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13 Sep
We've found that a lot of folks are having a hard time wrapping their heads around the supply chain issues, so here is a thread doing my best to explain:
PAPER: There's a paper shortage, which is driving up costs. Demand for wood is SUPER high (you may have heard about lumber shortages), & there isn't enough to go around, which causes delays in obtaining materials to make paper AND increases the cost.
Paper mills have been cutting production for years due to lack of demand, then the pandemic hit & production was cut even more. The demand has increased much more than expected, & paper mills just don't have the raw materials or the workforce to keep up.
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14 Sep 20
Randomly, for no other reason than we love books, here is a great list of some of our favorite SF/F books written by trans & nonbinary authors. Drop your favorites in the replies!
The Tensorate series by @itsneonyang, starting with The Black Tides of Heaven
The Future of Another Timeline by @Annaleen (paperback out Oct. 6!)
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