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Northumbrian in London. Rides bikes with CC London. Loves both kinds of music: heavy and metal. Level 8 Human Gravel Rambler.
10 Jun
While cycling yesterday I was mulling over that question "why are cyclists so angry?".

Here is a thought experiment.

Imagine every few times you walk out of the front door of your house somebody jumps out and screams "F*CKING C*NT" at you and swings a baseball bat at your head.
Not every time but very regularly. Now imagine how you'd start to feel just leaving your house; waiting for somebody to jump out and hurl abuse at you then swing a baseball bat at your head.

How would you feel leaving your front door?

Calm? On edge? Ready to fight back?
Imagine how this constant state of awareness and stress would affect you every single time you leave your front door.

You don't know if this will be the day you'll be abused or potentially hospitalised and you deal with this every single time you leave the house.
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9 Jun
So you're a company who wants to use a really cool photo you saw on the Internet on your Insta or Twitter?

Super-awesome! 🤘

But hold on! Wait! Before you do, there's some things you need to do!
Firstly you need to find out who owns the copyright for the photo and get explicit permission for your use.

This doesn't mean posting the photo and crediting the account that you found that photo on. You need to seek permission first; from the actual copyright holder.
If you can't find the copyright holder then you can't use the image. Bummer! Sometimes images are in the "public domain" but these are different.

A Google reverse image search can help you here to track down who owns the image. images.google.com
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28 Jan 20
So...I'm on the train home. Long day and exhausting. Was on the stand for over an hour and a large part of that was cross-examination by the defence. The defence lawyer was really good, more on that in a while. The prosecution was good too although there had been a mistake…
…made in the charges that it was listed as one road but that road turns into another road. So on a technicality that part was ignored. So we were really left with the start of the incident which was just an attempted close-pass on the inside. For this the magistrates…
…didn't think it was below a reasonable standard of driving (I'll upload later, you be the judge) as the defendant claimed she thought I was going to turn right. I was in primary position and travelling at speed. Also another clanger; the defence put a lot into this right turn…
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