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18 Sep
THREAD: Given this story is back (yet again) it may help to read this statement by Dana Rohrabacher.…
“There is a lot of misinformation floating out there regarding my meeting with Julian Assange so let me provide some clarity on the matter: 

At no time did I talk to President Trump about Julian Assange.  Likewise, I was not directed by Trump or anyone else connected with him
to meet with Julian Assange. I was on my own fact finding mission at personal expense to find out information I thought was important to our country.  I was shocked to find out that no other member of Congress had taken the time in their official or unofficial capacity
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16 Sep
If you haven't been reading this 3x per week series, you are really missing out. I am so excited to revisit these articles after the election. Here is a GREAT one (Excerpts in next tweet)--… via @LarrySchweikart
"Whether or not the Democrats were too early unleashing their riot season, the China Virus already dictated their 2020 strategy. Well, the China Virus and Joe Biden’s complete inability to speak without teleprompters, with aides rattling off lines in his earpiece,
and to avoid taking serious questions from genuine reporters at all costs. It is clear now that the strategy is to run and hide, bob and weave, and avoid having Joe in public. Meanwhile, the other side of the strategy has been to emphasize the danger of the China Virus and try to
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16 Sep
From the "Open Letter to President Trump" by @NewBookofDaniel

"In 2010, Dr. Anthony Fauci was named to the Leadership Advisory Team for “The Decade of Vaccines,” a program started by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.
It is unfathomable to me that this was not disclosed to the American public from the start.
Fauci is on record saying, “Things can’t and won’t get back to how they were” until there’s a vaccine. Interestingly, The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, the largest contributor to the
World Health Organization (donating more annually than any nation state), has invested heavily in vaccine manufacturing. In fact, their plans for this have been long-established.
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14 Sep
From inside: Much of the talk regarding the Grand Canyon State involved the supposedly national shrinking Trump margin in the suburbs, where pollsters claim the Karen's have shifted to Joe Biden.… via @LarrySchweikart
Not only is this likely mythical, but in the Arizona primary election, where the Republican Senate candidates Martha McSally and Daniel McCarthy combined to out-poll the uncontested Democrat, Mark Kelly, by more than 100,000. While Democrats would insist that was meaningless as
Kelly had no opponent, it should give them pause as the margin was almost exactly that of the GOP registration advantage in the state. Moreover, surveying the numbers, Big Data pollster Richard Baris—who was the most accurate pollster of 2016—told me that the idea that
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10 Sep
So, a few users have gone through every single channel to have child porn that an account has up on it’s disgusting profile. Twitter refuses to remove it. Sent to the FBI, reported multiple times, everything possible for weeks and it remains. I have the link but won’t share it.
The account has nothing but pornography and pedophilia on it, still remains up despite multiple reports and yet somehow conservative accounts get terminated for tweeting bad words.
The first tweet should contain the word *removed*. Twitter is now complicit in this. There’s no excuse and there are hundreds if not THOUSANDS of accounts like this. But don’t you dare share a meme!
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9 Sep
NEW! From the always amazing Professor @LarrySchweikart You cant miss this coverage. It will be so much fun to revisit this 3x weekly series after the election. (See next tweet for excerpt)…
From the column on mail in voting.... Well, it suggests that possibly Trump is goading the Democrats into using a medium that is in fact quite disadvantageous. It appears that, for example, Republicans did very well in the WI7 special election earlier this year.
I have heard the same (but do not have evidence) happening in one of the Texas elections. So, it may be that Trump has once again set up the Democrats to go all-out in their defense of a process that will result in a Trump victory, earning their pre-endorsement. We will see.
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9 Sep
Transverse myelitis is a debilitating condition - I’ve had a friend suffer from it. He is now paralyzed. It’s when your body suffers an immune response and eats the myelin covering your nerve sheath, attacks your spinal chord, and then...horrible.
I can’t believe this vaccine caused transverse myelitis. My goodness it’s a horrible and severe reaction. The body went into freak out mode and attacked itself. My dear friend was diagnosed with an evil autoimmune disease called NMO - neuro myelitis optica. It typically (cont)
affects the optic nerves as well. With him, it was transverse myelitis. His first attack started when we had taken a road trip together. He had a numb patch on his leg. He went to the doctor and was prescribed steroids. He took the course and it settled down
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8 Sep
Thread: After 7 months of not being in a school building, tomorrow is the first day of school for my kids. However, it won’t be for long. They are forced home Wednesday-Friday and they won’t have teachers, but “packets”. We will find out this week what next week brings.
All for a virus that the young beat faster than a cold, for the most part. When in class they are separated into A and B groups. Their entire grade will never be in school with them. They will be socially distanced and forced to wear a “mask”. They won’t eat lunch in the (cont)
cafeteria or have recess. I weep for my kids. I cry for them. This is unfair, it isn’t American. It’s sick- without the pun intended. Why? Because the left successfully scared the hell out of the loudest minority. The ones who flooded the board meetings and complained about
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6 Sep
Sharing this story again as @NYGovCuomo ramps up his contact tracing tyranny. Official docs inside this article.…
From inside: The following day Jane received a phone call with the caller ID reading “NYS Tracer” from Schenectady. The Tracer representative started asking several personal questions. “Where are you? Did you go directly to the house?” Jane responded,
“I am not going to answer that, I don’t know who you are and I can’t verify that you are from the New York State Health Department. I have a 4th Amendment right.” The Contact Tracer Representative shot back, “I don’t care about your 4th Amendment right,
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31 Aug
I don’t have any words for this. I really don’t.
Judge Henderson begins her dissent strongly, questioning the judges impartiality as a whole.
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30 Aug
My family threw me a surprise 40th birthday party yesterday. They completely shocked me, I had absolutely no idea, friends flew and drove in from states all over the country and I may never be the same again.
Have you ever been completely and totally surprised? It’s an absolutely stunning feeling. I have never felt more loved in my entire life. They all created a video for me of messages from the people that couldn’t make it and I cried like a baby.
I have to put some words together to explain this to people but the truth is I’m still speechless and totally blown away. I will NEVER forget this. To those of you in the video, please know how much I love you 🙏❤️ You are so special to me.
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26 Aug
🚨Thread on Kevin Clinesmith: (Hint- YES he is cooperating)

There has been a lot of talk about the Clinesmith situation and what it means in terms of the greater Durham investigation. I am not an attorney, however, I have a fair amount to add to this.
And @Shipwreckedcrew is also writing a piece for @UncoverDC that will detail this subject. On Thursday, August 13, AG Barr went on Sean Hannity and told him that there would be “significant developments” in the Durham probe made before the election.
Then, he went on to tell us there would be a development “tomorrow” which wouldn’t be “Earth-shattering” but shows the investigation is progressing. (LISTEN CAREFULLY)
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26 Aug
🚨MUST READ! Idaho is attempting to remove liability from government for COVID related issues, and citizens had their say yesterday- it didn’t go well. “Committee chair clashes with citizens at Idaho’s special legislative session”… via @NewBookofDaniel
From the column: Disruptions and arrests have occurred at Idaho’s statehouse the past few days, and a large part of the problem stems from the actions of one man: Representative Greg Chaney.

Three weeks ago this writer reported that Idaho’s Governor Brad Little was calling
a special legislative session seeking immunity for government for anything they do related to Covid so long as it was done “in good faith.”

Much opposition arose to this push for immunity, especially since the Governor refused to authorize a legislative session in May so
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22 Aug
Thread: Just today we wrote a piece on this shocked at the lack of coverage. The President went there immediately and gave emergency aid - everything they needed. I have people reaching out to me saying there has been recovery underway.
The national media didn’t cover this story because it wasn’t politically expedient. The people on the ground needed help. POTUS rearranged his entire schedule to go there. However, this is a LOCAL ISSUE. Everything isn’t effing national in scope
For people who say POTUS is some sort of authoritarian, they sure do assign a ton of power that HE DOES NOT HAVE. @CNN IS THE ENEMY OF THE PEOPLE. They only cared about Iowa when they had an excuse to attack the President.
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19 Aug
THREAD: This one needs to be read this afternoon so we have a nice solid foundation for this evening. Thank you, @STUinSD "Lest We Forget Who Jump-Started Racial Divisions in the US"… via @STUinSD
From the column: They (as well as all top Democrats) are both in the pocket of the Chinese Communists, as previously noted here. All they’re left with are the extreme leftist positions of Bernie Sanders, which the two political chameleons embraced long ago
(Harris willingly from the beginning, and Biden opportunistically as directed by his handlers). Those positions? Medicare-for-All (socialist medicine), the Green New Deal (the pipe-dream to replace oil and gas as primary energy sources, never mind the laws of thermodynamics),
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19 Aug
I sometimes wonder if I would be more effective with an anonymous account that drops hints and makes promises on timelines. Lol.
I see anon accounts pop up overnight with cryptic information and then less than 24 hours later they have 700k followers and have effectively created “teams” where if someone questions them they are attacked. It happens OVER AND OVER AND OVER.
I should start cataloging the amount of inquiries I get from folks asking me if they can trust the accounts and if their info is real. I have seen others deal with this. If they say *no* they are summarily attacked as “divisive”
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18 Aug
Today is the primary in Florida’s 21st district where Laura Loomer is running. Watching for results this evening. If she wins the primary, it would be unprecedented.
Why? Because she’s banned from almost every social media platform and her ISP banned her from sending emails last week right before the primary because of a “glitch”.
Very cool. I’ll be really happy if she pulls this off. Image
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18 Aug
From the recently released 900 page Senate “Intelligence” Committee report on 2016; we’ve gone from “THE RUSSIANS WORKED WITH ASSANGE” to “Assange *very likely* knew he was working with the Russians” WELL THAT IS QUITE A CHANGE!
Of course, the portions where they talk about Assange receiving the data via “other means” are completely redacted, further showing how the SIC is a partisan propaganda engine.
Here we go....
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17 Aug
THREAD: Glad to publish this amazing breakdown by @Jim_Casey_ - CH was NEVER a counterintelligence investigation. Excerpts in next tweet:… via @Jim_Casey_
From the Column: This opening EC was captioned by Strzok as a FARA violation, or Foreign Agents Registration Act, which is a criminal investigation worked by the FBI, though it is often worked on counterintelligence squads.
It alleges that a foreign source (that we now know is Downer) met with Papadopoulos, and at that meeting, there was allegedly the discussion about the Russians having information embarrassing to Clinton and Obama. The EC also puts this into the context of the DNC hack, which of
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16 Aug
I’m legitimately going to start blocking people who do this. I’m tired of it. It’s baseless, it’s ridiculous and it’s speculative on its face. When paperwork is released we will know more. Likely tomorrow. Until then, I have no way of knowing why this happened. Stop it.
Not only that, as I said last night, I was one of the first people to tweet about it, as it was happening. So, cut the shit. It always raises red flags for me when ALL OF A SUDDEN people come accusing others of things when there’s some controversy. Usually the people being (cont)
accused have literally NOTHING TO DO with the original controversy. People draw stupid battle lines in the sand and act ridiculous.
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14 Aug
THREAD: Think it isn’t happening? It’s happening. Exclusive from @UncoverDC… via @SharonGBlack
A person visiting New York who spoke with UncoverDC on the condition of anonymity, from now on referred to as “Jane”, has provided paperwork and an account of an absolutely stunning experience they had after traveling to NY from one of the states that NY Governor Mario Cuomo
had listed as “restricted” under a “travel advisory”. Jane took a long weekend trip that was planned and booked months ago. Jane told us “As soon as I stepped off the plane they veered everyone to a line and all of us were asked to complete a Traveler Health Form or be fined
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