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16 Oct
Fundraising is like dating.

As a founder, you’ll meet a lot of investors.

You’ll pitch them, you may even show them a beautiful demo.

Some will pass.
Some will fail to follow-up.
Some will follow-up and just be very candid. “Pass”.
Here’s the a founder, you’re actually not waiting for their permission.

You did what you’re supposed to do, you presented the opportunity. You received feedback and hopefully, you kept building.

Great investors are a dime-a-dozen. They always stay top of mind.
As a founder, you’re actually looking for signal, you don’t want non-believers on your cap table.

In fact, you need to be able to parse out here investors from values-aligned investors.
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16 Oct
Whenever you’re pitching investors, please do not play the bright eyed happy to be here go lucky founder role lol.

Be candid. Be crisp. Present the opportunity.

Show conviction.
If they pass, they pass.
Some may even pass twice.

So what?

You have a movement to build.
Keep building homie! ❤️❤️❤️
Keep building sis! 🤣🤣🤣.
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16 Oct
Good investors, especially the ones at really big firms, actually always pass on companies they really like, but they never stop tracking progress.

Their radar is always on.

They always tend to strike when the start-up is HOT, but honestly they have to fight to...
get a position on the cap table by then.

By then, for some, it’s just too late.

Great investors, specifically the ones at big firms that commit chunky checks, proactively build the relationship overtime.

They know their time is coming. Lol.
Great investors don’t want to be forgotten.

They always stay top of mind. 🤓
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16 Oct
As a CEO and Founder, you’re going to have to be ready to tell the story of your company, on the spot.

Don’t be scared to write it down somewhere.

Also, you can just tweet it too you know?

No need to write a novel. Lol.

You’re a founder, not Selena Gomez.
Keep building.
Only write a novel if you want to share and distribute it so more people can learn and come on the journey with you ahah.

Or write a novel if your parents are always badgering you about getting a job with x company while you’re building a WHOLE venture.

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16 Oct
“Tim, you seem like a pretty confident guy. Do you think confidence is important when talking to investors? How do?”

I think conviction is important.

As a founder you need to have conviction.

Conviction is not ego.
It just lets investors know you’re the woman, man, or them who is uniquely equipped and positioned to get the job done.

Don’t pitch an investor if you wouldn’t buy what you’re attempting to sell them.

As a founder, you are the customer.

Have conviction.
How so *
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15 Oct
The event that actually triggered me to go all in on Guide was actually when I left WeWork as they failed to IPO.

The event that actually triggered us to pivot Guide was COVID.

External market events can actually change your life...for the better.
Both events brought about leadership lessons that I will NEVER forget.

Thank you WeWork & COVID-19.

Thank you.

You’ve both made me a better leader.
COVID actually expanded our companies pre-money valuation by 1000000000x.

Pre-COVID, our company wasn’t worth a strong investment. We didn’t have a strong business and we were building an app in a commodities market.
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15 Oct
As a founder, you will meet a lot of founders who are super excited about their business, they believe it’ll be the next Google or Facebook. “The next big thing”.

... and then you wait 3 years.

These same founders are now working for either Facebook or Google.
When you ask them what happened here’s what they will tell you...

“It was a bad idea”

“We just couldn’t grow...;”

“It was bad timing”

What they are really saying is...
“We chose the wrong investment partners”

“We couldn’t handle the pressure.”

“The invested capital put a strain on my co-founder and i’s relationship”

“We got burned out.”

“We didn’t hit our performance metrics”

“Our investors found better operators.”
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15 Oct
There are loud negotiators.

There are rambunctious negotiators.

There are negotiators who try to negotiate like they are on an episode of the sopranos lol...

And then there’s me, present the numbers. Make the ask. Smile ☺️.

Be a candid negotiator. No need to mince words.
Negotiation is one of the most important skills for founders.

Here’s a great book on it!

I'm listening to Never Split the Difference by Chris Voss, narrated by Michael Kramer on my Audible app. Try Audible and get it here:…
As a founder, you will truly need to embrace negotiation.


Because every investor wants the best deal.

The best deal comes at a higher-valuation, yet a low-cap commitment, with a herd them an excuse to be a low-value investor.
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15 Oct
As a founder, realize this, you’re presenting the investor with an opportunity.’s NEVER the other way around.

Present the opportunity.

Keep. It. Moving.

And if you have a 10x product on your hands...even better.
Some founders raise crazy rounds and they don’t necessarily have a “10x product”, but they DO have a strong acquisition product on their hands and intelligent investors love that as well.

As a founder, either have a 10x product or a product that solves a fundamental problem...
And has general applicability, whether in a niche market or across multiple markets.

The product may not be 10x better, but if it solves a problem and you’re willing to build for 3-5-7+ years, you should be able to raise a rationale amount.
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15 Oct
Creators go where their audience is.

Therefore, creator tools need to be creator-friendly by integrating with existing platforms that support creators.

The creator economy is not a winner-take all space, not by a long-shot.
@zoom_us announce OnZoom...makes sense.
@stir is trying to make it easier for creators to manage all the craziness that comes with creating across multiple channels.
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