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18 Sep
If there was a Tupac and Selena picture it would already be on the official flag of a splinter state of Texas.
When that level of two subculture icons from RIP-art loving cultures merge it creates a supernova event that creates a new cultural geography with attendant changes to geopolitics.
The spray painted El Caminos alone would have destabilized the Americas.
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16 Sep
Passive aggression is the glue that binds white people to whiteness
Passive aggression is how you learn to enact the domination of structural whiteness in your everyday life. It becomes the religion, the market, the rituals - everything.
I should be writing lol
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16 Sep
At least once a week. I think about it at least once a week.
In the most obscure aside, one of you recommended this book to me ages ago. You’ll see the ideas again in a future something. But in my personal reflections, there is an intersection of consuming the racial other & the power of eating the cute…
My working theory is: The aggression that “cute” evokes (guilty here; I eat babies but that’s irrelevant) merges with the desire to consume blackness in a way that makes white people —women especially because white women gatekeep cute —raging cannibals when they engage with me.
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14 Sep
I started a little indie show called The Crown. You probably haven’t heard of it. These people are horrible.
I will say that one good thing about being royal is somebody packs your luggage for you. So there’s that.
This is too many rules and everybody is so racist.
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11 Sep
I spent the morning explaining the Applebee’s song to Vivian.

“Is this what they call influencing?! Am I influenced??
“I’m confused. Did he make the song FOR Applebee’s or does he really take his girlfriend to Applebee’s.”
“I like the dance. I’m going to learn it. I can’t look any crazier than he does!”
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9 Sep
Put down what you’re playing with and look at me. Look directly at me with both your eyes and your ears. Still yourself. Hear me good:

Anyone who promises that the thing they are asking you to do for free or cheap will be “easy” and “low lift” is absolutely lying to you.
They are nice people…and they’re lying.

They like you, love you, respect you…and they’re lying.

They do not mean you any harm..and they’re lying.
Every ask is a significant commitment and you need to know that and believe it and act like it. Do it for love or to get into heaven. But just know that it will not be easy, fast, low lift, quick or anything similar.
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7 Sep
I do not talk about it because I don't need that hassle and I'm not really talking about it now. I'm *complaining*, which is different. But somewhere along the way I started and grew a whole ass business and holy crap is it overwhelming.
The only acceptable responses to this complaining is to 1) talk private ish about me in your group chat 2) tell me how sorry you are for me 3) offer me things to feel better that is NOT bread.
You add to this the notable increase in administration that my professor job entails and it is all my least favorite things at one time.
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7 Sep
This is the kind of fantasy people have about higher education and progressivism. It is a causal boondoggle, depends on one’s definition of “sure fire”, and has notable exceptions so notable that it begs the question of the rule altogether
Do people less likely to become conservative reactionaries become that way because they go to college or are those people just more likely to go to college? There are a few surveys that try at causation but it’s a noisy mess (and I think they’re old).
I am fine with thinking higher education is generally good but I suspect that we hit the ceiling of how many white men college can turn into liberals long ago. No reason to think that this is a trend line.
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4 Sep
The move. I still have anxiety flashbacks. Whew. I eventually got everything I needed but not everything I wanted. And forget about it on services like electricians or a handyman.
You cannot even trick for a handyman type like the old days because fools out here unvaccinated. Or, uh, so I’ve heard.
I was hacked.
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4 Sep
Yep. They don’t even try to sell you. They don’t care. There are no cars and where are you going to go? Exactly.
I recently ordered a car that might be here in November. And they said that with a wink.
And my sister closed her small business because she couldn’t source the tins for her product. And frankly I can’t find the good pickles.
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4 Sep
Okay so this is a great entry in Marvel’s multicultural collection. No spoilers but I could have done without Awkafina. And similar to BP, the hero is arguably the least interesting character. But the fight sequences! The looks! The women!
About 2/3 of the way through I had a hankering to count the hero’s lines of dialogue. He had like 20. 🤷🏾‍♀️
But honestly you’re here for the sister and the auntie. Which is maybe how it should be. I, for one, look forward to the “Marvel: Aunties” feature in the mid future.
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3 Sep
I’m all for mobility and also Jesus himself would have to move me from the south. The people here are literally everywhere.
Having said that, you couldn’t get me to Texas. But I know why Texans wouldn’t leave Texas either.
On a complete tangent, I often think about how weird it is to move. Moving is actually quite strange. But we talk about it like it’s normal and desirable. Moving is weird.
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2 Sep
Join us at @unc_citap as @alicetiara and I talk with @Greene_DM about his phenomenal book, “The Promise of Access: Technology, Inequality & The Political Economy of Hope.”
I have taught this book three times now, to a range of graduate students in both sociology and the iSchool. It is a great foundational text for critical organizational studies of knowledge production, STS & comparative qualitative methods.
Library science students at especially engaged with this test. In my experience so far they are quite hungry for theoretically sophisticated case studies of urban libraries. Dan’s book is great for that.
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1 Sep
You know how hood businesses have signs with all these rules and it’s because they have NO margin for error and their customers chafe at the rules because they also have NO margin for error and so the whole thing becomes antagonistic when it should just be chicken wings & vibes?
That’s weddings to me at this point. A good delivery vehicle for chicken wings at some historical point that has been ruined by insurance and rents and wage theft and no amount of rules can fix that and no chicken wings can ever be good enough to suffer through it.
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30 Aug
Y’all I have worked my ASS off to improve some of my health data points. Why did my doctor send a note saying she is concerned that I am not diabetic like that isn’t the point? lol
“Your A1C is low and we should test again because I suspect a lab error.) = wow you’re fat and this is surprising 🙄
I will go back a second time but I am debating making a move if that visit doesn’t go great. I really miss my richmond doctor.
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29 Aug
I am here to report that Hallmark has an Asian American (female) lead premiering tonight.
It’s not their first but, well, how do I say this? It’s maybe the first that, uh, reads as Asian American.
Emory University is a character in this movie.
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27 Aug
You’re a good person because I would lie about the grocery store and see it so fast 😂
In my defense, any partner of mine wouldn’t expect anything else of me. “Defense”.
I exercise an extreme amount of impulse control in daily life. I cannot be expected to do it with movies and tv shows.
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26 Aug
I haven’t theorized it yet but people with broken website links in their bio are also broken people. There is something there.
Maybe the hyperlink is the tether to humanity. Am I writing a movie??? Is this it? Am I a screenwriter now?!
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26 Aug
The gent’s problem here is that email is free and Cialis is not.
You can do the prestige credential game, sure. I know the criticisms of software engineering. But emailing a WOMAN about something MEN did to masculinize a field is some top-notch basic Bobby trolling.
The idea that she should make herself illegible to her professional field so that you can pop off about comp sci majors is a real “do I need therapy” moment.
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24 Aug
Energy, frequency, vibe. Serious cross-cultural vocabulary for these conspiracy theories. I don’t know if anyone has traces these linguistic patterns.
I don’t know why but I’m a little embarrassed. A little second-hand embarrassed.
Anyway, amazing how quickly it moves from civil liberties to letting a woman know he wants to have sex with her. That’s always there in mask paranoia, of course. Women have said mask deniers miss their social dominance games. But he is EFFICIENT.
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23 Aug
The tragedy of a middle aged woman trying to be a late in life “athlete-like” person is I don’t know if I pulled my neck muscle while I was cycling or while I was sleeping.
I am legit walking into a doctor’s office tomorrow like, “could be an injury, could be my life”.
The problem, it would seem, is that I have a neck at all…
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