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16 Feb
Deepak Nitrite Ltd conference call was today at 12:00 clock

"Expects to grow at about 25% growth in next couple of years"

Here are the key takeaways Thread
Business Updates:
β€’ Growth is from the segment of specialty chemical and Phenolics.
β€’ Demand and utilization returning to pre-covid level.
β€’ Recovery in domestic economic market (around 31% growth), with export revenue growth by 12.9%
β€’ Segmental result shown in image
β€’ Land development activity has commenced at the newly acquired site measuring 127 acres at Dahej.

β€’ Balance Sheet of the company remains strong.
β€’ Growth in Phenolics was majorly because of volume growth. Deepak Phenolics at D/E ratio of 0.28 times.
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15 Feb
Uflex Ltd conference call was on 11th November

"Expects to grow at about 25% growth in next couple of years"

Here are the key takeaways πŸ§΅πŸ‘‡
Business Updates:
β€’ Sales and PAT grewt by 89% and 50.8% YoY
β€’ Green field plant expansion in Karnataka
β€’ Brown field CTP line to be set up in UAE and a BOPET line in Poland
β€’ Started trial runs in Poland plans.
β€’ Mgmt expects largest volume gwth with completion of expansion
β€’ Margin and Packing business were but lower in QoQ basis, because of reversal of decline in raw material prices which was there in Q1 and Q2.
β€’ Hence the margins on these front were lower compare to Q1 and Q2.
β€’ Focus remains now on value added products.
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13 Feb
Once Harshad Mehta's manipulated stock " Acc limited " conducted their conference call on 12th February around 11:00 Am.

"Company focusing growth with brand power"

Here are the key takeaways 😊
- The company have taken various initiatives related to the wellbeing of employees.

- They had a key focus towards health cost and cash for their organisation.

- The company had tried to attain competitive advantage in areas of its product and technology.
- The Company believes in sustainable value creation to scale up and innovation.

- Currently Company has 17 operating cement plants , 80 readymade concrete plants.

- Annual level capacity utilisation of the plants is around 72 percent.
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4 Feb
Sequent scientific conference call was today at 8:45 am

"Sequent is Execution focused company. It is more of a Rahul David than Viru bhai."

Here are the key takeaways πŸ˜ƒ
Business overview

- Host of initiatives taken by company to take itself to the next orbit.

- Revenue growth was driven by API and formulation business

- There were some problems in growth in Europe due to second wave.

- Business in India a doubled in last 9 months
- Overall on 9 months European business grew by 2%

- Highest growth was seen in Latin America market.

- API business has driven the overall growth

- Company has completed the de-bottle necking of the existing project
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3 Feb
The Lifestyle product company "Vaibhav global" had their conference call on 2nd February around 5:30 pm

"A company which received best corporate governance award and best work space award. "

Here are the key takeaways😊

@VijayKedia1 @nid_rockz @Milind4profits
- Company is still taking excessive precautions when It comes to covid 19.

- Retail space have experienced a complete structural shift in the lock period.

- There was no major impact of Us elections on the business.
- Change in customer preference have led strong attraction on omnichannel retail pillers of company

- The company had an USP of having bottom cost and price discovery.

- Multiple platforms are been used to create demand.
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3 Feb
Minda corporation concall was today at 6:00 pm

Here are the key takeaways πŸ˜‡
Business overview

- Auto industry in 3rd quarter saw overall growth.

- The auto companies had the challenges to ramp up the supply but Minda supported all its auto clients.

- Transition to BS 6 helped the company to generate highest ever profit.
- Company has announced interim dividend.

- Company is going to give greater focus in electric vehicle space and ESG.

- Company remains committed to the customer by providing best in class technology.
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3 Feb
Solara Active Pharma Science con call was today at 3:30 PM.

@Gautam__Baid @unseenvalue @drprashantmish6 @rdkriplani

Here are the key takeaways of the call. πŸ‘‡πŸ§΅
Business Updates:

β€’ Speed of filing products has been increased. Filed 5 new DMFs – 3 in US and 2 in EU
β€’ Currently ramping up the facility in VIZAG with strong customer attraction, and will be commercialized as planned in Q3
β€’ VIZAG EBIDTA growth guidance changed to 40%+ YoY
β€’ Growth Driver: Broad based growth in other products and Vizag.

β€’ PLI: Company has filed Mysore for PLI scheme for 1 molecule.

β€’ Technology: Company is about to complete its 2 out of 3 technology, which will enhance efficiency for Solara.
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3 Feb
The Agro chemical cum pharma company "PI industries" had their conference call today at around 2:00 pm

"Technology is the major key for further growth"

Here are the key takeaways 😊
About business
- Exports have increased 40% YOY with pro-active raw material planning , had effective capital utilisation and inventory management.

- Companies domestic revenue increased by 26% YOY .

- Company have strong control over their overhead costs.
- The companies manufacturing facilities are building back to pre-covid levels.

- Dispite Covid disruption company managed to deliver increment in net working capital to sales.
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3 Feb
Shankara Building Products concall was today at 11:30 AM πŸ˜€

Here are the Key takeaways from the earning call πŸ‘‡πŸ§΅
Business Updates:
β€’ Q3 has seen uptick in the demand and co. is at its 80% of the pre-covid sales.
β€’ There has been pick up in all the segment.
β€’ Affordable Housing Segment has seen growth in the driver of business.
β€’ Retail sector has seen 14% of the revenue growth. Revenue contribution 60%.
β€’ Company has decreased the number of stores, as co. believes that they can work more efficiently with less number of stores.
β€’ Avg ticket size of the company has been increased. (See image)
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3 Feb
Cera sanitaryware conducted the concall today at 10:30 AM

"Massive demand has been seen in this sector after 8 years"

Here are the key highlights of the callπŸ˜€

Opening remarks

- Reduced interest of loan has led to increase in demand for new homes.

- Elasticity of demand has been observed in real estate.

- Faucet wear growth has been in positive trajectory.
- Overall demand was robust across all the verticals.

- Projects sites were opened in Q2 were

- Lower interest cost and lower stamp duty is one of the main reason for increase in real estate demand
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2 Feb
Coromandel international concall was today at 2:30 pm

Here are the key takeaways πŸ˜ƒ

Business Overview

- Agriculture sector grew by 3% in india all due to good khareef season.

- Vaccination drive might prevent 2nd wave

- Govt expenditure on rural economy was commendable

- Good monsoon has resulted in higher reservoir levels
- Overall Paddy is up by 3%.

- The govt has announced additional expenditure if 65k crores in subsidies.

- Fertilizer industry: Sales volumes were down on YoY basis

- Consumption at the farm level was down by 5%
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2 Feb
Tata Consumer concall was today at 6:30 PM

Tata Products continuous to remain at strong growth and expects to launch new product soon.

Here are the Key takeaways from the earning call πŸ§΅πŸ‘‡
Strengthening core business-
β€’ Advertsised in IPL and KBC, branding Tata Gold.
β€’ Launched product poha

β€’ Lacunhed Kambucha and and continue growing brand in Tea and Coffee.
β€’ Laucnh Tata Gold Coffee in America.

New engines of growth presented in image
Strengthening Synergies:
β€’ Common distributors in India for better supply chain.
β€’ Running toward wholesale model to retail model.
β€’ Company has increased the outlet expansion, and have worked on improving the transport and warehousing management system
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2 Feb
Neuland Laboratories concall was today at 5:00 PM

@unseenvalue @darshanvmehta1 @drprashantmish6 @punitbansal14 @suru27 @rdkriplani

Hope customer book of Neuland to remain as booked and full just like today's conference callπŸ˜‚

Here are the Key takeaways from the earning callπŸ‘‡
Business Updates:
β€’ Price growth drivers were Levetiracetam and Mirtazapine.
β€’ Commercialization of Unit 3 has begun and 2 API have been shipped in.
β€’ Neuland has filed Donepezil based with USDFA.
Q from @unseenvalue sir: Growth opportunity in Peptide (esp. on generic)

β€’ Involved in many molecule discovery in generic side
β€’ Co. has seen value on generic capacity, GDS being continuous play for the company
β€’ Co. may have partnership for generic side of business as well.
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2 Feb
Dixon Technologies con call was today at 4:00 PM.

"Company will be focusing on expenditure in R&D and disciplined capital allocation for future growth"

Here are the key takeaways of the call. πŸ˜€

@sonalbhutra @drprashantmish6 @varinder_bansal @Milind4profits @gvkreddi

Opening remarks

- Company had a good all around performance with highest sales.

- Growth of 120% in revenue

- EBITDA had a robust growth of 89%.

- Growth has been broad based.

- order book continues to be very strong.

- Growth is reflected across businesses.
- Overall demand outlook remains positive

- Due to global trade mismatch in commodity prices resulted in higher input cost and disturbed supply chain

- It could disturb the ODM revenue a bit
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1 Feb
Hester bio concall was on 30th Jan

πŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ Management is visionary and has a great growth mindset πŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ

"Company is looking for aggressive expansion plans"

@Gautam__Baid @drprashantmish6

Here are the Key takeaways πŸ˜€

- Sales: Rs. 52.82 crores on quarterly basis. Rise in the net profit of 72% on QoQ basis.

- Poultry Healthcare division grew 32%

- Animal Healthcare division registered 4% growth.
- There has been an improvement in gross profit margin.

- Vaccines in both Poultry and animal division registered a 20% growth on QoQ basis

- Health product side the company registered growth 48% on QoQ basis
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30 Jan
BlueStar ltd. concall was yesterday evening

"We are witnessing a huge investment in manufacturing sector consequent to domestic demand growth and localization under atma Nirbhar bharat programme."

Here are the concall key takeaways πŸ˜€

Financial highlights

- Business continued to stage and encouraging recovery and has almost scaled up to last year's qiarter level

- An improved customer buying sentiment continued in Q3 supported by more stable business environment
- Casflows remain stable

- Revenue from operations recovered 90.9%

- Ebitda was Rs. 81.56 crores. Driven by improved profitability across all segments

- Tax expense was Rs. 12.96 crores

- Net profit grew 86% compared to last year quarter.

- Rs. 3157.9 crore: order book
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29 Jan
IRCTC conducted their earnings con-call today at 11.30 AM

Here are the key takeaways of the call πŸ˜€πŸ‘‡

- Tourism segment was affected the most during the pandemic.

- Unique proposition is through mass transportation where they connect people to places of religious importance.

- Each tour has 700 to 800 people. Last tour which company started got filled in 4 days.
Tourism evolution

- Tejas is a travel moat

- In Mass tourism all things are taken cared off.

- 2 bharat Darshan trains are running at great capacity. And planning to complete many such tours.
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29 Jan
Laurus Labs conducted their earnings con-call today at 11:00 am

Here are the key highlights πŸ˜€πŸ‘‡

@unseenvalue @drprashantmish6 @punitbansal14 @shrutiahuja110 @SwarnashishC

Business Updates:
β€’ Contributor for this year was the robust product basket.
β€’ Formulation contribution of 39%.
β€’ See product filing in image
β€’ Continue investing in infrastructure.
β€’ De-bottle-necking the plant continuous to remain online.
β€’ Expanding capacities in key API.
β€’ See the segment revenue breakup in the image.
β€’ Dedicated a special plant location for CRAMS Facility.
β€’ Richcore will be named as Lauruas Bio and acquired 100% in Richcore
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28 Jan
The human resource company Teamlease services Ltd conducted their earnings concall today at 4:00 pm

" A company which rolled out NETAP to provide on the job training to apprentices."

Here are the key take aways 😁

@chokhani_manish @koolvicky
@saketreddy @ananthng
- The company is India's leading supply chain company in the organized sector.

- With over 2.12 lakh trainees the company is trying to increase their business scale to new level.

- Companies "Putting india back to work" innitiative have worked to get out of covid times.
- Company have seen a great demand coming back from customers and they are on verge to attain pre covid levels.

- Strategic planning is done on how to select people from hiring.
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28 Jan
Ganesha Ecosphere conducted their earnings con-call today at 10:00 am

"Golden opportunites in the business to environmental fibre"

Here are the key highlights πŸ˜€πŸ‘‡
Business Updates:
β€’ Closed with 300 customer.
β€’ Plants started in phases. Recovery of textile sector in pandemic was slow.
β€’ Price of certain products has reach to pre-covid level.
β€’ With new capacity company is going to do filaments yarn and spurt yarn.
β€’ Bio-degradable fibre has capable of bio-degrade in land and ocean within an year.
β€’ company will be also starting short cut fibre which have application in cement industry.
β€’ Company is also working on re-cycle footprint which will have edge in the market over long term.
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27 Jan
Warren Buffet & Charlie Munger's wisdom on

- Circle of Competence (Q by @MohnishPabrai )
- Buy & Hold Strategy

Berskhire Hathaway AGM: 1999

@suru27 @ParikPatelCFA @ashishkila @ravidharamshi77 @_kirand @gauravgsgs @blitzkreigm @PuneetK009 @_anshulkhare


1). On LTCM:

Munger: What was interesting was how talented they were and then also got in so much trouble. It also demonstrates general system of finance involving derivatives is irresponsible.

Warren: Here you had extremely experienced people operating with their own money.
β€’ They went broke. Why do people risk losing something very important to gain something that’s totally unimportant? The added money has no utility whatsoever.
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