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May 31 41 tweets 22 min read
🚨🚨THREAD: Flynn response to governments motion to change venue from FL to DC

If you click below you can get up to speed so far. @GenFlynn is suing the US Government for malicious prosecution and abuse of process. The government filed a motion to move the case from the middle…… General Flynn is represented by @JGreaves1787 of the Binnall Law Group. @jbinnall Image
May 23 84 tweets 41 min read
🚨🚨MEGA THREAD: Missouri v. Biden

Many of you have heard me discuss this case in detail, as I have been reporting on it diligently for the past year. However, some of you are unsure of why it is important, or what it all means. This thread will serve as a summary to this point,…… Missouri v. Biden was filed on May 5, 2022. Since it was initially filed, it has taken quite a trip through the court system. The complaint has been amended 3 times, with the most recent amendment being to transform the case into a class suit - this due to the overwhelming……
May 16 13 tweets 8 min read
🚨🚨Kari Lake: Signature Verification Going to Trial; Order is a Problem - Judge Limiting Scope/Changing Complaint

That title is the best way I can explain what is happening in the Lake case right now.

On Friday, there was a hearing on the Defendants Motion to Dismiss on the…… The judge denied the reconsideration - and denied the motion to dismiss the signature verification claims. However, in his order, he makes a series of statements that appear to contradict each other and also misrepresent Lake’s complaint. For example:

Here he seems to…… Image
May 15 7 tweets 3 min read
From Durhams “report.” People refused to cooperate. So they just give up? This was a criminal investigation. Image This report is terrible so far. I started out very hopeful that Durham would do something. Once the first “indictment” rolled around I had completely changed that assessment. People were angry with me for saying it - but it needed to be said. Image
May 10 38 tweets 20 min read
🚨🚨THREAD: New Filing in @KariLake election integrity case

RECAP: There is a hearing on Friday to determine how the new action on the signature verification will go forward. This is being filed as a separate motion for relief from judgement.

Get popcorn, coffee, whatever.…… Image New evidence shows Maricopa falsely certified that it passed L&A testing, and then secretly tested all of the tabulators on three different days. It also shows they KNEW that 260 of the tabulators WOULD FAIL on Election Day. Image
May 2 21 tweets 8 min read
🚨🚨Missouri v. Biden:

There has been an interesting filing in this groundbreaking censorship/1A case. The government has filed notice regarding the substitution of “official-capacity” defendants. What follows is SIX PAGES of replacements or terminations of defendants named in…… Image From the Executive Office of the President:

Courtney Rowe out, Dori Salcido- IN.

Rowe was the former Director of Strategic Communications and Engagement for COVID-19. Image
May 2 20 tweets 11 min read
🚨THREAD: The USG doesn’t want the Flynn case to be heard in Florida. This will be a thread of their legal argument for doing so. For the full motion, see:… They start with precedent; in short, the Plaintiff’s choice of venue shouldn’t be disturbed unless the defendant (in this case the government) can show that it is clearly outweighed by other consideration, and that it the Plaintiff’s choice of venue is granted less weight when…… Image
Apr 24 11 tweets 7 min read
🚨THREAD: I think today is a great day for questions, do you?! #TheSuspendables had a list of questions they released, and I have had a chance to go through them all now and I think these are things that every American needs the answers to. So let’s take a look, shall we?…… ImageImageImageImage Jennifer Moore is in charge of Human Resources, Training and Security Clearance responsibilities at the FBI. We published emails given to us by a whistleblower, but SCRIBD removed them, because they didn’t want you to see them. Jen is one of the people responsible for merging…… Image
Apr 19 6 tweets 2 min read
This is really something. The judge doesn’t mince words with Bragg. The subpoena is legally valid, and Bragg can’t challenge OTHER subpoenas he has issue with by judge shopping. This judge has ordered retention over all of them. See next tweets for a few examples, but I suggest…… Image
Apr 18 4 tweets 2 min read
THREAD: This deserves more commentary. There was a hearing today in front of the house where former high level gov officials told the committee things YOU probably already knew about the origin of COVID because people like US were busting our asses for the truth.

Lots of…… In the next tweet is a culmination of all of our COVID reporting through September of 2021. We have enough since for two more volumes.

We were called conspiracy theorists. They tried to destroy us. I refused to back down.

To this day, we have not had to make ONE correction or……
Apr 15 24 tweets 13 min read
🚨THREAD: There have been new filings in the @KariLake case at the AZ Supreme Court.

REFRESH: If you remember, Hobbs and Fontes asked the SC for sanctions against Lake, and the court gave dates for briefing. When Lake briefed, not only did they dispute the sanctions, but they…… First, I will share some of the response to the original Lake rebuttal brief, that I threaded above. Then, I will share the rebuttal to THAT made by @KariLake and her attorneys.
Apr 10 28 tweets 15 min read
🚨THREAD: @KariLake has filed a brief in the AZ Supreme Court opposing the sanctions proposed against her for raising the argument that 35,563 ballots were unaccounted for and added to the total ballots at Runbeck.

Hobbs et al had argued this was a brand new claim (false) and…… Image Lake attorney’s are asking the court to not only deny sanctions against them, but also to consider the brief they just filed as a motion for reconsideration. To read more about the weaponization of sanctions by those who wish to punish honest legal pursuits in AZ, you can read…… Image
Mar 21 42 tweets 17 min read
🚨THREAD: Yesterday in GA, Trump attorneys filed a Motion to Quash the Special Purpose Grand Jury and any evidence derived from it. Here is how CNN chose to portray the filing.

As usual, there is much, much more than meets the eye. Image I am going to begin this thread, but I will likely have to pick it up later on as I have a meeting breaking up my mid-day. Ready?
Mar 17 31 tweets 13 min read
🚨THREAD: Lake v. Hobbs in the Supreme Court of Arizona

This thread will detail the Hobbs/Maricopa et al. response to Kari Lake's petition at the AZ Supreme Court AND the Lake response to that. That isn't typical, but the Defendants in the case misrepresented the record, so the…… Here are the filings for your review.

1. Hobbs response:…
Mar 15 4 tweets 3 min read
THREAD: The day CISA changed their website was the day that Missouri filed the proposed findings of fact that listed what @MikeBenzCyber detailed in this thread (and more).…… This is a VITAL piece of this story that is missing. We need to get @ShellenbergerMD attention. I’ve gotten this to @MikeBenzCyber - he will be reading up shortly. I’ll provide excerpts now.
Mar 7 18 tweets 11 min read
🚨🚨Absolutely STUNNING remarks from Jen Easterly, the head of CISA:

“One could argue that we’re in the business of protecting critical infrastructure, and the most critical infrastructure is our cognitive infrastructure,” Easterly said. “We now live in a world where people talk…… Image More: This mandate extends to nearly every single facet of American life, including the financial sector and more. CISA has determined itself to be the arbiter of whatever truth they define, and will stop at nothing to censor Americans who think differently, or present the…… ImageImage
Mar 5 89 tweets 37 min read
🚨THREAD: General Michael Flynn (RET) filed a lawsuit against the United States for malicious prosecution and abuse of process. (@GenFlynn)

If you never fully understood what happened or didn't know, this thread is for you.… This story is one of (if not the) most important stories of our time. There are so many people out there who are unaware of the depravity that occurred with this case.

There are more still who are COMPLETELY uninformed.

People think that @GenFlynn went to jail. He didn't.
Mar 2 34 tweets 17 min read
🚨THREAD: Lake v. Hobbs filed at the AZ Supreme Court. This will be the analysis and breakdown of the filing. Please see here for document:… There are a number of people who argue that there was “no evidence” of any fraud or issue that could render the results of the gubernatorial election uncertain. THAT is the standard of law that should be used when courts consider an election. The lower courts refused to use this……
Mar 1 4 tweets 1 min read
There is a very large group on social media who aren’t interested in anything that doesn’t feed their wishes and hopes for whatever topic. They don’t care about anything other than their desired outcome, and it doesn’t matter how they get there, even if the road is filled with…… They will hold up complete strangers on a pedestal, accepting anything they say, while they shit all over people they’ve known for years and have never steered them wrong. They don’t care about truth.
Feb 28 66 tweets 29 min read
🚨THREAD: AZ Cartel corruption and Public Officials. The case of John Thaler.

It will be VERY important that you read this ENTIRE thread. Don’t grab a tweet, don’t make assumptions.

I have to make a few statements before I begin. 1. I don’t doubt for a SECOND that there is corruption between cartel’s in AZ and elected officials, judges, etc. This has been an ongoing thread in AZ for decades. So, this thread isn’t going to piece through the testimony and disprove each document one by one.

When I……