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💙Insta: truthbybasya🤍Parler: basya 🇺🇸For the rousing of the people is with the collapsing of the matrix with the truth by these cyber-soldiers. #Qanon 🤍🐸
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2 Jul 20
🇺🇸THREAD: For Qanons and other truth finders: How to respond when someone tells you that “You sound really crazy right now” Or “That’s a conspiracy theory”: #qanon #thegreatawakening
Them: “You know you sound like a weirdo right?”
You: “It’s either TRUE, or it’s NOT true...”🤷🏻
Society has been programmed by the fake news, the education system, and language structure itself, to put incoming data into categories that DO NOT MEAN ANYTHING when it comes to truth finding!
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29 Jun 20
🇺🇸Today somebody asked me how mask mandates are in conflict with the Constitution, here’s what I said: THREAD
1. First Amendment. People cannot speak freely with their mask on, as clearly indicated by the many Democrat officials who take off their masks every time they are addressing the public.
2. Second Amendment. Current laws prohibit the use of self- defense equipment while wearing a mask.
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31 May 20
How to spot a Deep State plant: Imagine that one of your Facebook friends, perhaps someone you knew, starts to post about Walmart every day. Every day she posts about how awesome it is and how much she loves Walmart. Let’s say this goes on for a...(#qanon )..
...few years. A few days a week she goes to Walmart and raves about the different products she is getting. Whenever she hears anyone say anything *bad* about Walmart, even just statistics and facts, she calls them a bunch of names....
...Would you *start* to get suspicious that maybe she works for Walmart?..
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