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8 Jul
People used to make fun of Kapil Dev for his English. Then he got us the word cup from England.

They made fun of Sachin’s voice and Marathi accent then he became God and ruled the world.

A non-English speaking person has to fight two battles in elitist India.
When I moved to Delhi from Bhopal, I was ridiculed for not being able to speak English. Then I wrote a book in English which became a bestseller. Now I give speeches in top universities in UK/USA. What if I didn’t have to spend so much energy in learning English for acceptance?
In India, a middle class, small town, young person has to waste many of his productive years in just learning English to be accepted by a hypocrite, elitist society.

I just want to help such disadvantage young people.
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16 Jun
What is Bollywood?

It’s neither an industry nor a corporate house. It’s a jungle of ambitions where every one wants to grow taller than the other. But a forest becomes a forest only when all trees co-grow. Every tree helping others trees for the growth of the entire forest.
Every tree, grass, bush, insect is crucial to the growth of the ecology. Without such mutual cooperation there can’t be any forest. That’s why Bollywood, despite amazing trees, could never become a wonderful forest. Because these are cannibal trees. They are ‘strangler trees’.
They suck you from the roots, suck all your water, mineral and grow tall and produce huge flowers. Nobody knows that the dead tree next to it was killed by this gigantic tree. Bollywood is a deadly forest full of cannibal, strangler and parasite kind of trees.
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31 May
Harish Salve’s big revelation:

When Col Purohit was granted bail, Sreenivasan Jain called to argue why was he given bail!

If media anchors decide who should be granted bail, then lawyers arguing the case and judges deciding are idiots!
Going back to SG’s comments, a lot of people who are not elected to office feel they can impose their will on the government or they can bring up cases to score political brownie points. Those who say that Judges are scared must be dealt with. - Harish Salve
There is a growing menace that people want to show the government in a bad light and if the judgement doesn’t go in their favour, they accuse the Judges of being scared. If we do nothing to curtail this, there will be no courts to practice 20 years from now. - Harish Salve
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29 Jan
Ok friends, today let me tell you a secret about Mr. @kunalkamra88 which I never ever told anyone. Despite Mr. Kunal Kamra making filthy, indecent tweets on me.

I am doing it is because Kamra is trying to be the warrior of truth.

Let me expose this most opportunist liar. 1/n
2 yrs ago, Kamra chased me to do a video interview. He asked me to help him get @ARanganathan72 or @rahulroushan to be with me. I helped him and he confirmed that Anand will be with me.

Then he called and said why dilute, it will be my solo interview. I said ok. 2/n
Last minute, he told me that Sanjay Jha would be part of the interview. I wondered why Jha? Which I learnt later.

I realised that both work as a team n they wanted to corner me in the interview.

But they couldn’t. As I exposed their nexus. What happens next will shock you. 3/n
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6 Jan
The secret politics of #JNUattack and Leftists/Commies.

Please share if you agree. Expose India’s enemies. Defeat #UrbanNaxals 3/5
The secret politics of #JNUattack and Leftists/Commies.

Please share if you agree. Expose India’s enemies. Defeat #UrbanNaxals 4/5
The secret politics of #JNUattack and Leftists/Commies.

Please share if you agree. Expose India’s enemies. Defeat #UrbanNaxals 1/5
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21 Dec 19
BREAKING: Need no further proof.

The August Kranti Maidan #CAA_NRC_Protests were funded & organised by Congress, #UrbanNaxals & Islamist forces.

You can clearly see VP of Mah Congress, Mr. Charan Singh Sapra and commies/Islamists managing the stage as Commie Swara speaks.
Some reliable sources have confirmed that these stars were paid by Congress. It’s also said that the Posters, preamble and other NOTES issued by leading stars/filmmakers were issued by Congress.

Congress has truly become India’s enemy but why are these stars with them? WHY?
I am told that the wrong map of India posted by bollywood filmmaker with lies about Transgender/Dalits/women was originally in Urdu supplied by ISI which Congress translated and supplied to celebs.

pic 1: ISI flyer.
Pic 2: Translated by Congress and posted by Bollywood stars.
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17 Dec 19
3000 students.

30,000 protestors.

Who supplied 27,000 dummy students?
Lacs of tyres are burnt with kerosene, lacs of shrapnel, petrol bombs are used, lacs of placards are made, lacs of people are mobilised from distances.

For lacs of protestors Logistics, organisation, coordination etc is provided.

Who is supplying all this? Pl ask.
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12 Dec 19
#Assam #CAB Protests:

#CABProtest is hijacked by #UrbanNaxals ,anti-social elements, mostly belonging to Akhil Gogoi's far left party. Earlier Gogoi instigated an innocent farmer to self immolate. Gogoi is a known close aide of Kejriwal. He is asking for blood. Blood? What for?
Many would pass it off as spontaneous reaction. But... but...
The protestors are prepared with Iron rods, shrapnel, have burnt down vehicles. Where are they getting this unlimited supply of arsenal from?
Lacs of tyres are burnt. How come so many tyres were available in a day ?
Most protestors can barely speak Assamese and are Bengali muslims originally hailing from Bangladesh. Some of them are from Lakhimpur - 400 km from Guwahti.

The well planned design of #UrbanNaxals is to divide a wedge between Hindu Bengalis & Assamese.. mission accomplished.
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15 Nov 19
On my way to Purdue University. Because someone needs to counter fake Pakistani propaganda.
How to handle Kashmiri students who are brainwashed to spread Pakistani propaganda?

This separatist Kashmiri Student at Purdue univ tried to bully me. When I exposed him, he ran away.

I request you to share this and expose these brainwashed separatists.

Because tomm he will become a professor in some top university. And create a fake narrative against India.
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23 Oct 19
All of us dream of a #NewIndia... of seeing India as Vishwaguru.

What is this #NewIndia? How do we achieve this?

Here is the first step: By building a grand narrative.

For hundreds of years, the grand narrative was about our weaknesses... what’s wrong with us.
No child, society, business, ecosystem, nation can ever succeed if it focusses only on weaknesses.

This grand narrative of weakness was created by Mughals, then British, then the west, then the communists, the Islamic world, Congress, and in recent times by the #UrbanNaxals
Now is the best time to demolish the old grand narrative and build a new one based on our strengths.

Like me, many wonderful people have been fighting, risking lives to create this grand narrative.

The first step is to believe, without any doubt, that we are a great nation.
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22 Oct 19
People like Kamlesh Tiwari are killed because you are not investing in Hindu civilisation.

You are investing in 2 penny news anchors & politicians who make you hate others.

You gotta understand the greatness of Hindu philosophy and civilisation.

Invest your energy in that.
The biggest strength of Hindu philosophy is its openness to new ideas. It’s not rigid. It makes you question, seek, discover. It’s not concerned about one God or a diktat.

It’s sole purpose is to understand the Brahmaan and beyond. Life and beyond.

Read, see your life change.
In the end, it doesn’t matter how many continents you conquered. What matters is whether you conquered your own mind?

Only Hindu philosophy can help you achieve that. It’s not about spreading your religion. It’s about spreading your consciousness to understand beyond you.
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18 Jun 19
“In fact, no other course remained but that of making them all (100,000 Hindus) food for the sword” - Taimur
“They (Taimur’s Army) set fire to the houses and reduced them to ashes, and they razed the buildings and the fort to the ground….All these infidel Hindus were slain, their women and children, and their property and goods became the spoil of the victors.” - Taimur
”I proclaimed that every man who had infidel Hindu prisoners should put them to death, whoever neglected to do so should himself be executed and his property given to the informer. With this order the ghazis of Islam drew their swords and put their prisoners to death.” - Taimur
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29 May 19
More I read on Kashmiri pundit exodus, I feel ashamed of myself. What was I doing in 1991? What had happened to me that I kept watching the direct attack on Hindu civilisation, shrinking of Hindu territory, culture in its own land? What made me so indifferent to my own identity?
We kept thinking it’s a political issue or a Kashmir issue. But KP issue is about us. Our culture, our civilisation, our identity. How can we see it being damaged by Islamic invasion? I can’t sit quietly now.
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26 Feb 19
Pl meet no-brain scientist of India.
This history and law graduate also manufactures Harley Davidson in SP cycle factory. Only when they get time off making goondas.
After he touched Sonia Gandhi’s feet, his heart turned green. Now a Pakistani whom even Congress of Pakistanis has disowned.

Tali ab thukti nahin.
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25 Feb 19
#TheTashkentFiles research revealed a lot of hidden facts -
The Mundhra scandal rocked Nehru’s Government in 50s. Nehru made finance minister TT Krishnamachari a scapegoat who had to resign. Ironically, scam was exposed by Feroze Gandhi, Indira’s husband and Nehru’s son-in-law.
In Nehru’s private secretary MO Mathai’s book “Reminiscences of the Nehru Age” exposed bribery of Nehru. A chapter titled ‘SHE’ had details of Mathai's affairs with Indira Gandhi who BANNED the book. Minus the chapter 'She' the book is now available on Amazon.
Kushwant Singh’s novella 'Burial at Sea' tells about affairs of Nehru & Padamja Naidu. Also tells of a girl child born to a sadhavi & Nehru. Also M. O. Mathai mentions the liaison between Pandit Nehru, and Miss Padamja Naidu, daughter of Mrs Sarojini Naidu.
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24 Feb 19
They have used each trick, that evil knows of, to destroy those who speak for Bharat. From Patel to Ambedkar to Shashtri to Narsimha Rao to Deendayal Upadhyaya to volunteers in Kerala to me or the common man of India who takes pride in his land, his history and his culture.
They ridicule soldiers who protect us. They kill those innocent adivasis who question them. They ban, censor, resist and intellectually lynch those who are rooted in this land and fight for their dignity. They keep the caste issue burning to run their shops.
They have designs to derail India’s growth. They’v always been a minority in numbers but they ruled us, looted us and eventually divided us. Very strangely, for almost last 1200 yrs India has been ruled by minorities. Even after freedom a minority of few people’s family ruled us.
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31 Dec 18
All villages electrified. All unmanned crossings gone. 100% sanitation close. 100% LPG soon. Air connectivity has grown exponentially. Travel time on roads decreasing everyday. Truck drivers log more miles/day after GST. Fastest digitalisation. India is changing fast. @shilpamdas
- In last three years nobody talks about Pakistan which used to be a regular feature. @narendramodi’s leadership made them irrelevant.
- From Bose to Savarkar to Patel have got the respect they deserved.
- barring Pak all neighbours are looking Uk to India as a guide.
- There is a change in attitude of the youth who want to be enterprising than doing a salaried job.
- India is the fastest growing Start Up hub.
- There have been no bomb blasts which used to be regular features.
- No corruption at the centre and most of the states
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21 Oct 18
In Indian polity, there were two kinds of wars - Dharmayuddha and Kutayuddha. There were three kinds of victories in a war. Dharmavijay, Lobhavijay and Asuravijay. Dharma-Vijay is the outcome of Dharmayuddha. The inscription from Asoka’s XIII edict says ‘conquest by morality’.
According to Kautilya (Chanakya), Dharma-Vijay meant that the conquering king would avoid war as far as possible and establish his overlordship with peaceful and diplomatic relations with other states.
In Kutayuddha, there are two kinds of victories. In Lobha-Vijay the aim was to capture some territory and the treasury of the enemy but the kingdom remained with the enemy.
In Asura-Vijay, the enemy is captured and deprived of his kingdom.
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12 Sep 18
Dear fellow Bharatwasi,
They want to block my handle. They want to block my voice. They have always blocked the voice which has questioned their doctrine. They have used each trick, that the evil knows of, to destroy those who speak for Bharat.
They isolated many from Patel to Ambedkar to Shashtri to Deendayal Upadhyaya to volunteers in Kerala to the common man of India who takes pride in his land, its history and its culture. They ridicule soldiers who protect us. They kill those innocent adivasis who question them.
They block & intellectually lynch those who are rooted in this land & fight for their dignity. They keep the caste issue burning to run their shops. They create chaos, conflict, division. They are communal. They have designs to derail Bharat’s growth. They are the new colonisers.
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31 Aug 18
Param Bir Singh, ADG, Maharashtra Police, in a Just concluded Press Con:
1)When we were confident that clear links have been established then only we moved to take action against these people, in different cities. Evidence clearly establishes their roles with Maoists.
2)Case was registered on 8Jan abt an incident of 31 Dec 17 where hate speeches were delivered. Sections were imposed for spreading hatred. Investigation - All accused were associated with Kabir Kala Manch.
(Imp to mention here I have been the only one to talk abt KKM openly)
3)Investigation revealed that a big controversy was being plotted by Maoist orgs. The accused were helping them to take their goals forward. A terrorist org was also involved. On 17 May,sections under Unlawful Activities(Prevention) Act were imposed.
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29 Aug 18
Let’s talk about Sudha Bhardwaj. Most of these defenders don’t know her. They are just defending her because......???? Sudha Bharadwaj is a Trade Unionist. No problems with that. She is a lawyer. No issues with that too. Read the thread to know where is the issue.
Sudha Bharadwaj is a patron of a legal cell of Naxalism called JagLAG. This is the reason for this pouring sympathy from all kind-hearted people. But if we wish to be socially responsible, we may have to examine the truth in their arguments before offering solidarity. Facts:- 👇
JagLAG in a petition to UNHRC says “Bastar is 'worse than many militarized zones in the world'. If true, how did they manage to stay safe for years in Bastar inspite of performing suspicious activities at the peak of Maoist conflict? Isn't this a clear case of logical fallacy.
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