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8 Apr
A Rare Occurrence: A Lesson From 'Emptiness'.

Sometimes, Life chooses to stay beautiful without the many trappings we regard as norm, or standard.
So usually when we travel (state visit or official trip) there’ll be a red carpet, security and airport officials, and the Vice President’s Official Vehicle in front of the plane, so what happened here?
The pilot had informed @profosinbajo midair that we wouldn’t be able to land in Edo from Owerri due to bad weather and that he had to divert the plane so we could land in Abuja until the weather situation in Edo got better... it didn’t.
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6 Feb

In 2018, @profosinbajo visited Nyanya market, Abuja to monitor the impact of the TraderMoni scheme, a mild shock greeted him.
Chinaza, whose mother owned a store at the market, and had promised herself to tell the VP what she thought of him from his appearances on her TV and other media, made her way through his security and grabbed his hand.
Amidst the presence of a security detail, and an extremely large crowd, she tugged at the VP’s hand ceaselessly, insisting that he visited her mom’s store, and telling him about how much he inspired her to be courageous and reach for her dreams —
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2 Feb
Today makes it exactly two years since @profosinbajo and his entourage escaped a helicopter crash unscathed in Kogi state, during a flight back to Abuja last year, knowing the next day would make it a year since,
I finally got a chance to ask him what I felt and thought when it happened a year earlier.. I said, “sir, permit me to ask you this question. What gave you the courage to carry on with the campaign immediately after such a life-threatening crash?”
He said “Honestly Tolani, it was my passion for the people. I just couldn’t let them down.”

Shocked, I fell silent, staring at him with my mouth ajar! Just some days earlier, the same kind of crash had claimed the lives of my mentor, his daughter, and seven others
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30 Jan
Series 2 of 2

Around 6pm on a Thursday evening last year, a memo that required @profosinbajo to be in another country in less than 24 hours came in. I watched as our ADC delivered the message and I was expecting some shock from him about this being so last minute
but what I observed with my camera was quite the opposite. Instead, he replied with a calm, “what time are we leaving?”

Boarding the plane, I observed the luggage officer carting boxes of briefs and files.
Curiously, I asked “who gonna’s read all these?” he laughed and replied, “e be like say you know know oga. E go finish this thing before we land.”

And he did!
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28 Jan
After almost a year & a half of documenting @profosinbajo, perhaps the most reinforcing lesson that I have been able to pick out is the one of building strong, healthy habits that help to guide your life.

It would be an unusual day if I didn’t walk in on him in intensive study.
Initially, it wasn’t too surprising because, after all, he is an academic, but seeing how consistent he is with it — especially during this pandemic — provoked some thoughts.
Series 1 of 2

If his example is anything to learn from, it is that successful people have a plethora of great habits that they submit to daily, regardless of inane distractions or actual genuine excuses.
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26 Jan
1. In the middle of a praise event, I got a call from a close friend and his question was “Tolani, is it true Kobe is dead?” Immediately I was like, "heck no.. it must be a joke... Kobe ke.. Kobe die? nah never that". Then, I left the event and went straight to twitter Image
and there it was.... Kobe, his daughter Gigi and 7 others had died in a helicopter crash.
2. Upon realizing it was true, Tears came down uncontrollably, I was heartbroken, devastated & just confused. He literally had just sent me a message saying he was expecting autographed copy of my books a few days earlier when he saw an image I had posted of the vp in his car.
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