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3 May

So I wrote an essay for @The_Corres on a concept that I hate with a passion (link at the end of the thread).

You've heard it too: "Workplace happiness". AKA "employee engagement.

Let me explain.+
But first, full disclosure:

I grew up in a small town in pre-liberalised India, a space-time nexus that is the source of a joke format on which many standup comics have built entire careers:

"Engineer? Doctor? No?! Failure."

Laughs guaranteed. +
For us, work/career was jailbreak.

You needed skill to break out of jail. And you needed desperation.

There were no "passionate" jailbreakers. Or "happy" jailbreakers.

We were taught to scoff at passion and happiness. Work wasn't about any of that. +
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5 Apr 19
Thread. Please read if you have an #infant at home.

So this is a well-kept and potentially deadly secret about an industry that is growing exponentially and has spawned sexy, venture-funded #startups. The industry is #sleep. And the product is the #mattress. #parenting 1/n
Recently, we went #mattress shopping. After many trials (choosing a mattress is crazy stressful!) zeroed in on and placed an order at a prominent brand's store. It was a beautiful #memoryfoam mattress. I was drooling thinking of all the glorious #sleep I'd soon be getting. 2/n
I have had horrible body ache for years now thanks to our old #mattress that was handmade in Mumbai. I was so excited about buying this amazing new mattress that I did what anyone in my place would: obsessively Google memory-foam mattresses. 3/n
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22 Sep 17
Every day next few days I'll share one #depression/#anxiety insight from my own experience. If it helps anyone a wee bit, it'll be worth it.
1. "#Happiness" can scare #anxiety patients. In our heads, things are always going wrong. Fear of a "happy" moment undone is doubly painful.
Sorry, this won't be a daily affair as I had earlier imagined. But here's insight #2 based on my brush with #depression/#anxiety.
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