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Command Sergeant Major, US Army Retired. I'm a registered Independent because the Republican Party is not nearly conservative enough for me. High Volume Tweeter
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Apr 10, 2020
Government Charity: More Loss, Debt and Inflation newswithviews.com/government-cha… No society can safeguard public health for long at the cost of economic health. Whenever massive government interventions have been tried, they have always ended in poverty, scarcity, and too often, mass death and genocide.
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Apr 9, 2020
Three Lessons That Must Be Learned newswithviews.com/three-lessons-… If we learn nothing else from our steel cage match with the Chinese Wuhan Communist Death Virus, let us at least learn these three lessons.

These are easy lessons. A ten-year-old could learn them.
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Apr 9, 2020
Developing a Vaccine for Media Bias newswithviews.com/developing-a-v… Media bias is like a coronavirus spreading around the world. Media are like modern germs. President Trump is our vaccine.
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Mar 27, 2020
You don’t have to dig very deep to discover the true beliefs of the influential leaders who are using genuine concerns about the environment to promote an agenda of fear and control. Please carefully consider the implications of the opinions that they so openly and freely express "We've got to ride this global warming issue.
Even if the theory of global warming is wrong,
we will be doing the right thing in terms of
economic and environmental policy."
- Timothy Wirth,
President of the UN Foundation
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Mar 27, 2020
Cuomo Deserves No Plaudits for His Handling of Crisis - American Greatness amgreatness.com/2020/03/26/cuo… The facts prove that Cuomo put his state, and yes, the country as a whole, in danger with his last-minute disaster planning and fealty to open borders. That should spark outrage, not admiration.
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Mar 26, 2020
Lessons To Be Learned newswithviews.com/lessons-to-be-… Relying on Red China as anything but a rogue dictatorship is folly. Everything we get from China has a sting in it. Trade with civilized people from now on, not communists.
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Mar 25, 2020
Masks, Masks, Where Are the Masks? disq.us/t/3n71d9e As the crisis grew the People’s Republic of China bought up the world’s supply of masks, at one point importing 20 million masks in 24 hours. American companies even eagerly donated masks. But why was the United States so unprepared for a run on masks before the pandemic arrived?
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Mar 25, 2020
There is, of course, no authority granted to him by the Constitution to do these things, but that doesn’t seem to matter to anyone in Washington anymore.

In the name of emergency, elected officials have jettisoned the rule of law. I will certainly acknowledge that there is an emergency and a crisis. Therefore, I want to make a suggestion that would put much-needed cash in the hands of hardworking everyday Americans in a way that is not only fair but constitutional — that is to say — lawful.
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Mar 25, 2020
Socialism is the Greater Crisis newswithviews.com/socialism-is-t… In many instances, one might say that under the banner of emergency, our liberties are being redefined as privileges by government rather than as gifts of God.
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Mar 24, 2020
Chinese Biowarfare Causes Economic Destruction newswithviews.com/chinese-biowar… tennesseestar.com/2020/03/20/com…
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Mar 24, 2020
A Frankenstein Monster Devouring the World newswithviews.com/a-frankenstein… In another Trump-bashing piece in the Washington Post, a professor noted, in passing, that “several Chinese labs participated more than 20 years ago in the human genome project,” as if this were a good thing.
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Mar 24, 2020
The Myth of War on Terror newswithviews.com/the-myth-of-wa… Since the tragic events of 9-11-2001, tens of thousands of books and articles have been written about this enigmatic ideology: Islam.
There have been too many definitions by Islamic scholars of exactly what Islam means.
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Mar 23, 2020
This Is No Ordinary Time In History newswithviews.com/this-is-no-ord… As human numbers increase to extremes around the planet: countries fight for water, energy, arable land, resources and turf. For example, China cannot feed its 1.4 billion people. It grows environmentally more unsustainable with each sunrise.
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Mar 22, 2020
Is This a Pandemic Or a DemPanic? newswithviews.com/is-this-a-pand… Are the powers-that-be withholding information about a deadly germ-warfare attack on the entire world, started by an aggrieved Chinese Communist nation that was perfectly happy with the Bush1 and Clinton1&2 and Bush1&2 and Obama1&2 regimes ...
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Mar 21, 2020
New York Wouldn't Spend $500 Mil on Ventilators, Willing to Spend $500 Mil On Illegals disq.us/t/3n22rjh Several years ago, after learning that the Empire State’s stockpile of medical equipment had 16,000 fewer ventilators than the 18,000 New Yorkers would need in a severe pandemic, state public-health leaders came to a fork in the road.
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Mar 21, 2020
Early on, the communists destroyed samples and suppressed vital information that could have helped mitigate the damage of the coronavirus. dailysign.al/393WVXb via @davidharsanyi @DailySignal The World Health Organization and other sensitive souls have instructed us to stop referring to the new strain of the coronavirus as the “Wuhan” or “Chinese” flu because of the racist connotations.
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Mar 21, 2020
What We Ought to Learn From the Coronavirus newswithviews.com/what-we-ought-… Does anything justify the borderline-insanity surrounding this coronavirus?
The vast majority of people who test positive for it seem to be recovering with no ill effects. When symptomatic, the virus attacks the respiratory system.
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Mar 20, 2020
Coronavirus Pandemic: Gun Sales Going Through the Roof in U.S. newswithviews.com/coronavirus-pa… “What makes the right to keep and bear arms so important? Simply put, the individual right to defend against aggression is fundamental to civil society. Self defense is a natural safeguard against violations by individuals or oppression by institutions, ....
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Mar 16, 2020
Biden and Sanders: Tweedledum and Tweedledee americanthinker.com/blog/2020/03/b… The first half hour of this match was dedicated to the current crisis of the coronavirus. They both puffed themselves up to tell us all what they would do; each and every suggestion from both of them were things President Trump has already done, already put in place.
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Mar 15, 2020
Lawrence O’Donnell smirks while essentially accusing Trump of mass murder americanthinker.com/blog/2020/03/l… On March 13, 2020, when President Trump declared a national emergency and mobilized the entire government to fight coronavirus, there were 1,629 cases and 48 people had died. As Sharyl Attkisson detailed, all but five were over 70, with several over 80.
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Mar 11, 2020
What The Rest Of The World Can Learn From Taiwan's On Coronavirus thefederalist.com/2020/03/11/wha… Taiwan should have been the 2nd-hardest-hit area of the coronavirus outbreak outside mainland China. Taiwan is less than 100 miles away from mainland China and receives an estimated 3 million mainland tourists annually. Over 1 million Taiwanese travel to mainland China each year.
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