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25 Nov
1/ Twitter has the most quirks of any platform

here are 12 of the weirdest (but also useful) "hacks" I've stumbled across from spending way too much time on it
2/ Pull a video directly from a tweet

1. Get ur phone out (only works on mobile)
2. Hard press the screen
3. Hit "Tweet video" and caption it whatever you want
4. Original poster will be credited automatically
3/ How to switch profiles while responding to someone

click on your profile pic and your other accounts will pop up. The best part is the copy you've written won't change

this is a lifesaver for people managing brand accounts
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17 Oct
Posted this question the other day and got 800+ responses

here's a thread breaking down the fourteen most common, creative, and hilarious ways people landed their current gig
1. "I created it"

this was BY FAR the most common response

Key takeaway: don't like your job? create one you do
2. Spray and pray

honestly didn't know the "scrape every company in a 10 mile radius" tactic was even a thing

Key takeaway: if you cast out enough lines, you'll get bites
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16 Oct
Both @APompliano and @stoolpresidente started podcasts recently with TikTok stars

but Pomp is going about it in a way smarter way than Dave is

quick analysis
1/ Dave's show is called the "BFFs Pod" and he's teaming up with @JoshRichards who has 22 million followers on the Tok

2/ Pomp's is called "Capital University." His TikTok star of choice is @BryceHall w/ 14 million followers

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16 Oct
1/ Creating content on Twitter can be difficult. A thread on the stack of tools I use to make my life easier
2/ Thread writing

Chirr app

Price: Free

What I like: has a nice blank space for drafting and a good auto-numbering feature

What I don't: have to copy and paste tweets into Twitter after thread is drafted and can't add pics
3/ Video editing


Price: Free

What I like: great at pulling vids from youtube/twitter and overlaying captions + different audio on them

What I don't: Can't edit content older than 2 days on the free plan
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1 Oct
The rise of TikTokers teaching financial literacy shows how grossly under taught it is by traditional educational avenues
other under taught areas I've seen TikTokers address

-photo/video editing
-public speaking
-psychology of sales
-real estate basics
-proper weight lifting techniques
whether or not these people are qualified to teach—and if young people should be listening to them—is a whole different question

the point is there is an undeniable trend of TikTok (and social media in general) filling educational gaps
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22 Sep
10 Twitter thread ideas that will get you likes
1. Tell a general and surprising story

this idea from @paulg and is the framework of every good thread

in this example

General = the story of a normal guy obsessed with a cookbook

Surprising = the valuable lesson for creators contained within

2. Repurpose posts from Reddit

the majority of threads are simply exercises in curation

this thread blew up with minimal effort

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17 Sep
1/ Being a writer at @MorningBrew means existing in a constant state of creativity

creativity comes with its own set of challenges

here are a few ways I've learned to get over writer's block and imposter syndrome

Set fear-inducing deadlines

the Brew newsletter has to go out the next morning

I literally have no other option other than to get a piece done

my hand is forced every day

have someone set immovable deadlines, and watch your output 10x
3/ Massage your work

if there is a lump of something on the page, congrats, the hardest step is over

now enter massage mode

make each sentence feel good, like it deserves to be there

then, if you have to keep rewriting a sentence, just delete it
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16 Sep
1/ @jamiekaywilde and I just put together a Marketing 101 syllabus for the Brew (link at the bottom of this thread)

it led me down some crazy marketing rabbit holes

here's my favorite one

A thread on why Betty Crocker deliberately made its cake mixes a worse product
2/ In the 1950s General Mills released its now-famous Betty Crocker cake mixes

the mixes included all the dry ingredients, plus milk and eggs in powdered form

all you needed to do was add water, mix it all up, and put the pan in the oven
3/ Sales we're nonexistent

despite being an unbelievable product that saved tons of time in the kitchen, no one bought it

we'll get to the reason why in a second

but first...
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8 Sep
The ability to send a well crafted cold DM is more powerful than any resume

(and probably more powerful than any cold email too)

Here is a breakdown of how to send killer DMs that stand out
1/ We’re going to be using this DM I received last week as a case study

it’s the best DM i’ve received since working at the Brew

let’s break it down Image
2/ Very clear as to what job they are looking for

this saves a lot of headaches for me because it gets to the point immediately

also filling out the application THEN sending the DM demonstrates their level of seriousness about the role

that's the correct order of operations Image
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5 Sep
If you’re scared of tweeting

have three beers and let it rip
Yes I am three beers deep
Will update accordingly
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3 Sep
A thread compiling @naval's thoughts on Twitter and social media
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1 Sep
May get dragged for this but

impressions > engagement
it comes down to a very simple idea

take the @MorningBrew account

if you post great content (which we do and is always our main focus), then you want that content in front of as many eyes as possible
if i know that our content passed by more eyeballs

i don't care if they didn't engage with it

because we just made our first touchpoint with a potential follower who is now more likely to follow the next time they come across us
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28 Aug
If you ever get a shout out from someone with a significant amount of followers (like @APompliano ) there are a few things you need to do to maximize follower conversion

here are four ideas Image
1/ Curate your pinned tweet

That is your most valuable real estate for converting followers

when i shouted @palakzat out the other day, he un-pinned a very popular thread he wrote about a niche Indian brand because he knew it wouldn't be as interesting to my audience
2/ Clean up your profile

make sure there are no RT's on your feed

and delete tweets that don't align with the overall value prop of your profile

present a unified front so people can easily see what they can expect when they follow you
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26 Aug
Haven't posted a thread in awhile

so here's a thread of my most popular threads

1. Running @MorningBrew's social
2. How to cold email
3. How to write great threads
4. My beef with @stoolpresidente
5. More details around running the Brew account
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25 Aug
1/ Changing your twitter profile picture unwinds a lot of the personal brand building you had achieved up until that point

heres why you should avoid change

a mini thread
2/ People consume tweets much more quickly than the composers of those tweets want them to

oftentimes the only impression scrollers are left with when they engage with your content

is not the content itself

but the face behind it
3/ Keeping your pic the same over long periods of time builds your brand by exposing people to your face + ideas over and over again

until they hit that follow button
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20 Aug
So @austin_rief asked me today if I wanted to host a Brew podcast where I'd sit down with the minds behind the best twitter accounts out there

think the @mkobach's, @david_perell's @donyetaylor_'s, @AmandaMGoetz's of the world

Subscribe below if you'd listen to that
@IsaacBerky you a real one Image
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20 Aug
1/ Ten days ago, I sent out the below tweet

Today, I'm going to expand on what I meant

a thread on the advantages and drawbacks of a "non-strategy" on twitter Image

Namely, it's easy to convey voice

since it's just me tweeting and not a committee or a team

and since I write for the newsletter as my main job

the MB voice that people have come to appreciate comes out very naturally
3/ What is a non-strategy?

in my case it means, i tweet whatever i feel like, whenever i feel like it

there are no content meetings

just on the fly iterations and minimal oversight

the best setup for a pure "voice" play on a brand account
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4 Aug
A quick mini-thread on how the @MorningBrew picks our Subject Lines for each email (cuz its probably not how you think)
First off, we actually do A/B test our subject lines

we send the email out early to four separate batches of ~80,000 readers

each batch gets a different subject line

whichever one has the highest open rate goes out to the remaining 1.8 million readers
But subject line picking isn't actually as scientific as you might think

we just skim the newsletter stories for interesting and eye-catching phrases

then one writer picks them for the day and we roll with whatever they choose
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30 Jul
On June 15, I had 600 followers

On July 28, I hit 6,000 followers

the majority of that growth was fueled by four twitter threads I posted

here's a few things i learned about thread making
2/ The first, second, and final tweets are the most important

they attract the most likes + comments

so put your best info in them

First: establish credibility
Second: share your most valuable nugget
Final: go quasi-inspirational

here are all my final tweets
3/ Don't overthink formatting

but keep it consistent

I capitalize the first line

then use lowercase for the body of the tweet

and use a simple numbering system
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25 Jul
1/ Last Friday, I started a beef with @stoolpresidente while running the @MorningBrew account

here's what i learned about starting twitter wars and beef marketing
2/ They definitely work

the @MorningBrew account added ~2,500 followers in 24 hours

that is 10x our daily average Image
3/ Milk it for all its worth

it's not easy starting these beefs

once you have lightning in a bottle

turn the heat up and keep it going

we got four separate tweets out of him each with 450K+ impressions ImageImageImageImage
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