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29 Jun 20
Belatedly enjoying @michaelgove’s latest little undergraduate essay on the real reasons why everyone voted Brexit. Strangely, the reasons he personally gave them - ie the lies about the NHS and Turkey, don’t really get a mention.
The whole thing is a joy. Just pure @michaelgove. Does it have to be pointed out that Gramsci wrote (**from prison**) about living in fucked up times from the position of *having been fucked up by them? He was not, like Gove, the guy doing the fucking up?
The model we have inherited is “crumbling” says @michaelgove, the exact person who very purposefully set about smashing it all up with a great big sledgehammer of lies.
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26 May 20
I am surprised there isn’t more focus on Cummings driving the virus from London (20,000 cases) to Durham (100 cases), and then his family exposing hospital workers to it.

Did he break the *spirit* or the *letter* of lockdown? It doesn’t matter. He broke the *entire point* of it.
By this point, and even now still, PPE was being sent to the point of most need - ie London, where Cummings left, in favour of the NHS services of Durham.

People have died in hospitals, so have doctors, because of this kind of behaviour. But Cummings carries on.
.@michaelgove on the radio claiming Cummings acted “to minimise the risk” of his family infecting other people.

He went home to see his wife who was ill, then *went back* to 10 Downing Street.

Then took the virus up to meet north east NHS staff.
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6 May 20
An estimated 55,000 people have died in the UK and former Real Housewives of Cheshire star @leanne_e_brown, who recently denied her children the HP vaccine, has this morning posted a 15 minute coronavirus video on Instagram, which I have transcribed. A few highlights:
1/ The average number of UK deaths is currently down on the last five years. That is very obviously complete garbage.

If a coronavirus vaccine comes out, Ms Brown will refuse it.
2/ Bill Gates has murdered hundreds of thousands of people and children throughout the world.
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3 Feb 20
“I am here to warn you that free trade is being choked,” says @BorisJohnson, who has taken his country out of the world’s biggest free trade zone, and put up non tariff barriers for all businesses

I honestly don’t get how we are meant to cope with this utterly luminous filth.
@BorisJohnson “We will engage with Japan!” says @BorisJohnson, who has just cancelled his country’s trade deal with Japan.
@BorisJohnson “We are not leaving the EU to undermine EU standards,” says @BorisJohnson. Even he doesn’t seem to get it’s no longer present tense. It’s done.
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31 Jan 20
Here at the “Brexit celebration” they are warming up the crowd with an old Michael Cockerell documentary.

Responding to some general Black Wednesday exposition, someone has just shouted “Fuck off John Major you cunt.”
And now, regarding Blair: “You should be hanging by a noose you fucking cunt.”

I’m inclined to doubt that was their view in 2003. Wonder what they’ll all think of Nigel Farage in the years to come.
I’m not sure what time the person right at the front, right in the middle got here, to bag the premium spot, but I can confirm, in this, their moment of great triumph, the banner they’ve gone with says “LOCK UP THE TRAITORS.”
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20 Oct 19
Who is the stupidest MP in Westminster? Thread:
Andrea Jenkyns wants MPs who have planning and strategy meetings with their foreign, like-minded counterparts (ie, every politician, ever) to GO TO JAIL.…
Daniel Kawczynski, aka the Lemon Holder of Shrewsbury, is now volunteering to have himself jailed under the plans of his own Hard Brexit colleagues.

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29 Sep 19
The wondrous @michaelgove is currently addressing the Tory Party Conference.

“Our democracy depends on people trusting us,” he says. And with that in mind, do feel free to read some of the mind bending filth below.
@michaelgove The great @michaelgove is now saying: “The Eu said the backstop was inviolable. They are now saying it can be changed.”

The EU’s position has not changed. At all. The backstop is an insurance policy. It’s designed to be replaced.

The industrial lie machine is at full power.
@michaelgove The fantastic @SteveBarclay now.

“Delaying Brexit has a financial cost. A billion pounds a month for every month we delay.”

The government’s position is do a deal. A deal comes with a transition period, during which payments continue.

Again - pure lie.
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3 Sep 19
Erm, midway through the PM’s statement, Philip Lee has just walked in and sat down with the Lib Dems.

If that is a defection it has been done in full WWE style.
Well that was quite something. Lee is gone. Boris Johnson has had his majority taken from him right in front of his eyes. And he’s now completely lost it. All over the place.
This is a complete embarrassment. Johnson is just waggling his hand and spouting utter drivel. Trump press conferences have nothing on this and I’ve been to a couple.
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2 Sep 19
I am just re-reading the @michaelgove Brexit speech of April 2016.

It is simply breathtaking.

If there is a single speech, in all of British political history, that has aged this badly I would love to see it.

It is pure, pure bollocks.
@michaelgove (You could, I suppose, argue that ‘peace in our time’ was shanked a touch wider than this)
@michaelgove I am very relieved, though I have no recollection of it whatsoever, to find that I saw straight through this utter drivel at the time.…
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12 Jun 19
Watched episode 2 of #Chernobyl last night, where the three brave men return to the radioactive death zone to open the sluice valves.

And now, with no protective clothing whatsoever, I am on my way to Boris Johnson’s campaign launch.
Wasn’t expecting it to be even hotter and even sweatier than an exploded nuclear reactor but it is.

There’s radioactive material absolutely everywhere. Baker, Dorries, IDS...a veritable who’s who of the abysmal, lining up to turn the country into an international embarrassment.
One or two overheard words at the @BackBoris launch:

“I’ve never been in a room with more a*seholes in my life.”

*I typed out a couple more but have now decided against it.*
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27 Mar 19
Ah...remember when Boris Johnson hired his own photographer to do a photoshoot of himself signing his resignation letter because he couldn't support the deal?

Well, he's changed his mind now. How sweet...
“I have blinked! I have baulked! I have bottled it completely!”
People are laughing but I, for one, grieve for the hundreds of thousands of pounds worth of top quality journalism Boris Johnson has just set fire to there. The solitary column, typed out so many times, all gone. all burned. A national tragedy.
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7 Jan 19
Right. First day back after Christmas in this perfectly normal country and I'm off to Ramsgate to sketch a Potemkin traffic jam up the A299 at dawn.
Currently in a traffic jam waiting to get in to the fake traffic jam.
This really is where a hundred lorries are gathering voluntarily to stage a fake traffic jam all the way to Dover to show the EU we are ready for no deal.
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