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23 Feb
Just when I thought I'd seen the worst, most disgusting pieces of shit the medical profession has to offer I discover this piece of worthless scum.
L. Lewis Wall, a professor of gynecology who actually defends James Marion Sims, and claims that people who find murder and rape
and human experimentation to be unethical are just attacking him.
You are goddamn I am attacking Sims, he was a murderer, rapist, and probably a serial killer, he was a mixologist, he admitted women disgusted him, he admitted he got off on killing and inflicting pain.
and if you can find a way to defend or justify that I can't help but feel you are probably every bit of the misogynistic bastard he was.

Imagine if I wrote an article about why Ted Bundy was just misunderstood, or how mean and awful it was for people call Richard Rameriz a
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