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Jan 10 5 tweets 2 min read
Chainlink is gaining marketshare like no other. LINK.d +46% in one week. LINK/BTC and LINK/ETH having three white soldiers on 3D with breakout on the weekly confirmed. LINK/USD next. No matter what you do, don't sell early. The season for LINK just started #LINK $LINK #Chainlink ImageImage The buying pressure is coming from a clear change in tokenomics. Sergey just announced the release of staking in first half of 2022 and with that, Chainlink nodes and @linkpoolio can now capture the fees from the massive network of 1000s of feeds. Higher stake -> higher revenue
Dec 22, 2021 24 tweets 6 min read
1 Unfortunately came to the realization that @cz_binance @binance is not a reliable exchange for keeping *some* funds for you anymore. They are holding my money hostage for +3 months now and every contact with them ends in a loop with no one actually checking my case or info sent 2 They suddenly locked my account from doing any kind of withdrawal. No crypto withdrawal and no transfer to funding wallet to use credit card. They have sent me a 'Source of wealth' letter, like to anyone else, months ago This was about some new compliance thing.
Sep 19, 2020 14 tweets 4 min read
1/14 Since many people have forgotten about @DMMDAO, quick reminder and my thoughts/reason I'm bullish on it:
DeFi right now is still only focused on crypto-native assets. We have lending/borrowing, liquididity providing and margin trading only mainly of crypto-assets. 2/14 hile a handful of these Defi projects are innovative/have substance, a lot of them are quite simple copies of the same concept and we are still limiting the space by not opening up to traditional finance, it's liquidity and assets. A handful of DeFi projects simply only have
Aug 26, 2020 8 tweets 3 min read
I can't take any project serious that launched on #Binance via IEO. It's a literal VC-profit-party disguised as serious competition and decentralized while the supply is heavily concentrated in the hands of CZ and friends. #SXP and #BAND being recent examples of this. Thread: These projects always post a nice pie chart for the token distribution that looks well distributed but is just cut down into different segments that still mean the same party gets the tokens. 'Seed Investors', 'Early Partners', 'Ecosystem' is all actually concentrated to CZ&VCs
Jul 15, 2020 30 tweets 6 min read
#Chainlink #LINK $LINK has not been talked about enough imo. Not speaking about price but how it positioned itself so well and still such a big part of crypto-people don't see it, don't understand it and are not buying it (yet). Let me summarize a few thinks here The OG marines made soo much money because they did understand something very unique very early on. Understanding this early takes one to have a great filter, knowledge of the crypto landscape and patience. The OGs did understand or see what actually made smart contracts
Jul 6, 2020 11 tweets 3 min read
There is still a massive misconception I see regarding #Chainlink. Unpopular opinion (amongst non-marines) The #LINK token is AT LEAST as much 'oil' as #Ether is. The "customers" of $LINK are not defi users. It's all defi protocols consuming any kind of data There are people saying Chainlink isn't growing. Chainlink doesn't have a big userbase. Chainlink network usage is dead. I am looking at Aave, Synthetix and co. and thinking "what the fuck r u talking about?" The total value locked and the userbase of all of these defi protocols
Apr 19, 2020 9 tweets 3 min read
I did not expect #Maker to add #LINK as collateral, but I'm also not surprised. It makes a whole lot of sense that, after #ETH and #DAI, LINK is the very next coin they want to add as THE collateral for the biggest ETH #stablecoin system. Here is why: As collateral, you wan't something that is safe in the long run, that is not volatile and based on far fetched / high speculative value. You wan't something with high liquidity and a bit 'cash flow'. Unlike most ERC20, #Chainlink is not fueling new/different blockchains that
Mar 4, 2020 13 tweets 4 min read
I really don't understand the negative feedback on @jwolpert #Magicbus announcement.
This is exactly what I want to see coming up. Too many people are too used and hungry to/for
basic partnership announcements.. thats the 2017 ico craze way. #Chainlink was never like this. Chainlink behaves like an Amazon in 1990 or Tesla in 2010. Stop waiting for partnership headlines
and read what the fuck people like Wolpert are telling you. The difference for startups and dapps
and how the evolve with tech integration is completely different.
Feb 8, 2020 6 tweets 3 min read
I see the (#ETH) public chain private chain debate the same way as centralized/internal #oracles and decentralized oracles (#LINK). Companies started using private chains, as it's easier to test with, it's private from the competition and they have higher throughput right now. Endgoal is still public chain. This is very clear and specifically confirmed by market leaders like #EY's Paul Brody recently again, #Gartner and #Capgemini. The real value of immutable ledger and end-to-end secure smart contracts lies with the open, decentralized way.
Jan 6, 2020 13 tweets 4 min read
1/ Why I'm betting on #Chainlink instead of other #cryptocurrencies, reason 1/100: It's the main infrastructure for smart contracts, the data layer. Whats the other main part? A blockchain. Whats the main blockchain platform for smart contracts right now? Ethereum. Will it stay? 2/ I have no idea! Maybe another #blockchain becomes no #1 because #Ethereum won't be able to scale. Maybe PoS won't work. Maybe Solidity is not the fitting language for smart contracts. When I came into the DLT space, my bet was purely on smart contract platforms, mainly ETH.
Jan 1, 2020 15 tweets 3 min read
1/ My view on the last 10 years of crypto and it's macro level trends: Not a single protocol or smart contract platform really generated any profit yet OR cut significant cost for a company, and this is totally fine. Bitcoin and Ethereum took +5 years to mature and really get 2/ battle-tested, and still are mostly used on a small scale by speculators and a few shop owners as payment option. The real use case, which is higher automation via immutable smart contracts, has yet to reach adoption. It couldn't have really started YET. Ethereum wasn't mature
Dec 29, 2019 27 tweets 5 min read
1/ What actually IS Chainlink and how is a Chainlink node different to other nodes/stakers/miners? ELI5 with analogy:

Chainlink is not a cryptocurrency, not a platform, not a blockchain. Chainlink is a network of node operators, running software to fetch, aggregate and send data 2/ It's not competing with your altcoin. It's not 'the new, better Bitcoin/Ethereum'. It's not making a base blockchain layer obsolete. Chainlink makes sure, that your smart contract is still with 100% uptime, immutable and automatically enforced WHEN it uses external data.
Dec 28, 2019 10 tweets 2 min read
1/Value of networks and protocols scales really different. Payment coins don't scale well in value. It doesn't add much value if 'just another' exchange or merchants list it. Smart Contract platforms like ETH scale better but still not well. For any exchange, merchant AND dApp, 2/value increases, but still only a bit. Ethereum doesn't make a difference between a contract executing 10$ worth of assets and a contract with 100,000,000$ being executed. The execution itself by Ether still costs just a few cents. You can tokenize a trillion-dollar worth of
Oct 9, 2019 8 tweets 2 min read
Chainlink performs as strong as Ethereum did in early 2016 run and 2017 run. Against BTC and the whole market, just going strongly up. Chainlink is just as 'the new thing' to the crypto space as Ethereum was back then. Difference is, Chainlink has a bigger network effect. Period. Size of the Network effect is the biggest factor for a huge bullrun. With all the news and foundation Chainlink has set in the last 1-2 years, manifesting its spot as number one oracle network, integrated in the leading financial and cloud-related frameworks, I think we gonna see