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4 Dec
Those Brexit "opportunities" @AndreDenHouter ๐Ÿ˜ณ

Britainโ€™s government may have (edit) *fucked* its preparations for Brexit, but the same cannot be said for the Dutch โ€“ the Netherlands likely to win a rush of post-Brexit business.
Brexit coordinator for Customs Netherlands Roel vanโ€™t Veld told the panel at this weekโ€™s Invest in Holland event that, since the result of UKโ€™s 2016 referendum, Dutch Customs had recruited, trained & deployed 900 additional customs officers.
โ€œOur government was quick off the mark
, saying no-deal is what we have to worry about, therefore it is also what we must prepare for,โ€ said Mr vanโ€™t Veld.

โ€œRealising this would be a massive operation, we started work immediately, and we have kept moving since, getting new staff into posts
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4 Dec
UK continued "frictionless" trade
Sure ..EU is losing 65 million consumers of its customs free shared standards single market .but UK is losing 435 million .. (plus a further 16 million of its extended single market... inc NI on goods/produce) ..
In 1986 Joe Bloggs industries had 3 production lines: 1 for UK, 1 for Germany, 1 for France. Different standards but thankfully no customs issues. Then came the Single Market. 2 free production lines enabled new expansion into Japan & USA.
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2 Dec
Support for extending the Brexit transition period is gaining traction on the UK side of the Channel, BUT it seems a Europe fatigued by โ€œfalse startsโ€ is keen for the new regime to start as planned.
โ€œItโ€™s very clear that government and trade are not ready, and this will probably
lead to problems in January,โ€ Wallenborn Transports commercial director Jason Breakwell told The Loadstar.
โ€œFor example, testing GVMS [HMRCโ€™ new Goods Vehicle Movement Service] begins on 23 Dec & important questions about safety/security declarations for transit shipments remain
And requirements for plant-based products transiting the EU have not been explained,โ€ he added.

A source in the port sector added: โ€œThe UK government has been firm, it will not seek further extension.
โ€œAs such, further pragmatism from the UK and, indeed, the EU member states
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1 Dec
All entirely the fault of UK/HMG (*not* the EU) ..there are some things that utterly bewilder me about brexit..then things like this that sickens me:
Ending Freedom of Movement ...Thread

Itโ€™s just a massive change,โ€ said Godfrey. @BritishInEurope
โ€œIt basically asks people to decide now, in the next 15 months, whether they want to change their whole lives. For many, itโ€™s asking them to choose between elderly parents in Britain and partners and children in the EU.

โ€œItโ€™s a terrible choice, and itโ€™s really ...
not one that any civilised government should be asking its citizens to make.โ€

Making matters worse is the fact that the act - actively discriminates against British citizens abroad compared to EU citizens living in the UK.
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27 Nov
From a friend (remember the year 2000 "Fuel Strikes" *without* the tanker drivers free to revert quickly to the status quo)

"The general consensus from, forwarders, experts, and hauliers is this is going to be a ClusterFuck like no other.

"The thinking in Ireland is if European traffic goes direct, than that leaves Holyhead less congested for UK/ROI traffic. I think the whole UK is going to grind to a halt"
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27 Nov
Picture the scene. UK a committed member of EU sees France vote to leave. France further announces it will also leave the Customs Union & The Single Market. UK Gov immediately *warns* its population & businesses what this means. It helps with the mammoth costs of being prepared
It invests heavily in ports upgrades, new needed infrastructure; training of an extra 5000 customs officers and 50,000 customs agents plus thousands of extra vets. It also recruits the many extra staff now needed in its otherwise overwhelmed tax & revenue government department .
New IT is designed costed and built with vital input from the industry that will actually use it. In the meantime France continues to insult UK and other members and tries to hide the costs of leaving from its population instead pretending it will offer "opportunities".
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24 Nov
Blog from @JohnShirleyLtd
"The understaffing of customs clerks will become significant on 31 December 2020. Today, just a minority of forwarders retain customs clerks in EU, all of whom need *several years of training* The only remaining freight forwarder in Calais is Gondrand,
which has just three customs clerks. This greatly contrasts the 2,000 clerks that existed there in 1992, when there were approximately 40 freight forwarders.
A similar figure of clerks exists in Kent, with each clerk submitting 50 entries to customs per shift.
Given volume of traffic in the last 28 years has risen 400% each side of the Channel, the handful of customs clerks is demonstrably insufficient
Currently, a driver with intra-EU cargo simply drives from Factory A to Factory B, the only paperwork might be an invoice or CMR note.
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24 Nov

Basically when you read any of these reports considerย 

When ferry companies say they're ready they *are* because they will not load lorries unless cleared by the port authority
When ports/ their authorities say they're ready they *are* because they will not allow lorries onto their land/authority without pre-notification of apparent correct customs entries & certs.
When politicians say they're ready they *are* because they have fuck all to do with the coalface or have little understanding of it
The *only* ones anybody should take note of are the Hauliers their drivers the customs intermediates & the businesses loading their consignments
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23 Nov
The timing could not be more inopportune, adding further misery to importers and a port sector bracing itself for what is expected to be โ€œutter chaosโ€ in the new, and as yet unknown, trade regime between the EU and the UK.

Going to be "fun"
"..carriers which have upped rates in an effort to try and put UK importers off.

However, beyond generating more income for carriers, increased rates have failed to reduce imports, said the source, with โ€œpeople still wanting their cargoโ€, and rates continue trending upward.
โ€œYou are seeing a trebling, even quadrupling, of freight rates as carriers have sought to stop imports into Felixstowe in an effort to evacuate empties to the Middle East where they are urgently needed,โ€ the source continued.
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22 Nov
The container congestion crisis engulfing the UK has spread beyond the countryโ€™s ports and distribution centres into towns and villages.
To say residents in the sleepy Suffolk village of Melton, located about 10 miles inland from Felixstowe, were surprised
to see large numbers of container trucks turning up on disused plot of land over the past week would be an understatement. The build-up of containers at site comes amid reports that some 11,000 teu of containers containing PPE shipments are stuck in Felixstoweโ€™s container yards
One UK freight forwarder told The Loadstar the PPE shipments โ€œcanโ€™t get into the National Health Service (NHS) supply network โ€“ itโ€™s already fullโ€.
Meanwhile, the countryโ€™ major container gateways continue to struggle with empty containers causing congestion,
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20 Nov
"UK trade can expect a โ€œpainfulโ€ exit from the European Union as ports requiring physical changes are left hanging on responses for government tenders to build new infrastructure.
This means we will have six months to build it in time for the 1 July [end of easing-in period] deadline, but the last substantial infrastructure project took 11 months,โ€ he said.

(UK has 6 months "border facilitation" / smugglers' charter on customs declarations & SPS checks)
โ€œEven more challenging (i.e. impossible) is the situation in Northern Ireland, where we need to have this new infrastructure in place by 1 January.โ€
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18 Nov
From ebay this morning

From 1 January 2021, eBay will be legally required to begin collecting and remitting VAT for UK imports. From that date, eBay will have to charge buyers the applicable VAT amount directly and remit this sum to the relevant authorities.
Sellers trading with UK buyers and listing on the UK or any EU site will need to provide both gross prices as well as the applicable VAT rate used to calculate the gross price on all listings. If sellers do not specify gross prices and VAT rates, eBay will have to assume that
the price provided is the net price, and will add VAT on top of the price displayed to buyers.

We strongly urge sellers listing on eBay.co.uk or other European eBay sites to specify the applicable VAT rates on existing listings as soon as possible.
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14 Nov
Okay time for a beach side beer ...just a quick note

UK has been part of a Single (expanding) internal borders Market for nearly *30* years.
& part of a Customs (expanding) Union for nearly *50* years.
To reverse that lack of capacity to reflect that lack of operational/customs/
infrastructure/space/"50,000" experienced staff dissipated away/IT support, demand was *always* going to be mammoth task at mammoth cost. eg Channel Tunnel was actually conceived of & built with the Single Market (inside a Customs Union) in mind...so it too didn't factor in space
needed for life outside it. France has been lucky: Calais port & Coquelles do have needed space for UK's self harming choice
EU nations (& Gib) haven't been hampered by a narrative of "opportunities"/trying to hide visible costs. & have duly prepped with loud necessary *warnings*
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13 Nov

"Freight forwarders are beginning to withdraw operations from Northern Ireland amid increasing concern about the capability of UK customs systems to handle dual-tariff procedures post-Brexit.
Agency Sector Management (ASM) chairman Peter MacSwiney told The Loadstar two of his largest customers had informed him they'd be relocating to the Republic of Ireland after the UK leaves the European Union on 1 January.โ€œThey said they would not be dealing with Northern Ireland
because of the complexity of moving goods,โ€ said Mr MacSwiney.
โ€œI think itโ€™s indicative of how business will respond to the chaos surrounding the transition, and we will likely see more move out before this is over, because it is an area lacking customs experience and skillsets โ€“
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12 Nov
THIS should be daily news ...RHA have used terms "impossible" "disaster area" (a deal/any FTA) or "disaster area with rocket boosters" (no deal) for a very long time now...
BUT always the "news" moves on next day.
Not enough have taken enough notice from those of us that "*know*
Out of the Customs Union & out of the Single Market (& safety/security zone)...without the ports/infrastructure/customs experience capacity/supply to meet new demands (GB/NI a special doozy)
*is* going to decimate/destroy many UK businesses esp SMEs..& supply chains @IanKingSky
the level of insightful questoning is appalling...
of course when freight needs to move across a customs AND a regulatory/SPS border (& a safety/security border) it is going to fucking cost more...
Costs WILL *rise* to the consumer and choice/volumes WILL *fall* ....
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11 Nov
This is the sort of BS one expects from @ShankerASingham and his idiot cohorts, which I examined back in 2018 when the idea of the โ€œSmart Border 2.0โ€ was being touted.
It was precisely then that a certain โ€œcustoms expertโ€, Dr Lars Karlsson @CapacityNow was suggesting that:
โ€œChecks under sanitary rules, a key regulatory area for agricultural trade, could be covered under the trusted trader arrangementsโ€.
As I remarked at the time, though, the man clearly had no knowledge of non-customs systems.
The AEO โ€œtrusted traderโ€ certification to which he referred was (& is) a customs system and has no bearing on sanitary or phytosanitary issues.
Crucially, the EU does not operate a preferential access system to BIPs (now BCPs) and under WTO rules, they are required to give access
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10 Nov
Oh my UK.....my head is becoming very frazzled now at what you are going to volunteer on top of already grinding supply chains (and peak Covid)

Container shipments from Asia to the UK continue to be subject to โ€œunprecedentedโ€ delays and significant additional costs.โ€œItโ€™s as bad as you hear, possibly worse,โ€ Ryan Clark director and co-owner of UK-based Westbound Logistics, told The Loadstar today.
โ€œSpace is still an issue, as are ever-increasing rates,โ€ said Mr Clark,โ€œ
We are constantly finding ourselves apologising to customers. If itโ€™s not rollings, space problems or rate increases, itโ€™s a berthing delay or haulage issue,โ€ he said.
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10 Nov
I confess I don't know so much about Portsmouth or Plymouth (tweeted on Dover/Holyhead as the RoRo ports I know about most extensively...but also East Yorks/Lincolnshire & Liverpool/Feixstowe from also previous experience)...
BUT of course *all* will be adversely impacted
"Portsmouthโ€™s leader, Gerald Vernon-Jackson, tells me his anxieties. His council owns the thriving port, which imports 65% of Britainโ€™s bananas, 9,000 racehorses and turbine blades from the Isle of Wight, and sees hundreds of lorries a day.
But thereโ€™s only room for 15 trucks between the motorway and the dock, and the government has warned him that up to 70% of companies arenโ€™t ready. โ€œWe know 50% donโ€™t speak English, so explaining is hard.โ€
The slightest delay means drivers have to stop and sleep.
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10 Nov
What annoys me most is how simple things could have been/be explained to the British people by the oppositionย & mediaย 

Leaving the customs union causes an *automatic* (costly red tape) customs duties (policed) border
Leaving the single market causes an *automatic* (costly red tape) regulated (policed) standards border

These returned automatic "policed" border checkpoints across Ireland all agree could not (because of the GFA) happen.

Withdrawal agreement was designed as a stand alone treaty
*regardless* of the future trading relationship, to prevent any side using this sensitive border (& EU citizens) as an amoral bargaining chip.
If no future agreement agreed, then the original WA *agreed* had the default position of keeping all of UK inc NI in the customs union
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7 Nov
"Perhaps we will get a last-minute deal. But even if we do, the prospect of coping, with so many retailers and wholesalers close to oblivion, is hard to imagine. And if we donโ€™t it will be far worse. Yet the government is clear on only one thing: regardless of the plague on all
we are leaving on 31 December. And it has basically opened the borders until July and given food companies up to 21 months to change labels. So their argument is: not only have you had time to prepare, we are giving you even more time after January. Big deal!
Many businesses simply have not had the time or focus to prepare, notwithstanding the late, partial and confusing guidance from government in recent days. It doesnโ€™t actually matter whose fault that is (though the government is getting its excuses in early).
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