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26 Nov
thinking about my consumer behaviors
as a general rule I don't like to be sold things; earlier today a couple of girls came to my door to try and sell me some coupons for a new food delivery place. I'm like nah, I don't buy such things on the spot. they didn't leave me a pamphlet or anything tho. I like to read
I generally hate to try new apps of any kind. if you want me to try your app you have to go through an extremely lengthy process to persuade me. for context, conaw tried to sell me on roam for about a year at least and I ignored him the whole time until vgr started using it
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26 Nov
I've kinda faced a less brazen version of this, where

1. some dudes think I'm a dingy basement rat who has to beg for crumbs of attention

2. others think I'm too conventionally attractive (and must always have been) to have any useful perspective on social dynamics
I think the thing that explains all of this is that status regulators don't really care about the reality of how things work.

here's the fun part: if you do anything that violates the regulations, they will try to put you down with insults ***derived from the social order***
which is to say, they don't actually have a system for processing "the violator is unaffected by us calling them names that we would find deeply shameful and upsetting". It's very entertaining to watch them get confused by this
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26 Nov
me: people with ADHD aren’t *literally* distracted by random squirrels, that’s just a simplistic stereotype. A caricature, really-

also me:
"oooh, a light thingy" – 30 year old adult male
this guy Oleg Vladimirovich Losev invented LEDs decades before everybody else (in the 1920s) but nobody cared. he was a lonely nerd with no co-authors. wrote to einstein but didn't get a reply… ImageImageImage
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26 Nov
singaporean awake at 9am 🤝 americans awake at 5-8pm

witnessing the insomniac europeans slowly lose coherence with each passing hour
lmfao @ the replies to this, particularly australian and indian twitter (h/t @starsandrobots)

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25 Nov
this is an elegant way to talk about the feedback problem that alan watts loved to riff about

how do you trust yourself if you don't trust yourself?

how do you fix a broken system when the "fixing tool" is itself broken? etc
yeah this rhymes with what worked for me, doing tonnes of introspective journaling. few things are absolutely 0 or 100, but if you ramble a lot, really fast, you'll notice that some things feel relatively more or less correct than others

here's a game you can try:

1. make a list of your feelings as quickly as you can. write down wrong feelings even

2. sort them in order of "most to least correct". this order can be wrong too. do it fast

3. make 100 of these lists and compare them to each other
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25 Nov
“why does Yamaha makes both musical instruments and motorcycles” has been a vague curiosity on my mind for 15+ years and for some reason I’ve never googled it
war basically explains the Yamaha thing. Which afaik also explains the electronics boom (which Sony rode to glory)
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24 Nov
Just got this monster of a double-sided book in the mail from @JimmyRis and it is fucking amazing. This is the mind of Ted Nelson???

I am transfixed
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23 Nov
Can’t sleep, time to do a fresh reboot of VV’s talking points
1. Do it 100 times.

Write 100 songs, cook 100 omelettes, talk to 100 people. It never seems like a huge deal until you try it yourself. It’s manageable, and yet it stretches you, and you’ll be observably different at the end of it. Effective way to get a foothold on a new thing
2. Play long games.

This is kind of a remix of 1. Thousands of people will want to start a substack or podcast. Something like 1% of them or less will stick with it consistently for 2 years. If you commit to things for 10+ years, you develop what appear to be superpowers
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23 Nov
I’m enjoying it so far - a few episodes in - and it does make me feel good to watch a smol nerd achieve success even as she suffers hardship and loss. When you first buy your first set of X supplies from your winnings at playing X, that is a delicious feeling that not many taste
I remember the first time I was “paid” for playing live music in a bar, with beer and spaghetti. It‘s a contender for the most delicious meal I’ve *ever* had in my life, and I’ve had been privileged enough to have had a couple of ridiculously expensive meals over the years since
I do think it genuinely feels good to see someone receive the opportunity to exercise their talents at the highest level, triumph over their doubters, be supported by some friends and loved ones, and achieve greatness - even if they incur painful costs along the way
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23 Nov
With each passing year I get slightly more comfortable accepting the fact that most complainers don’t really want to do stuff. but still it makes me sad because it means I have to revise my assessment of people in general. I can still love them, but I can’t respect them as much
I spent a lot of my teens and early 20s trying to encourage complainers to do stuff. It was very unproductive and frustrating. I’ve since found that life is 100x better by seeking out people who do stuff. I kinda still have a soft spot for complainers bc in my heart I’m one too
this actually intersects with this previous thread. In a sense it’s disrespectful to “manage” or “deal with” someone in a way that’s presumes they’re diff than who they are. But how do you “really know” who someone “really is”? We barely know ourselves. Yet the 🌍 spins madly on
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23 Nov
interesting thing to try and suss out: is a friend framing a POV in a deliberately contentious way for engagement, or is that just how they see and think about things? And what is their actual preference for the kind of engagement? I bet there’s an old Russian novel about this
I suppose it’s more intuitive if you talk about this in terms of “drama”
the “if it quacks like a duck” Occam’s razor interpretation is, if a person is always surrounded by drama, well they must at some level enjoy drama, or its pursuit.

But also I think it’s true that some people genuinely disdain drama yet have an intrinsically contentious POV
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22 Nov
help me with a book title? (suggest an alt if you have a better one!)
huh, very surprised at the results so far (9% 22% 20% 47%). still only ~50 votes tho
I like the least popular option the best 😂
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21 Nov
Went to bed but this has been on my mind so here’s a thread on the virtue of vanity.

The word has a pretty clear history of negative connotations and this is a perhaps a vain effort to reclaim it, nevertheless I am adamantly earnest about this
I’ll start by conceding the obvious: of course there are ways in which vanity can be bad, a cope, a distraction, an unhealthy fixation on appearances at the expense of substance.

I‘m saying that there’s also the opposite error: fixation on substance that disregards appearance
Jimi Hendrix always dressed like Jimi Hendrix. I believe that this is an example of AESTHETIC RESONANCE: he didn’t make a distinction between substance and appearance, the two informed each other in a yin/yang loop. Harmony across the spheres!

(click through for pics).
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21 Nov
Been reflecting on tiny little improvements in my guitar practice. I’ve been “focused” on playing melodies that are already in my head (pop songs, Christmas songs, etc) and it’s interesting to witness my fingers slowly finding their way around the fretboard through trial & error
I can feel myself developing a fingertip feel of intervals - the interesting thing is that I already must know intervals in order to sing or hum a melody, but I don’t know *what* those intervals are until I try to play them
Eg- this is me completely fiddling and fooling around by ear. It’s kind of like trying to talk, or type - there are parts that now feel natural and intuitive, and there are intervals that feel like weird/unfamiliar jumps- but I can inch my way up and down to find them
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20 Nov
I mean it’s good representation for incels to know that maybe they too can grow up to have self-worth, a beautiful family and do extrajudicial killings
I was also basically an incel until ~19. I was also a dark-skinned loser nerd with a weird name whose dad never taught him anything. Personally I’m happy to learn these things, they make me feel less alone in the world. Real shame that Barack was abducted by aliens in 2005... /s
to be clear I wasn’t *literally* an incel, but the word is starting to lose all meaning with people throwing it around at everything. I was full of despair and self-loathing. I tried my best to be kind and friendly, though I could also be pompous & disagreeable. Nobody taught me
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20 Nov
I’ll answer earnestly since it’s fun to rethink these things through

strategy is downstream of doctrine (who are you, what are your principles?) and upstream of tactics (what are the immediate winning moves?).

Strategy is planning + moving into place to setup winning moves
VV twitter doctrine/thesis: the power of friendship is unparalleled, the greatest untapped wealth is between people who don’t know each other

VV tactics: great reply game

VV strategy: identify FANs, seek them out, follow, wait for opportunities to do great reply game
Again: tactics is immediate winning moves, strategy is moving into place to increase your odds of favourable positions. there is overlap depending on how you choose to frame it. a strategist avoids an unnecessary battle if he can, or sacrifices one here to gain an advantage there
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19 Nov
feeling like my long overdue trip to new york city has this odyssean quality to it
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19 Nov
I am once again compelled to do the pointless task of tidying my roam graph
dum dee dum...
twiddle dee dee
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19 Nov
what’s the most quickly recurring talking point on twitter? I think it’s gifted kid discourse, I see it about every 2 months. For contrast, unpaid internships seem to be about once a year. There’s an intense “how many hours should you work a week” blowout about every 2 yrs
I know people talk about these things every day, but there’s also a sort of bigger/broader “wave” that the right posts hit + ride at the right time to reach substantially wider audiences
for those of ya'll asking about the gifted kid stuff – it goes on and on, tens of thousands of RTs and favs

(yea the halsey tweet is a false positive but, eh)
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