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#PaperBallots #HandCounted Anyone that says investigative journalism is the enemy doesn’t want you to know the truth.
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11 May 19
Q&A session Jim Baker is asked abt the greatest NS threat.

“I’m tremendously worried abt [Russian cyber] w the 2020 election... our systems are highly vulnerable... there’s 8,800 jurisdictions. There’s a lot of attack surface.”

“The bad guys don’t have to go after all of it (election systems). They have to pick these precincts in those states that will flip the election. That’s what I worry about.” — Jim Baker

@thejimbaker they did it in 2016. Trumps vote % increased based on precinct size Look👇🏽

Trumps vote % increases as precinct size goes up again & again. This is only possible by manipulation.

@thejimbaker See this excellent thread & url link to the evidence. Thank you for speaking up. Please do what you can @FBI w this information

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8 Apr 19
Something is very off with voting in Cambria PA.

45,512 registered Democrats (55% of the county)

29,947 reg GOP

7,932 reg Independent

2016 Primary Cambria PA

18,040 voted for Democrats

16,573 voted for GOP in the Primary

Democrats got 52% of Primary votes (3% less than registered Democrats in Cambria)

18,040 Democratic votes in the Cambria, PA 2016 Primary BUT...

In the General HRC only got 18,867 votes, just 827 more Dem votes than in the Primary? 🤔

Democrats had 52% of the vote in the Primary but it dropped to 30% In the General

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31 Mar 19
2016 Presidential election 7 counties in North Carolina flipped from Obama to Trump.

Obama won Robeson, NC by 17.41 pts it flipped to Trump who won by 4.83. A 22pt swing.

Robeson, NC has long been known as one of the strongest democratic counties in North Carolina.

71% of registered voters are minorities. 38% Native American, 24% African American, 8% Hispanic. 29% white.

Nov 2016: Robeson, NC

50,796 registered Democrats

9,593 registered GOP

A solid democratic county made up of American Indians & African Americans yet Trump won Robeson? 🤔

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10 Mar 19
Time to revisit this 08/15/16 WaPo article

Trump says at a PA rally the only way HRC can win PA [& other states] is if they falsify results in certain areas of the state

Trump was down 9pts but insists HRC might rig the election

" On Saturday, his campaign unveiled an effort to somehow formalize the campaign's fraud-prevention system, encouraging sign-ups on their website for "Trump Election Observers."

Manafort did the same in Ukraine

After the 2004 rigged election in Ukraine which led to the Orange Revolution & ousting Yanukovych, Yanukovych hired an American consultant to help the Party of Regions in the parliamentary elections.
👀 A cable released by >>Wikileaks noted the addition to Yanukovych's team.

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25 Feb 19
2015 Lewandowski met with Cambridge Analytica in TT.

“Donald Trump wants the Brits [CA] here now.” Bannon said. It was Bannon’s relationship with Trump that brought Cambridge Analytica on board BUT... 🔥 1/…
Spring 2015. Trump wanted Cambridge Analytica there [working] ASAP but did not want to be [publicly] associated with Cambridge Anaytica or the Mercer’s. Trump “wanted to use an intermediary company to conceal the relationship” 🔥
2015 Bannon said he was secretly working as Trumps campaign manager 3/…
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27 Jan 19
At 5:34pm election night Vlasto emailed Bossie the polling data he requested. Trump was down 5-8pts in 8 key states. The polls at this point had never been wrong.

Bossie shared the data w Bannon, Preibus & Kushner 1/ ImageImage
Frank Luntz over at Fox was given Fox exit polls at 5:03pm election night. It wasn’t even close. Hillary would be President.

Luntz says Trump had the (illegally obtained) polls & knew what he knew. 2/ ImageImage
August 2016 Roger Stone writes a column for the Hill accusing Priebus of rigging Wisconsin elections.

Step 1 publish a rigged poll
Step 2 rig the voting

3/ Image
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29 Apr 18
For those that are new & want to make sense of what’s going on &/or
For Trump’s #MAGA base this thread is why the left is screaming Russia Russia Russia… 1/
'04 Manafort remade a pro-Putin thug politician image in Ukraine in2 someone electable using dirty tricks & mob $.
“I can tell you he’s a real specialist,” says Manafort’s friend Dmitry Firtash, the Ukrainian billionaire and former partner to the Kremlin”…
Manafort’s partners in Ukraine were Russian GRU agent Kilimnik, Kremlin tied Oligarch Deripaska, Firtash (known mob ties) & partner Gates. Manafort is now looking at 305 yrs of prison. Gates flipped.

Deripaska was previously biz partners with Ivanka & Jareds friend Abramovich
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4 Sep 17
1/ Chance of getting struck by lightning 1/12,000 Chance Trump won the election 1/13,110 Truth is in the data, Trump did NOT win THREAD >>
2/ Polls r used WW to determine the legitimacy of an election. If Polls were this far off in another country the U.S.A. would NOT validate.
3/ What’s up Ohio! Did you know it’s mathematically impossible that Trump won Ohio based on results vs polls :/
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