trying to learn how to use a new device & going crazy FOLLOWERS: If I seem barely literate know that I am trying to adapt to using a new device and having a hard time with it. I apologize, in advance for my errors.
Mar 19 19 tweets 9 min read
🧵In Canada, medical practice is restricted to the province/territory in which a physician is licensed. The Canadian Medical Association #CMA has been calling gov'ts to implement #panCanadianlicensure most recently at a meeting of Atlantic health ministers in January 2023.⬇️ Other than a few exceptions, practising in a different province or territory means a lengthy application process, sometimes months long, and thousands of dollars in fees. How does the #CMA define #panCanadianlicensure?⬇️
Mar 18 21 tweets 7 min read
The highest level of 1% income is currently located in British Columbia. However, Ontario is not far behind. And if we look to province to province discrepancies, we can see that 1% earners in British Columbia earn 53% more than those in the Territories. What percentage of Canadians make over $100,000?
Only around 11% of Canadians make more than $100,000 a year according to statistics Canada.
With the rising costs of living it is becoming increasingly difficult to live off of anything lower than a six figure salary.
Mar 18 33 tweets 10 min read
Rising number of B.C. residents moving to Alberta
Data from the 2021-2022 year shows that more than 28,000 people migrated from B.C. to Alberta, the highest total in the past two decades. It's a global phenomenon now because we have a labour shortage. vancouverisland.ctvnews.ca/number-of-peop… The high cost of everything from housing to gas hasn't stopped people from making B.C. their home. Last year, 100,000 people moved to B.C. – a new record, according to the province. biv.com/article/2022/1…
Mar 17 26 tweets 13 min read
#VaccinationResistance in Historical Perspective
oah.org/tah/issues/201… The politicization of science can limit the positive impacts that scientific advances can offer when people reject sound and beneficial scientific advice. Politicization has undoubtedly contributed to hesitancy toward uptake of the COVID-19 vaccine. ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/P…
Mar 14 43 tweets 19 min read
"Make Canada Work for People Who've Done the Work" @PierrePoilievre who voted against #CERB shares a press release amending the budget that reflects zero compassion for low income earners and the #disabled A re-elected Liberal government will:
Continue to ensure that secondary earners—mostly women—can exclude up to $14,000 of their working income when income-testing the #CanadaWorkersBenefit, so that families can receive up to $2,400.
Mar 13 6 tweets 5 min read
This is a facile narrative that Poilievre keeps insisting, preferring an austerity budget that will only make the vulnerable even more precarious without government supports ... none of this will affect housing prices, because that is driven by a lack of supply 1/2 Conservatives advocate #taxcuts that fuel #inflation, reduced govt spending, free markets, #deregulation, #privatization, free trade, and minimal government debt. Those #regressiveeconomicpolicies instituted by the Harper govt led to #deficits
Mar 12 24 tweets 12 min read
1/2 A growing number of folks realize that California is where they get their produce from & it's been slammed by forest fires, floods, etc. so they are going to grow their own veggies this year and escape the high prices in the grocery chain stores. 2/2 An estimated two-thirds of all produce consumed in Canada is imported from the U.S. accounting for approximately 37% of Canada's fresh fruit imports in 2021. California exported $4.8 Billion to Canada, including: $1.7B in fruits and nuts & $203M in vegetables and roots.
Mar 9 4 tweets 4 min read
@juderich59 @KathleenAldrid9 @CanadaDistress NSICOP Committee Members 2017–2019
42nd Parliament November 6, 2017 to September 11, 2019 nsicop-cpsnr.ca/committee-memb… @juderich59 @KathleenAldrid9 @CanadaDistress NSICOP Committee Members 2020-2021
43rd Parliament December 5, 2019 to August 15, 2021
Mar 8 21 tweets 12 min read
🧵 A few years ago, Canadians associated #conspiracytheories with harmless lunacy promoted by nutbars. Then the COVID19 pandemic brought them to the forefront during the so-called #FreedomConvoy and #OttawaOccupation. From #QAnon , #SoldiersofOdin, #Diagolon, #YellowVests so-called Christians etc. passing as truckers while spouting hateful white nationalism, racism, Islamophobia rhetoic and backed financially by several American far-right groups, the craziness revealed was much closer to home
Mar 7 7 tweets 4 min read
#cdnpoli @PierrePoilivere is the 4th lame duck CPC leader in 7 years with nothing to quack but a "secret" plan to sell us down the river like Harper did. He cannot expand on CPC's "hopeful" polices and how they would better benefit Canadian's health as they can't be found. https://pixabay.com/images/id-1401225/ On February 2, 2023, the Government of Canada introduced legislation to extend the temporary exclusion of eligibility in circumstances where a person's sole underlying medical condition is a mental illness for a period of one-year, until March 17, 2024. justice.gc.ca/eng/cj-jp/ad-a…