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8 Apr
From 2018: "Cambridge Analytica is what happens when you privatise military propaganda" by Adam Ramsay…
"The 2nd Iraq War was notable for... acceleration of another key stage... encroachment of market forces into the deepest corner of the state. During the invasions of Iraq & Afghanistan, according to the campaign group War on Want, private military companies "burst onto the scene"
"At the height of the Iraq War, around 80 private companies were involved in the occupation. In 2003, when UK and US forces unleashed "shock and awe" ... down cable TV wires, the Foreign Office spent £12.6m on British private security firms"
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8 Apr
@SenWhitehouse @SenSherrodBrown @SenatorCardin @SenatorLeahy Dear Senators: I’m writing you to you this morning because, being from Texas and all, I don’t have a Senator who represents reasonable people.
Here at the top, I need to acknowledge the obvious: Y’all have a lot of important things on your plates. And, of course, I’m seeking to add another item.
As you doubtless appreciate, the Foreign Agents Registration Act (FARA) of 1938 was farsighted for its time. It is admired in other parts of the world. And, as you also know, it’s flawed and desperately needs updating. I don’t have specific recommendations in this regard.
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8 Apr
A reminder about Boris Nemtsov and whistleblowing about Gazprombank and Firtash from 2008:…
"When RosUkrEnergo was created, the founder of it was Gazprombank. But, in fact, Gazprombank does not belong to Gazprom, it belongs to friends of Vladimir Putin – brothers Mikhail and Yuri Kovalchuk."
"B. Nemtsov stressed he still regrets that he did not publicize this information in his book “Putin. Results”, which was presented on February 7, 2008."
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7 Apr
A fascinating, detailed article (keep scrolling down to read it all) from 2019 about Kolomoisky and PrivatBank: "Oligarchs Weaponized Cyprus Branch of Ukraine’s Largest Bank to Send $5.5 Billion Abroad"…
As noted before, PrivatBank had an influential supporter (in the UK): John Mills. ……
And, as also noted before, John Mills' son-in-law is David Sowells... he of Tricuro, LLC... who works with Charles "Chip" Andreae as part of Andreae & Associates.
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6 Apr
I love a good mystery, don’t you? The barest outline of this mystery has an odd resonance: reference to the Office of the Prosecutor General; desire of a foreign government to make high-level contacts with Team Trump; and a strange, some might say, shady set of intermediaries.
Let’s start here: Two months before the 2020 Presidential—a mysterious organization (no, not Veselnitskaya’s Human Rights Accountability Global Initiative) from Ukraine hires a DC/London operative to get key meetings with Trumpworld.…
The mysterious Ukrainian organization claims that its delegation will include: “top officials from Ukraine’s central bank, the state-owned Export-Import Bank of Ukraine and the Prosecutor General’s Office…” Impressive, no?
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6 Apr
"Consultant's provision of services will be fully compliant with the Mutual Non-Disclosure Agreement signed on March 9, 2017 between Consultant and Global Strategy Limited and appended hereto as Annex 1 ("NDA") and Consultant acknowledges Client's right to enforce the
terms of.."
"... the terms of the NDA in full and in addition to any recourse provided under this Agreement."…
In some coverage of the above referenced FARA filing, I have seen "Global Strategy Limited" referred to as the holding company or mother company for "Andreae & Associates." Which *kinda* makes sense when you look at their URL:
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11 Jul 20
This is a story about science… told by a non-scientist. It begins over twenty years ago when a team of researchers (including a physician/geneticist) was peering into the hearts of flies. They noticed something that surprised them.
That something would later be identified as the receptor for the SARS virus, and later still as the primary receptor for the novel coronavirus (COVID-19).
That something is now, arguably, the most studied enzyme in history. It’s Angiotensin Converting Enzyme 2 (ACE2, for short.)
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5 May 20
May 5, 2020: "MORE THAN A FLU: How Covid-19 kills"…
"Covid-19 is much more than just a respiratory infection. Initial autopsy studies show what clinical reports have already indicated: the new coronavirus not only attacks lung cells, but also the vascular system and various organs."
""We saw very heavy, blood-congested lungs with pronounced edema," says Alexander Tzankov from the University Hospital Basel. The pathologist conducted one of the first autopsy studies on Covid-19 dead. What he and his team found was astonishing..."
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5 Mar 20
One of my… interesting… jobs in college was as a telephone pollster (political polls mostly) for a successful Texas survey organization. It was located in Houston’s Montrose area across the street from a methadone clinic.
I learned a little bit about how, under (how shall I put this) unusual circumstances, you might have to build a survey base from the ground up.
The South Texas Nuclear Power Plant needed a telephone survey built and completed for residents within a 10-mile radius of the plant. Why? Because they were installing an alarm and notification service… (You wouldn't wanna miss that alarm. Trust me.)
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