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Co-creator of comic book series Ravanayan and Epified. Most recently, author of Darshan - a science fiction short set in India of 2050.
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17 Sep
It's simple. If the system requires change, who is going to bring it? Those who are comfortable in it? Or those who are hurt by it? The answer is obvious. The ones with comfort lose nothing if change doesn't come. Ones without it stand to lose even more if things don't change.
So the question "why do they have to protest?" only comes from those who benefit from the system as it exists right now. The reason they don't see the need for opposition is that the system isn't broken in their eyes. Because it works for them. They don't even see the problems...
...when the problems are specifically pointed out to them. Their frames of reference are so different that they are literally unable to understand how the lived experience of someone else might be different from theirs. As far as they are concerned, theirs is the only way of...
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14 Sep
You: Democracy is being subverted.

Bhakt: Jali na, teri jali na?

You: This affects you too, you know. You live in this country too.

Bhakt: LOL. Joke's on you. I don't care.

You: Do you not care that one day you might need justice and you will have no recourse?
Bhakt: LOL. Joke's on you. I don't care. Jali na? Teri jali na?

You: Think about your kids. Their futures are at stake. Their jobs are being lost. One day, you might want to protest.

Bhakt: LOL. I love how much this is bothering you. I love it!
You: Are you out of your mind? You are going to lose your rights because you want me to be bothered?

Bhakt: Jali na? Teri jali na?

You: Do you really not care about your own money, your own health, your own family, your own rights?

Bhakt: No. Jali na? Teri jali na?
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1 Sep
Right now, the government's priority is simple - to prevent discontent from turning into anger. Because if that happens, the will suffer what the Congress suffered in the last few years of UPA. Once India decides the BJP has failed, there will be no going back. Hence, all the...
...circus acrobatics we see. The peacocks, the toys, the desi dog breeds, and the continued emphasis on what the Congress did once upon a time. Because to not do so would mean embracing accountability and saying "we failed" and that's not what these guys are about. So in order...
...to maintain the pretence of being incapable of making a mistake, they will try to somersault their way out of this. But the thing about circus acrobatics is that the same trick doesn't work twice. It takes continuous variety and creativity to keep people glued to the live...
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28 Aug
For those who think a debate on whether India should be secular or not is something that should be had, a question: Would you hold a debate on whether you should be able to speak up against the government or not? Because if this "both sides" crap continues, that's next. Pull...
...your heads out of your privileged asses and realise that you are using your platform to mainstream venomous ideas that are going to be the death of secular India. Some things are self-evident truths and should not be up for debate. Like whether all people are equal in the...
...eyes if the law. Or whether all humans deserve the same treatment regardless of their religion. Put these up for "debate" and you are pretty much signing modern India's death certificate. Wake up and see that your sense of fairness is being used against you. And also that...
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25 Aug
Sambit Patra does what he does because if you are talking about him, you aren't talking about unemployment, lack of accountability, curbing of dissent, and other ACTUAL issues. By making fun of him, you are doing EXACTLY what he wants you to do. Just FYI.
There are 24 hours in a day. Of those, you spend less than half speaking, writing, and posting content on the internet. If they manage to make you obsess over inanities for 50% of your online time, do you know what that means? It means 50% less attention on issues that matter.
The stupidity you see online being spewed by low-grade celebrities is not an accident or even a measure of their true intelligence. They're not dumb. You're the one being taken for a ride. Theirs is a coordinated strategy to divert attention from matters of importance. Yours...
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23 Aug
The BJP is just another political party. Like any other political party. It is shameful that many Hindus have decided to put their religion in a box and hand it over to it for its own selfish use. It is arguable that they betray their religion by doing so. Any Hindu who says...
...the BJP is the only way for Hindus to prosper is either stupid or lying (or both). Sure, you are Hindu, but that's not all you are. You are a working class person, speaker of multiple languages, friend and neighbour to people from backgrounds as diverse as yours. And most...
...importantly you are a voter with the responsibility of your country's future on your shoulders. The government of India works for you. You do not exist to serve the prime minister of India. It is not your job to protect the government. Your job is to hold those in power...
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20 Aug
You: Stop spreading hatred.

Bhakt: We can't.

You: What? Why?

Bhakt: That's all we have.
You: What do you mean? Can't you spread something else? What about development?

Bhakt: There isn't any.

You: What about peace?
Bhakt: Mad or what? That's political suicide for our party.

You: Can't you spread a scientific outlook?

Bhakt: LOL.
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20 Aug
It is very important to understand one thing about bhakts. They are not stupid. They are spiteful and hateful. Spite takes effort to sustain. Sustained hatred campaigns take labour. This is why the pressure to fill hearts with hate has to be constant. This is why 24x7...
...hate-mongering is invested in. Because the moment that pressure lifts, bhakts will become aware of reality. That there are no jobs, the economy is in the gutter, and that every single public institution they could have gone to has been subverted so that it won't work for...
...them anymore. It will work to protect those who steal from them. This is why godi media doesn't talk about how many people all over India have lost their jobs in the last few months. This is why people are told day in and day out by spokespersons to focus on religion...
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18 Aug
When you create a culture of imaginary victimhood, no wonder it permeates every aspect of the system. From the average idiot at home to the highest government office to the highest court in the land, the refrain is the same - "mereko aise kaise bol sakte ho?"
What we are seeing right now in the reactions of the higher-ups is actually not very much different from what we have been seeing in garden variety saffron snowflakes for a long time now. The belief that criticism is anti-national. The belief that the only way to be "positive"...
...is to be absolutely and completely in favour of leaders and ideas. The belief that anyone who doesn't kowtow to the fullest degree imaginable is an enemy. When you always feel like a nail, everything looks like a hammer. And when you prioritise the appearance of competence...
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14 Aug
India is a car. Bhakts are driving it. The rest of us are in the back seat, screaming.

We: Wait! What was that sound? I think a tyre just exploded.

Bhakt: Why are you so negative all the time?

We: Abbe the car's going to crash.
Bhakt: Was the car doing great with the last driver?

We: Maybe not. But... Watch out! There's a tree in front of you.

*car crashes into tree*

We: Now look what you did.

Bhakt: That's it. I can't stand your constant propaganda. I'm going to tie you up and put you in the trunk.
We: That's not going to make you a better driver.

Bhakt: For far too long have you made me feel stupid. No more! I have woken up now. I will once more bring back the days of great driving. The days of great driving from ancient times. My grandfather was a racecar driver.
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8 Aug
Odisha Alochana Chakra live tweeting thread.
Minati Panda says it may be a bad idea to expect young children to learn multiple languages at the same time.
Shivani Nag draws attention to the fact that we have many multilingual districts and that any definition of "local language" leaves out tribal languages. The term "reservation" is completely absent from our new education policy.
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24 Jul
The reason Sanghis are wondering aloud who is "funding" stand-up comedians is because they can't imagine doing things without being "funded". Their entire online edifice after all, is based on pay-to-abuse. The stand-up comedian's answer of course is somewhat anti-climactic:
Not enough people are funding them. Not enough institutions are funding the Arts. This is why comedians, artists, writers, actors have always had to build their own markets. They have not only had to create Art yes, but they've also had to find people who will consume it.
You've never heard of a struggling engineer, have you? Because unlike the Arts, engineers and doctors have career frameworks waiting for them when they finish studies. Comedians had to write, research, perform, and market - all of it. So of course they are a threat to the system.
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10 Jun
The people who are saying protesting unfair laws is a "crime" are the ones who passed high school Civics tests by the ratta method. Because who cares about all this gyaan about democracy. Hamara beta engineer banega. Hence the disregard for the system and the willingness to...
..."masterstroke" their masters. Hence the willingness to abandon the system in favour of maai-baap. Hence the giving up of the Arts Stream as something useless. Hence the oft-repeated emphasis on "employability". Because the high benchmark of middle India aspirations is...
...getting patted on the head by maalik. Civics gayi bhaad mein, system kii aisi kii taisi, free press is the enemy, rights are unnecessary. Hamein bas good boy banna hai. This is how societies are euthanised. By pushing the Humanities so far into the background that they die.
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3 Jun
Since a good number of kids who have decided they have an "ideology" at the mature old age of 17 keep asking me what mine is, here it is. I'm writing this as an FAQ response because this gets asked almost every week. Here is what I believe. Here is my "ideology".
I believe that India is greater than all of us. No political party, no single political leader can represent it completely. To say so is foolish at best and dangerous at worst. To be loyal to any single religion, any single election symbol, any particular neta is to betray India.
I believe that India belongs to all Indians. No Indian has a right to all of it and no Indian has the right to declare another Indian un-Indian. To do so is a betrayal of India. To do so is to act against India. To do so is to be an enemy of India.
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31 May
You: Jumping off the roof will kill you.

Bhakt: What about rat poison? Will that not kill you?

You: Yes it will.

Bhakt: Why don't you say anything about rat poison then?

You: Because you are standing on a ledge, about to jump.

Bhakt: Admit it. You are a rat poison supporter.
You: Please step away from the edge.

Bhakt: Don't change the topic. You love rat poison, don't you?

You: Don't jump.

Bhakt: You just want everyone to do what you want.

You: If you jump, you will die.

Bhakt: OMG I'm being attacked! That was a direct threat.
You: Are you stupid or something? I'm trying to save your life.

Bhakt: Why do you care so much about me if I am stupid?

You: There is a rope that ties you to me. If you jump, I also fall.

Bhakt: Good. Rat poison lovers should die.

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29 May
Let's talk about Hinduphobia. Let me make clear at the outset that I am not arguing that it doesn't exist. But it DOES need to be seen in the context it is employed. Hindus who are an ethnic minority in a Western country may very well be victims of it. This is because they are...
...a minority there. Their religion, coupled with their skin colour and the languages they speak, may indeed make them the target of majoritarian bigotry in those countries. However, seen from the Western perspective, upper-caste Hindus are pretty much the White people of India.
They dominate culturally, financially, and enjoy tremendous privilege in all spheres, including media representation. But as "Hinduphobia" became a buzzword among Hindus living abroad (for valid reasons because racism is real), it also got appropriated by many Hindus here in...
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27 May
So #CensorWebSeries is trending. And what I have been able to gather so far is that this genius idea emerged from the head from a boomer who only has one solution to all problems - a BAN. Someone made a bad video and put it up on a social media platform? BAN THE WHOLE PLATFORM.
Someone from a University said something you don't like? BAN THE UNIVERSITY. A news channel presented a perspective you don't like? BAN THE WHOLE CHANNEL. By this logic, we should ban telephones because some people sometimes use them to say things we might not like. And ban...
...letters, and Twitter, and WhatsApp, and Facebook, and eventually ban the ability to speak or have thoughts. Where do these guys come from, seriously? What pole did they bang their heads on as children? There has to be some explanation of why their brains have such limited...
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15 May
Dear middle India, worried about the ghettos that "those people" live in. I hope you realise that our gated "communities" are ghettos as well. Sure, we park cars outside them and a guard salutes us when we pass him by without acknowledging his existence, but our caste-based...
...community or our "strict vegetarian" groups of "residents" or our "sabhya samaj" is a ghetto too. So when we say "those people" need to be assimilated into the mainstream, I hope you realise that we aren't the mainstream either. Our hearts and minds are slums. The mainstream..
..that we claim to be a part of exists only in our imaginations. Our world, where the solution to all problems is an app, is an area segregated from the actual mainstream of the country by walls we erected to keep "those people" out. And in the process we kept compassion out too.
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29 Apr
USCIRF has called India a country of "particular concern", here are our options:

(a) Be upset enough about it to do something about the hate that is being mainstreamed in India.

(b) Be upset about it and blame those doing something about it because "ghar kii izzat" is at stake.
There is no third option. Nobody is going to be happy about it. Nobody is going to love how India's global image is being tarnished because of the religious intolerance we seem to be encouraging. But while some will try to solve the problem, others will want to wish it away.
Some will take up the thankless task of fixing the problem while others will just wonder why we have to talk about it. Some will act while others will be lazy bums who just want the problem to be invisible. They want to be seen as belonging to a country where religious harmony...
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28 Apr
In the middle of the sea of liberal tears, there is Centrist island. Everyone is happy there, for they have found peace. They chant the doctrine of equivocation solemnly and their hearts hurt a little less. The ritual known as "both sides" involves them facing two directions...
...and farting in each other's general direction. But they smell nothing because the winds of Balance carry their farts away before they might cause them discomfort. As they stare at the undulating waves of the sea whence their island rose, they shake their heads in pity and...
...wonder when all the screaming will stop. They wonder why people cry when they can just simply... not cry. When will they realise that if balance doesn't exist, one can simply wish it into existence by speaking the words. Centrist island is full of good intentions and that...
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26 Apr
In case anyone is wondering why India's privileged middle class behaves the way it does, here is an index of sorts. If you watch closely, it's reflected in everyday behaviours we see in our own homes. Simple things that are now playing out on a national and international front.
Why do they not question the government they put in office?

"Badon se sawaal karta hai? Iskii himmat dekho toh! Dande padenge toh akal aayegi."
Why do we gag our media when it criticises us and brings foreign attention?

"Padosiyon ke saamne naak kataa dii isney. Aaj se tera ghar se nikalna band!"
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