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3 May
@gebronson @jmariemucci @BillyRedHorse @ShameenYakubu @AoverK @fienixtaranova @joshthedavid @man_integrated Where do I start. Small farmers have been being put out of business by the increasing land carry costs since 1970's. Being forced to compete with larger & larger scale operations that have more access to cheap debt than them.

Industrialization allowed short term gains but
@gebronson @jmariemucci @BillyRedHorse @ShameenYakubu @AoverK @fienixtaranova @joshthedavid @man_integrated due to erosion & mineral chelation we have destroyed nearly all our topsoil. More & more inputs grow less & less crops.

Our animals have been overbred to fragile extremes, we feed them waste products & rely on medical inputs to keep them alive. The animal processing
@gebronson @jmariemucci @BillyRedHorse @ShameenYakubu @AoverK @fienixtaranova @joshthedavid @man_integrated Industry has centralized around giant & fragile entities that are wayy backlogged. Local farmers can't get cattle processed for like 12-18 months in most parts of the country.

Selling straight off farm is illegal most places so no way to I'm"unplug" the food chain.
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