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Apr 1, 2021 • 18 tweets • 5 min read
Unpopular opinion:

Competitive programming for getting into FAANGs is highly overrated.

It shows good problem solving skills, application of DS/Algos.

However, that's not enough for a good software engineer! 👩‍💻

Why? 🧵👇

#programming #Software #SoftwareEngineer #codinglife It tells nothing about understanding of other CS fundamentals.

A deep, well-versed understanding of these concepts becomes essential when you're building resilient, well architected systems.
Mar 30, 2021 • 13 tweets • 3 min read
TIL: Why are M1 Macs so fast? 🤔

Quick, bite-sized thread that answers the above question. Based on my notes from reading: debugger.medium.com/why-is-apples-…

Thread 🧵👇 as per the benchmarks, M1 is beating almost every available processor in the market.

Stats (from Apple):
- 3.5x faster CPU perf (vs i7 Mac Air)
- 3x CPU perf / watt
- 2x faster GPU
- 15x faster ML (vs i3 Mac)

(will link benchmarks at the end)