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14 Sep
Cross-chain TVL is exploding with L1 ETH now having <75% of the total tracked market share.

We don't know exactly what protocols and where all this TVL will go to... but we know that this movement has to be fluidly enabled by something.

Enter $REN.…
REN has flown under the radar recently as an OG interoperability solution due to a number of competing bridges that have emerged and a less in-demand set of tokens, but that can change in the coming weeks with the launch of host-to-host allowing the transfer of ERC-20 tokens
This means that for the first time, stables and native-L1 tokens like ETH will be able to freely and instantly flow back and forth from nearly all alt-L1's, L2's, AND to non-EVM chains like Solana through 3rd party incentivized pegged renToken pools like Curve and Saber
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