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13 Jan
Let's go on a walk with the Proud Boys in 5 tweets.

Who dis? 1-4
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11 Jan
The seditious clowns don't get it.. they simply don't understand how things work.

Domestic terrorist cries like a baby after finding himself on the No-Fly list.. FBI taking charge..

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9 Oct 20
Let us take a look at Barry County Michigan Sheriff Dar Leaf. He shared a stage with William Null.
He is a member of the Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association who believe that county sheriffs are the highest LE official in the country. They do not accept federal law or federal authority. You might remember them from the 2014 Bundy standoff in Nevada.
They are talking about him in Russia. 😐
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3 Oct 20
The "Assassination by COVID-19" narrative. There are some variations on this theme, asking the question, accusing Democrats, accusing China...etc..
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2 Oct 20
I am unable to find any verification for this claim. This account is relatively new, it has a backup account on twitter and an Instagram account. Image
The "backup account" is SVNews_Reporter. User ID# 1290121906012790785 Created Monday August 3, 2020 03:06:53…* Image
The main account. SVNewsAlerts.
User ID# 1263205289618214913 Created Wednesday, May 20, 2020 20:29:52…* Image
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2 Oct 20
This is what suspension evasion and inauthentic activity looks like.

User 1308460679536410625
Created Tuesday, September 22, 2020 at 17:39:40
Currently has 17.5k followers.
Averaging of 1,750 followers a day for 10 days. ImageImageImageImage
These people actually believe Hillary Clinton was arrested in September of 2016 and has been in custody ever since. The HRC seen publicly is a clone. They are now just waiting for the "public announcements". Image
This is the BS they feed these people "Hinted from an Inside Source" Image
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23 Sep 20
UserID: 772431105056059392
Created: Sunday, September 4, 2016…* ImageImageImageImage
UserID: 1295787976346214400
Created: Tuesday, August 18, 2020…* ImageImageImageImage
UserID: 822240928501010433
Created: Friday, January 20, 2017…* ImageImageImageImage
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23 Sep 20
Away from social media! I have made a list and I have been making calls to confirm everyone I know is registered to vote and has a plan for voting. I am also encouraging them to do the same, make a list, make the calls, family, friends, co-workers, neighbors...... Let's go! GOTV!
I only go out for grocery shopping but when I come in contact with others, I bring it up..."Are you registered to vote? This election is very important, please vote and ask your friends, family and co-workers to register and vote, America needs you."
If we are all taking these actions and following through to confirm others are doing the same, 'We the People' and this beautiful Republic will prevail. Don't be shy now, be proactive. Check the registration deadline in your state. Only 42 days until the election! GOTV!
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15 Sep 20
The fine people at The Clemson University Media Forensics Hub present:

A tool designed to help social media users differentiate between content from inauthentic accounts and authentic accounts. Spot the Trolls, Take the Quiz! 😀
I took the test 9/9/2020 during the beta phase. This is a good tool... we need a few prime time network TV shows educating the public on the 'Disinformation of the Day', like several European countries have. Image
Visit the Clemson web site for more information on the Troll Spotting quiz and the Media Forensics Hub, which is part of the Watt Family Innovation Center at Clemson University.…
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14 Sep 20
Fake Antifa accounts were created to help support the "Antifa is lighting the fires operation". ImageImageImageImage
The fake accounts post tweets that are then used to "prove" the assertions of the operation. Even after the accounts are suspended the screen shots of the tweets continue to be disseminated. ImageImageImageImage
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11 Sep 20
troubles in Qland... that is a damn shame. 😅 Image
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2 Sep 20
PSA: Here are some of the 'Contributor' accounts associated with the Internet Research Agency's @peacedata_ set that have not been taken down by twitter. ImageImageImageImage
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29 Aug 20
Here are a few disinformation examples from the 2016 Presidential Election cycle from the IRA Tumblr accounts hustleinatrap and 4mysquad. The IRA Tumblr accounts primarily mimicked urban youth utilizing popular culture and subculture language/content.

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27 Aug 20
There is a lot of rumor going around on the internet right now claiming that Kyle Rittenhouses' mother bought him his gun and drove him to and from Antioch, Illinois to Kenosha, Wisconsin to on the night of the shooting. I have not been able to substantiate any of these rumors.
I've tried to find solid reporting by a real journalist on these claims but have found nothing but unsubstantiated post on Reddit, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. This photo is being used to claim it is Kyle's mother in Kenosha. A zoomed in segment of the photo is being shared.
To be clear, this photo was taken by @MikiTakesPhotos on Monday, August 24, 2020 in Madison, Wisconsin. It is not a photo of Kyle Rittenhouse's mother and the photo was not taken in Kenosha, Wisconsin.
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15 Aug 20
We are seeing a lot of mail boxes on twitter this weekend, and although it is true that the USPS is being attacked from within by Trump's appointee and yes man, Louis DeJoy, it doesn't give license to twitter users to post unattributed photos and assign nefarious motives to them.
Box 1. This photo was first posted on reddit by two users. u/fenix posted it Friday August 14, 2020 at 18:02:07 GMT or 2:02:07 PM EST at r/awfuleverything and u/MessUpDuane posted it Friday August 14, 2020 at 19:25:56 GMT or 3:25:56 PM EST at r/pics. ImageImage
As best as I can ascertain, it first appear on twitter at August 14, 2020 at 7:03 PM EST and within a few hours had been posted and shared thousands of times by numerous accounts, some of which (blue checks) are supposed to know better. 1-4 ImageImageImageImage
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17 Jul 20
One of the primary components to radicalizing and eventually weaponizing human assets is to disassociate the targets from their families and friends. This is part of a process to supplant their perceived reality with a reality modeled by their handlers.
This sets off a process in the chain whereby the target begins to operate in a delusional state, they begin to experience insomnia and psychosis follows. It is in this weakened state that they become increasingly susceptible to weaponization by their handlers. #QCult
This women (target) is already openly expressing her propensity to see everything through the lens of her handlers' model. She is disassociated from reality and and is completely immersed in a world only shared by her and her fellow targets (new family). #PSYOP
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4 Jul 20
This account @realjimmytrump has 282K Followers and it posted a forged certificate of birth from NYC claiming to be the son of Donald J. Trump and Ghislaine Maxwell.
It is a forgery that was easily debunked with a Google search > 'certificate of birth New York City 1992'

Note: Matching document numbers.

If you are one of this accounts 282k followers, do yourself a favor and unfollow.
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3 Jul 20
This is how a false report begins.
Note: Reenforcement...
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24 Jun 20
@katestarbird I for one have not struggled at all with measuring the effects of mis/disinformation campaigns. The effects of mis/disinformation campaigns have been on public display front and center every single day.
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