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Aug 31, 2022 5 tweets 2 min read
There are 2103 companies listed in NSE. 1804 are under EQ series.

If we remove upper circuit stocks (2,5,10) and GSM stage stocks we are left with 1552 companies.

I have brought down this number to around 140 stocks with 11 criteria's. Keep reading to get Top 50 from the list 1. Market Cap- 1000 +
2. Close- 30+
3. ROCE- Above 0
4. ROE- Above 0
5. 5Y CAGR- Above 0
6. Free Cash Flow- Above 0
7. 5Y Hist EBIDTA- Above 0
8. 1M Avg volume- 20000
9. %Away from 52 W Low- 30%
10. 5Y Hist EPS growth- Above 0
And finally
11. 1Y Return vs Nifty- Above 0
Jan 26, 2022 16 tweets 13 min read
A Thread on Ratio analysis and respective charts
No need to grab a coffee,Chai will do😄

The idea is to identify relatively stronger sectors & stocks when breadth is weak

Breadth=DT 1% (No of stocks in Double top buy on 1% PnF chart)

Breadth started falling from 14th Jan 2022 So we need to identify sectors which remained resilient when market breadth was falling.

We will look back 8 trading sessions and any score above or equal to 5 is bullish (63% of times Sector outperformed benchmark)
Dec 5, 2021 8 tweets 3 min read
Thread: Mean reversal setup

First I would like to credit @kaushikaki Professor for imparting a new perspective to Mean reversal setup (89/200 EMA supports)

I have further fine tuned the setup to include Market breadth, Relative strength and Price performance. 1. Market breadth - This setup is ideal when market breadth (DT% on 0.25) is below 10. Which means out of 50 stocks in Nifty 50 Index only 5 stocks are in double top buy. Indicating a bearish tone.

2. Filter strong fundamental companies - I use @TickertapeIN to identify